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Monster Hunter 101: Rare Carves

Monster Hunter 101 Fact#1: Wanting/needing a carve actually DECREASES your odds of getting it. Be it a 50% carve or a 3% carve.
A quick (and rough) paint I felt inspired to do after hours of MH3U. I hope any MH vets out there get a kick outta this as I'm sure EVERYONE has had trouble getting at least one gem/pallium/plate etc or another. How to get good at Monster Hunter: GRRRRIIIIiiiiiiinnnnddddd........ 63 Brachydios later and finally a gem from a damn tail carve...
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Zinogre Jasper
Narga Medulla (even though it has a comparably high rate)

It's bull.
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Devil Jho is just staring there like he's saying WTF.
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I love it! XD
It's so... Reality X)
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funny story: me and my big bro were killing one brachydios, high rank monster Hunter 4 ultimate. brachy killed my bro and I killed it in accident which made my big bro rage but I got 2 gem from one body so lucky me:)The end.
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I got 2 gems and I only killed 7 of these
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Fucking gore mantles In 4u. 60 gores before I got 1
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I feel this. Whooh-boy, RNG is a bitch.
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For MHGen, my rare carve would be a Rath Spike+.  I'm trying to see how far I can go without actually slaying a Rath wyvern (i.e. capture them all), but a Spike+ is something you usually get as a carve item, not a capture item.
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this also happened to me! i was making the zinogre armor set in monster hunter portable 3rd  and i wasn't able to make the hands because i need zinogre plate and WOW. i've never been this mad, but i actually managed to get it with a tail carve.. which has a lower percentage than the body carves.
the percentage of the body carves is 5%, while the tail carves is 2%.... (i was doing this at the village quest)
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grinding monsters can be a pain but getting the item you need to make the weapon or armor you need makes it a greater reward with every slain monster
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Me: DAMMIT I JUST WANT MY RATHALOS CARAPACES!!! ...whilst hunting a High-Rank Los, is G rank, DESPERATELY needs these things to upgrade several weapons. Jackal Ragequits 
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And then something FRICKIN' AMAZING HAPPENS. Like, say, three S. Magala mantles in ONE hunt. Another hunter said- and I quote- "im about 2 cry..." Me? Couldn't figure out what the heck to do with 'em all! 
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I screamed at Khezu Special Cut...
I'll hate brachydios won't I?
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...I'm hungry."
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Okay... I'm just going to sit over here now...

*got his brach gem second time fighting*
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The grind is real, my friend.
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Oh gosh, this is so accurate it hurts!  I can relate to this so, SO much.  Grinding is one of the fun aspects of the series until you have to get a rare carve.  A heap of monster bodies is just what I imagine after going through literally dozens of the same monster!

Artistically speaking, I just love the painting style here!  You really did a wonderful job with the contrast of lights and shadows, and the glowing effects are terrific~.
And if you already have your armor and your weapon and you have to fight it again (for example for a key quest), THEN you get tons of gems and plattes. Well, at least I do. And if I hunt a Monster, out of the which I don't want to make armor ^^
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As familiar with this pain as I am (especially with Brachy!) I've also had the opposite happen.
Namely two S. Magala Plates from one hunt, via shiny-drop and body-carve. I only needed one for the armor.
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in mh3u i barely got those rare drops. now in mh4u i got 3 rath medulla in 1 hunt, 4 rath plates in 2 hunts,and 2 brach gems in 2 hunts
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just got my gem yesterday from my third brachy, when i actually need it..
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So funny xD
Reminds me of when I needed deviljho gems for armor... the pain...:tremble: 
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