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CMSN- tasty potion

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Commission for Starwind16.
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Mmmmm, that's a nice sexy tongue...

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The phrase, "I shall wiggle waggle my tongue into your bootyhole" hits my mind and i'm not sure why.

AlphaRaptor2k6's avatar
Gene Simmons is jealous...
EsquiruaSymouri's avatar
Pretty sure the lable said 'tasting potion' dear...
Sinister6664life's avatar
A tongue with a girl attached to it?
GeoDude68's avatar

Hiw unfortunate

megatheclowndomerfox's avatar
How do i explain it to the fbi agent?
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Man when they find out what she drank she's in for quite the tongue lashing!

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Human lickytounge

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Has someone been shopping at Weasley's Wizard Whizzes?

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Why can't I stop looking at this?
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Had a friend similal to her. Cute.
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Is it just me, or does anyone else want to find out what that potion tastes like?? :roll:

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I see the problem. That potion was supposed to be applied through the skin
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Is It Possible to Learn This Power?
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Not from a Jedi....
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like i said on Starwind16 

blackshirtboy nice job as always Clap i think this would make a cool addition to a choose your own adventure story 
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