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THANK YOU!! to everyone who bought stuff in the sale! I know that over the last couple years my comic production has slowed quite a bit, and so it means a lot to me that there are still folks who are willing to support me through the comics! Truly humbling and heartening. The next comic, a new Beyond story, should be coming out soon!!
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Commissions CLOSED If you’re interested in a Single Image, or Sequence commission then please go to and fill out a form. Please make sure to read through the rules, as well as the list of what I will/won't do. I will be selecting jobs based on what interests me. If your request is selected then you will receive an e-mail within a day or two to notify you. If I DO NOT accept your request then you will not receive any notification! I apologize for the inconvenience. You can monitor your commission status, and check whether or not your request has been accepted, by checking out my Trello board (link at the bottom of my commission page).
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A few years ago I was featured in an erotic art book called Book of Shadows: Buffoment alongside a bunch of other queer creators. Well the second volume is coming out, and I was lucky enough to be approached again by the Book of Shadows team to submit another pinup! There are still 19 days left and the project is so close to its funding goal! If you enjoyed the first volume, or if you think this sounds like a cool project then please throw some money at it! I've already seen a couple sneak peeks at the art and it looks phenomenal! Back the project here!
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Hey thanks for the watch! I've been following your stuff since back when you were active on Tumblr and your art's been a big inspiration for me to finally get up the courage to start drawing TF stuff myself recently.

That's very kind of you to say! I really dig your stuff, and look forward to seeing more : D

when will you be open for commissions?

Incredibly honored to have you favorite anything of mine. Thanks for all you've made.

I have a commission! Can you make CMSN - Wearing Glasses (feat. Patty)?

Patty invited a party card

If you're interested in a commission please feel free to submit a request when I announce that I am accepting new work!

Okay. I make free to submit a request!