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. :iconblacksheep6:BlackSheep6 0 0
i am contoures, noise.
i’m filled with shadows.
a clew of tendons, blood and fear.
you're made of softness,
pain woven gently
between threads of kindness.
beads of tenderness,
stringed on a bitter cord.
nothing i can offer
would make do.
there's gashes, entwining
my fibrous heart.
there's cold inside me,
cold and doubt and despair.
you're my candle,
i'm clutching you in trembling hands.
my weathers are windy,
leather is my skin,
made of snow and ice.
should i slip,
should i sway,
should i step into the void          
i'd have my frozen body shatter
before i see the flame fall.
:iconblacksheep6:BlackSheep6 4 0
A Window View
Pricking raindrops            
and tightness in my chest.
My hands are shaky,
I'm all jitters and fear of pain.    
It feels like
huge neighbour's cat                    
clawed it's way through my gut.        
It never stops.
A mental chain that's wrapped
round and round my mind.
It's what my thoughts are tangled with.                          
I'm told I'm
wrong. Shallow. Weak.
An image of defeat.
Whose fault but mine?
My raw, horrid weakness
and my lacking strenght.
A grey puddle with turbid depths.
I'm breaking
as a grass blade
tormented by strong wind.
My brittle bones
they barely hold me up.
Cold's troops marching split
are subduing both, skin and soul.
My love fades
as this fight is
less and less his to lose.
:iconblacksheep6:BlackSheep6 0 0
Warmth by BlackSheep6 Warmth :iconblacksheep6:BlackSheep6 1 0 River by BlackSheep6 River :iconblacksheep6:BlackSheep6 3 0 In Bloom by BlackSheep6 In Bloom :iconblacksheep6:BlackSheep6 6 0
How is sorrow different from joy?
You have no say in what you get
and it never is what you deserve.
It's both brought by love to you
and neither lets you sleep at night.
:iconblacksheep6:BlackSheep6 0 0
ways i deal with disappointments
leave me alone, i
i'm fine
i'm soon going to be great
i'm fucking terrific
don't worry
all is okay
i can take care of self
i always have
always will
bummed sad depressed angry disappointed happy insane
i manage to deal with all
so honestly
i will be okay
i have to believe that you have to believe that
believe me
i will survive
surviving is all i do
living is for others
living is for the stories for films for shit that ain't real for people that have it different
i will be fine i promise
my liver tho ... fuck that shit i don't drink at parties i don't drink ever i might as well get drunk twice a year when i'm sad
don't worry i have this under control
oh and god?
i can't bring myself to write 'fuck you god' but i would if i had the balls
:iconblacksheep6:BlackSheep6 2 0
The thick leathery skin insults your eyes
jagged sabres look dangerous.
can you taste the heavy rust,
the faint smell of blood in the air
repressed anger that sorrounds you
You're drowning,
slowly choking on that fat.
My face is smooth and pale
I'm wounded but I'm kind
my fingers caress the piano they don't clutch a knife
might be that someone loves me
yet all i crave, my only wish
is for the storm
to bring brightness to me and drown my screams away.
You know what are walrus' like.
Trapped in nets of implications
they bow their heads down
and stab their weary hearts.
:iconblacksheep6:BlackSheep6 1 0
Hand's warm against your face.
Light is dim and old somehow
yet fresh and blue.
I dried your bones there
I've carved the wood,
painted it with charcoal
and coloured it with blood.
These tones are ancient
they speak of misery
they wail in a lost tongue
I cried tears for you
salty water to wash away my dirt,
blood to bring redemption,
nothing, when it hurt the most.
Could you take care of me,
handle me.
Could you ever let me love you
Smell and touch of your skin
I'll never know.
Your pretty fingers seem so weak.
My heart they hold,
Could it be the truth
you never loved me
It's strange, though.
I think I did love you.
:iconblacksheep6:BlackSheep6 1 0
When I can't sleep
at strange hours after midnight
I wrap myself in blankets
yet I stay cold.
I read books 'til my eyes burn.
I beg the sleep to come.
I lie petrified,
so forgotten, so... alone.
Then, at last,
I slack.
I beg frist God, then devil,
to help me mourn my unforgotten past.
I cringe and sob.
I toss around.
A little later
not a single tear has shown
after God, after devil
you, love, come to mind.
Could you find me tears,
help me cry.
Could you help me lure them
out from behind the eyes?
Don't hold back, come on,
it's what I want.
That cold shiny blade you hold
a swing is all it takes.
Come, love.
Don't linger now.
I've had your words like daggers,
verbal metal pierce me whole
one kitchen knife won't make a difference,
won't make a change, no change at all.
How can I live like this?
a sad excuse of a human being.
How come I don't break?
Is my breaking done already
and I don't even know?
Am I just a bunch of pieces?
Am I myself just a piece?
The funny puzzle that fits nowhere?
:iconblacksheep6:BlackSheep6 1 5
faith is love
and love is hate
Tears are ink.
I wrote in pencil
long wrinkled pages,
crammed, illegible sentences
painful, neglegible words
innocent, stupid confessions.
I wrote in pencil
stories of how i love myself
and myself only
lists of my evil deeds
novels where ignorance is the only hero
prayers where i pray for nothing
letters to myself.
Now i write in red ink.
I try to draw your face
even though i can't draw
and it all turns out bad,
a horrible mess.
Lines mix up,
mess grows bigger
and bigger.
Paper gets wetter and wetter.
It rips.
The red ink is everywhere, all over me.
all over my desk, my clothes and my red right hand
The red ink is unstoppable.
It's uneraseable.
It spills and drips on everything.
It sticks to my fingers,
I smear it everywhere.
Handshakes with strangers.
Plain white pages of new days.
Every book i touch gets red fingerprints.
Everything is stickier and messier
the red ink is all over place.
I can no loger distinguish shapes and forms
so i take my glasses.
:iconblacksheep6:BlackSheep6 0 0
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I can't believe I haven't written any more entries for an entire year. Guess life totally buldozed over me. Hell. *shudders* 
Either way, I am fine, alive, still at uni (which holds the potential of me soon becoming less fine and less alive bc uni = hellhole of endless fire). 
I hope everyone's having a really nice december. I'm not. I fucking hate almost everything about decembers. The only thing I do like is the vague sense of expectation in the air. It's like a faint smell of food baking in the oven. I like that but it's so ... undescribable and beyond grasping... kinda makes me sad a bit. That's a feeling I get a lot of during decembers. It serves to tell me that I have not uprooted that childish nostalgia out of my soul well enough. It's still there, pushing buds and growing roots. 
One day, perhaps, I'll go at it with herbicide. 

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Hello! :bounce: by prosaix
So I am supposed to say something about me here... well, I love music, eating chocolate, reading and sleeping. I might go a little crazy over cupcakes and rainbows sometimes...
Does it sound weird yet? I'm not really good at introduction. I'm a whole lot better at being miserable, writing crappy poetry and applying actions on photos in ps. Also great at being interested in people who are not interested in me.
That'll have to do, I guess.

Current Residence: A dusty dark corner of my mind
Favourite cartoon characters: Oggy and Sid
Occupation: constant worrying 24/7

I love bummies. Unconditionally.

I have quite the same feelings for rainbow unicorns. Free Unicorn Icon by cottoncritter

I love House MD too. Despite the fact it has ended. :P

Afternoon Tea Love by Gasara Cupcake Addict - Stamp by candysores:iconevilmuffins1plz::iconevilmuffins2plz: :iconokaystamp1plz::iconokaystamp2plz: :iconlongcomment1plz::iconlongcomment2plz: I Love deviantART Stamp by ViciousCherry vicodin by prince-Axel If looks could kill stamp by quazo Writing is a talent. by PixieRiot I love my watchers by KillboxGraphics:thumb244905368::thumb271974456::thumb226441504: Muffins Stamp by ClefairyKid I Love Glitter Stock by ClefairyKid Rainbows Heart Stamp by ClefairyKid Laughable Insults by BatmanWithBunnyEars Robert Downey, Jr. Stamp by glomdi Not So Straight Stamp by irradiation More Sleep by fear-the-brilliance Cookie stamp by Leafbreeze7 Blonde Moments. by Hurricane-Hannah Rammstein - LIFAD Stamp by NyuuAi I'm Tiny Stamp by Locou:thumb390222123:
I support Till Lindemann by Nitzume
Mainly, I support him go OF at every gig. ^^
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