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@ warner bro 2009~
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This design looks great. I might use it as inspiration. :P
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Cool n.w design work
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Aside from the thong, I really love this design.
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Man, I wish they would've made this! This with your style of animation for a Nightwing show would've been perfect!
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That's a really cool version of nightwing. Good job.
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wow i would have LOVED this show!
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sick design!!
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oh man im drooling...
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If only the comic design was this good.
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probably the coolest design for nightwing I've ever seen! wish you guys got that nightwing show going.... he deserves to have his own show and become a more fleshed out character.
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You've gotta make a Nightwing short for the DC Nation block! I would love to see this character animated!! :D :D :D
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He looks ninja like that, it's very cool! Awesome design. :)
Also the speedo pouch holder thingy... It's a nice touch. It keeps the superhero underwear-over-costume lineage in a revolutionary way!
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it looks kinda like they used this as a jump off for young justice
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Love it!
Original yet recognizable!

Also, I miss the Blue!Nightwing...
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Looks like a take of or Raiden's suit in MG4 and Revengence. Looks awesome though
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Whoa, I gotta admit, I don't think Nightwing could have looked cooler in anyway possible. This should definitely go to Christopher Nolan's work, if he ever decided to make a Nightwing film. Which it might be possible, considering in the third film, a Robin inherits the Batcave.

Makes ya wonder, doesn't it?
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Love him!! i love nightwing! awsome job!
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aww man. if this becomes a new animated series. I'm in
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