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@ warner bro 2009~
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And, for a familiar face, Batman could be mentioned, and occasionally apear. Maybe through flash backs as Robin
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Man.... just found out about this a week ago. Nightwing is one of my favorite DC characters and when I found out that this could've been a tv show just... D; I would've watched it every time it showed on TV! Even though this was scrapped a long time ago I hope that some day after you guys are all finished working on the legend of korra you could try to get this to work again. I know it probably wont happen ,but I can dream. :I
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Why oh why do they reject Nightwing!!! I mean he already has a pretty large fanbase and I bet he can make much more fans if he has his own series. The production people are stupid for not making a nightwing show...
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Oh man that is AWESOME!
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Amazing design, this has to be made at some point.
and I thought YJ had the best Nightwing design.
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This has to become reality. Imagine him having the voice of Jesse McCartney
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beautiful design!!
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I think I want to make this and cosplay it! Really amazing it looks great, really wish this became it's own show
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Really sick design. I like the back holster
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I would imagine the backpack it like a portable charger for the ecrima sticks correct?
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The backpack thingie make me think of the one Aqualad uses in Young Justice.
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Have always loved your designs !
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"It's my turn to protect you now Sna-... Batman"

Hahah, awesome!
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I would love to see this animated :) %uB300%uBC15!
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awesome design - would have loved to have seen it!
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Kickass design! Love all these pic you posted over here.
Thank you for sharing!
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I totally would have watched this. How is it that shows like this don't get made but crap like half the Adult Swim material does?
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Wait so this was gonna happen? Why didn't it happen?
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I love this SO much more than the mulleted Nightwing in the later episodes of Batman, lol. :iconmegustaplz:
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Totally anwsome!!!!

Ask me Point Comissions :)
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awesome Ill do a micro version
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