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By Blacksand459

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in my mind is another country

running wide-open

in the snow, sun, and rain

it's old to us in the world

but it's new just the same

vibrant vintage melodies

of laughter, love, and pain

tall grass grows at the edge of town

hiding the rails that run away forever

a whitewashed shack

stands by a sycamore grove

exuding straw-strewn silence

from its dusty heart

a water tower stands at the east end of town

a windmill stands at the west

the blades carve the sun going down

loneliness runs like blood on the ground

on Friday afternoon

the wind came around

rawboned and dry

wending mid the pines

hello old son

it's been many moons

since last we spoke-

said the wind

as he caressed a longhorn skull

bleached white from the sun

yes it has

I replied-

my voice a scarf of blue grey smoke

the wind spoke in shadows-

of dappled Iowa poplars

of Kansas City railheads

of Powder River coal drags

of empty two-lane blacktop in Nevada

of an abandoned farmhouse

on the Montana Hi-Line

of rusting gantry cranes in Ohio and Indiana

I replied with a forlorn scarecrow

gazing westward

thinking of ivy covered tombstones

and hazy summer mornings

and informal kitchen gatherings

of loved ones

dark tanned from days in the fields

and without another word

the wind arose from a stand of birches

leaving a train of waving grasses

in its wake

yet here the days go on and on

inscrutable as a mill pond

with a vanishing beauty

of lilacs and Miscanthus

Epitaph by King Crimson…
© 2021 Blacksand459
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Look at you, earning another DD. The imagery is very evocative. Great job :).

Blacksand459's avatar

Aww! Thank you very much! :)

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You're so welcome, you rock :).
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Beautiful, Thank You and congrats on the DD.

Blacksand459's avatar

Thank you for reading, faving, and commenting.

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Another DD, Stan - Congratulations! :) pip

Blacksand459's avatar

Thank you pip! :D

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Beautiful writing!!! :love: Congrats on your much Deserved, DD!!! :clap:

For My Personal Use Only
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sesam-is-open's avatar

This poem is so beautiful!:heart:

Blacksand459's avatar

Thank you! I appreciate that! :)

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LiterarySerenity's avatar

Goodness, thank you for treating us to this vibrant, nostalgic tour. It is sweet and tender in a special way.

Blacksand459's avatar

Thank you very much!! :D

Leanndra51's avatar

Thanks for evoking the vision and emotions and this amazing adventure in my mind's eye. Quite a "trip", Stan.

love this!
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