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"Carried away by thee truculence of my world,
I got lost in the search for enlightenment,
The blue rain covered my roots and I forgot where I came from."

--------- Within Temptation - Pearls Of Light ------------------

A sketchy portrait for another character of mine. Matilda, an eccentric herbalist, living an ascetic life in the depths of forest with a man, who's forever thankful to her for saving his life many many years ago.

Name: Matilda
Meaning: "might, strength" + "battle"

Race: hybrid (elf father, human mother).

Age: looks about about fifty to sixty, though her true age is unknown.

Attitude: She's always talking in metaphors and riddles, most of the time it's just delirium, but sometimes her words carry a deep and important meaning, depending on situation of course.
Her daily activities include gathering herbs and other useful plants and mushrooms, alchemical experiments, such as potion making, etc., writing journals on her work, but most important - studying and practicing magic. Matilda has a gift for healing, though she knows a bit of old white and black magic too. Basicly, she's good, but it's not advisable to jump on her bad side anyway...

Matilda is a side character in my novel, though I really like how I "see" her in my head. Her attitude and knowledge is exactly what I'd expect from an old solitary forest dweller defined in old children tales. :reading: Someone more complicated and misunderstood, than pure evil.

She should be older than I drew her. No matter how hard I tried I didn't manage to age her... :ohmygod: Must be my long absence from drawing... Or let's just say her elven genes doesn't let her look older than she is. :D One way or another, she's looks pretty much what I had in mind. No reference used!

Credits to *AngiNelson for this amazing background picture I used: [link]

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