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Princess Luna. (Nine years after FIM)

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This work wasn't planned, but yesterday i had an inspiration and started to do it i no time! Incredibly i was able to finish it in less than a day lol.

This is the princess Luna for my future project "Elements of Order". Its almost equal to the FIM version but with more glamour (?) And its more tall, almost like Celestia :p

And for this one, i think i'll open the critiques =)

Enjoy it!! It's free!!!
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this is amazing, im not one for the real horse look when it comes to mlp, but this one is really nice. the light reflecting on her is unreal in the best way and the eyes really do pop. i like how you made the grooves in the horn more prominent than normal, tho i feel they should be smooth rather then edged. my favret part by far is the wings, amazingly done, i can find a sigle problem with them no matter how close i look.

all and all its a great piece and if i could i would buy this <img src="…" width="15" height="15" alt=":P" data-embed-type="emoticon" data-embed-id="395" title=":P (Lick)"/>
Just wanted to say horses hind legs dont bend in that way at the knee other than that excellent 
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Hola! Te escribo para decirte que tu dibujo ha salido en SH:…
(Esto es debido a que lo pusiste en el grupo de MyLittlePonySpain, si hubiera algún problema con haberlo publicado comentalo en la entrada)

Un saludo!
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Ya sólo faltan 991... 2 meses, 4 días y 7 horas
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eso es bastante '-' xD
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Came here because of Tumblr. Princess Luna is beautiful. Watching now for even more spectacular art. Truly beautiful.
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It's my art on Tumblr? '-' I didn't know that lol. But im really glad you like it! =p Thank you so much!! =D
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Less than a day? Holy f... Yeah, that's quite admirable, wish I could spit out quality stuff at such rate, but no, my last drawing took like 2,5 weeks.
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I guess its just matter of practice =). I needed more time in the past, but the experience make the difference (at least in time lol)
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Wow... no se donde acaba el espacio y empieza la crin de Luna. Está genial :D
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En teoria se transparenta la crin por eso se ve el espacio xD!

PD: y no dejes de pasar por aca xD que el tuyo es el siguiente que subo =D
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Creo que sería mejor título "Nine years After FiM"
¿Va a ser un comic o un fic?
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Aun lo estoy determinando xD. pero sera probablemente comic ya que es mi materia.
Y pese a la sugerencia, se queda como Elements of Order =) Es una decision inamovible
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Me refiero al título de la Deviation:

En vez de "Princess Luna. (9 Years Later from FIM)", creo que estaría mejor dicho "Princess Luna. (Nine Years After FiM)" o "Princess Luna. (Nine Years After the Events of FiM)"
No me metía con tu proyecto para nada.
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Oh, error mio entonces, malentendi tus palabras :p.
Ciertamente asi estaria mejor escrito, pero decidir dejarlo asi a razon de otros 3 o4  dibujos que tengo con el mismo titulo, aunque ahora que lo dices, es una vagancia xD, deberia cambiarlos todos =), asi que en cuanto tome unos minutos lo hare. Gracias!
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