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111 Watchers!!!

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WOW! I cannot believe that i have already 121 Watcher when i started to upload fanart just 1 month ago!!
Seriously guys, thank you so much for your support! Let me put in a emotive mood, but i have to insist, thank you, thank you!! I always was a shy person and not even in my most sweet dreams i could imagine that i have in so little time so many watchers. Just for that (even with the studies making me the hell in life, damn university) i want to honor your support with this special Chrysalis!


I put here the link to the same work but without the dedicatory =) if anyone wants it like a wallpaper.

Chrysalis Wallpaper (Special without the text) by BlackRuneWarlock
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© 2015 - 2021 BlackRuneWarlock
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Por 111 más...
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Jajaja xDD. Ya dentro de poco debere preparar el de los 609! (:p)
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It's so beautiful! Great job!
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dat chrysy, como te odio ;_;! TE HA QUEDADO FENOMENAL! Como todos los demás!
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Well, one more from me. Your works are incredible.

And this piece is awesome. I like that seducing attitude she has with that flowing mane and the armor she adorns gives her more authority and more powerful appearance.
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Well it was a special, she deserves to celebrate too lol. In fact, she was my first deviation! Im really glad you like it =p
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Marvelous! Long live for the Cheese Queen!Queen chrysalis icon Queen chrysalis icon Queen chrysalis icon 
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Lovely work, she looks absolutely gorgeous :)
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yay!,congratz!! >w<
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Wow, it really looks amazing :D
And congratulations ;) that is quite the grow in such a small time, you'll get big soon ;)
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I hope you're right! Lol =) Thanks!
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