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baby owl Griffin


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baby owl Griffin


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the mists of avalon 2part1

10:40 am B.P.R.D headquorters agent demonia' room three loud nocks moke demona from her nearly comatose state of sleep. she roold out of bed with a thud on the floor witch made the person at the door ask in a soft caring voice."agent demonia,are you allright?" it was kate corrigan head of  mission asighnments in b.p.r.d.demonia sat up on her knees rubbing the back of her head and moaning a little. she was all twisted up in her took her a moment to fully wake and untangle herself but when she finally got to the door she yawnd and opend it to see a pretty average sized slightly short blond haird lady standing in her door way."good mo

my writings

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wrighting practice my escape

its peacefull.quiet all around accept for the roaring sounds of the water fountain that to any other busy person going about there day to busy to stop and truly observe the small amount of beauty that manages to survive in this ever so destructive world.the humidity is slightly discomforting yet with the gentle breeze blowing my hair in my face it is surprisingly pleasant.i glance around and observe this beauty as it continues in its natural undisturbed patterm.the fountain calmly yet forcefully churns the dark green pond sending its waters flowing in a steady ripple down the banks and all along the green belt i continue to sit and ob


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