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Yet another animation test



I've tried a longer animation with more cuts in it, but I still looks like crap...I don't understand why it's so laggy... I'm probably never able to make a proper animation -.-°
And above all, I can't make it work in my video program, so I can't add audio >.<
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You need to have more confidence in your skills. This is very good! You just need to understand how animation works a little bit better. You've already done the hard part!

Tip: Decrease the seconds between frames and draw more frames to fill the space. I'll try to explain it better:

You have 5 frames in 1 second (meaning a frame every 0.2 seconds).
If you want to improve how the animation flows (aka reducing the lag), then you can do, for example,
10 frames in 1 second (meaning a frame every 0.1 seconds).
You can even do 30 frames per second but understand the more you do the more complex it becomes (difficulty increases).

Also, I noticed that everything moves at the same time. Try dividing the orbs and characters into two different layers, independently of each other.

Agh, I dunno how to explain it in a way there are no doubts left. Hopefully you get the idea :D You can ask me in Skype if you need more help. I'll try to do my best. Don't be shy D: !