Stealing Other People's Work

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Just a reminder - I will immediately block anyone who posts other people's work in their gallery without permission.  Besides the fact that it violates dA TOC, it's a shitty thing to do.  Don't be an asshole.



Please do not reproduce/reuse/alter without permission. I'm pretty open to requests, just ask first.

Comments are always welcomed - but don't ever disparage the models.


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This is why I removed anything of consequence from my DA profile 2 years ago.
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Eh, it's damned if you do, damned if you don't.  If you post on social media, people will steal your work, and if you don't, no one will see it.   Maybe there are sites that try harder than dA to cut down on the serial offenders, but I haven't really seen it.
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I've seen a few of my pictures on other sites. usually I start off with "hi, you're using my picture, a link or credit would be nice" most comply, apologize, and say "they weren't sure where the picture came from". ok, it happens.

some get downright nasty, claim THEY took the picture. all the camera data and the date the picture was taken are identical to mine..but whatever. then I usually find out where their website is hosted and ask THEM for a takedown.  that usually works.
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good i wish this place had adequate rules
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well said sir! :D
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