Oh Hey, I Passed 2000 Deviations?

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I took a glance at my dA stats today, and realized I have over 2000 photos on here.  Jeez.  I guess I've been on here for quite some time, and it's added up over that span.  I also haven't taken my old work down - while a lot of it is inferior in quality (one would hope I've shown some improvement, anyway), it's interesting for me to see that history evolve.

For what it's worth, I'm glad to be using dA to exhibit my work.  Despite its ups and downs, I still feel dA can be a very useful place, especially for an amateur artist like myself.  What I do is a hobby, but a hobby I really enjoy.  

Thanks for everyone who watches me or otherwise appreciates my deviations.  I know not everything here is for everyone, and certainly the quality is rather uneven, but it's me.




Please do not reproduce/reuse/alter without permission. I'm pretty open to requests, just ask first.

Comments are always welcomed - but don't ever disparage the models.


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annoyinglizardvoice's avatar
Congrats on managing to produce so much art.
I for one am glad you didn't remove older stuff. It's important to see an artist's development and changes of style, not just what they're showing off at the moment.
celticphox's avatar
Congrats!  I think that taking down older work--while you feel it inferior--would deny watchers and others to see--and appreciate--how you've grown.  Makes me think I need to go and take a look, too... gain some inspiration.