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Dress made by the Palouse Dress company from my design.  
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I use DeviantArt for some art inspiration but also for writing inspiration. Finally retired and so can finally get to work on that backlog. While I wouldn't mind an extra buck or two from my writing, it's OK if it only brings in a pittance—the main thing is to get those backlogged stories out. One set of stories involves meeting alien races, and I was looking for clothing inspiration; today I keep coming back to this image for one of the alien ambassadors. Would it be OK for me to use this as inspiration in describing his outfit? Not art work, just descriptive—though, come to think of it, some black and white sketches like an illustrated Jules Verne novel wouldn't be out of the question, so to be safe I should ask if it would be OK for a derivative sketch as well? I would include a reference to your DeviantArt page in an acknowledgement section.