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MANGA restore, kid color by BlackrockLegacies
Some time in the last several years, Honiker was restored to health after being rescued, tortured in captivity for most of his life. That you could understand what a targeted kidnapping and assault,
he is and always has been, a child of great social renown, soun in who many knowing names, could crash you, his doctor his father a stranger who found him and pulled him out of hell, struggles on his own somewhere to bring this world to change where there can be safe, heaven in haven, and that was in more of a change, that too many creatures can't know you know,
get to conceive the struggle of what could hurt one, setting backwards, but imagine what your world was, in how many stories, involved a returned miracle, and there was a kidnapping nearby, to tell you what you were couldn't FEEL that, and there was something embed in stitch to a nun's pocket, can't you understand what's happened, with the Halliwell family in a story for yourself, or it's to what he knows, which is Christian, and that's more for being very good. I mean if you are good, you're not arguing with him, you're a Christian. No, shut up. But looking out, there was someone,
or a place of people who sheltered the creature that arranged for his kidnapping and torture. A cousin, set about to tear the organization apart, even if it means being away from him still,
for bay to think he can't fetch her mildly, so this was written for fame because no safe haven has yet been reached to return Honiker McKillop to home, he needs, more power, and writes stories of heroes in child romance international, and will come home one day, but no one's cutting on his skin anymore, you hear?

author of Superman
SUPERMAN volume 1 COMPLETE by BlackrockLegacies
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Honiker is LOOKING for HOME

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Honiker Alone

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