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Weiss Schnee: Vorm Peril

It was already late when Weiss was able to come back to the dorm. A whole day of training and bonding with Winter has left her somewhat exhausted and sleepy. She silently praised herself for being diligent and finishing her homework early, giving her the rest of the weekend to do whatever she wanted. As she walked down the corridor, she recalled the events that happened today. Despite her exhaustion, she was almost humming with joy that she was able to have quality time with her sister again and had a slight bounce to each step she took. Upon reaching their room, she thought about what she would do for the rest of the weekend, twisting the doorknob and letting her body relax.

Weiss felt a sudden impact on her chest. Her body was pushed backwards before forcefully getting pulled into their room. She wasn't able to react immediately, her feet was raised from the ground as she was snagged by something pink. After a split second, she was well inside their room and was finally able to grasp the situation she was in. She was being held midair by a giant pink worm with its four mouth-fingers grabbing around her shoulders and armpits. The mouth of the pink monstrosity was directly against her meager chest as she instinctively grabbed her Myrtenaster to try and attack. She was able to land a direct hit against the body of the creature, piercing its flesh and penetrating deep. The pink arm released her as she extracted her weapon from inside, allowing her to drop onto the sticky floor and prepare her stance.

She felt resistance on her feet that almost made her trip, temporarily throwing off her balance and making her lose focus. Looking down, she saw her feet were stuck in a sticky adhesive on the floor. It was then that she got to looking around her surroundings and realizing the entire room was covered in the substance. She could not react in time to the many strands of stickiness flying towards her, all coming from little black worms each having one eye who were scattered across the room. Myrtenaster was snagged from her hand as was securely stuck against the wall, far out of her reach. Truthfully, even with only this little webbing, she would no longer be able to escape on her own. She activated her semblance, forming glyphs around her to block incoming strands of webbing. She had to get out of the adhesive restraints before her stamina would be drained, and she would no longer be able to stop the Vorms from coating her in their webbing.

Weiss fought on with all of her strength. No matter how hard she struggled, the webbing would only stretch for a few inches at most with the force she was exerting. Even her left arm, secured against her side, was only bound by a single strand and yet she couldn’t break free. Minutes passed and Weiss was feeling drained. She wouldn’t be able to keep using her semblance for long, and the pink arm she pierced earlier had fully recovered. She had no proof, but the eyes of every worm around her while trying to shoot out webs had lustful excitement in them, a sight that made Weiss terrified of what was to come.

Finally, she was fully exhausted. Her glyphs disappeared and more strands of webbing began wrapping her up. She was utterly defeated. One Vorm jumped over to her face and began gluing her mouth shut, while the others kept adding more and more layers of sticky strands against her body. She was being cocooned from the bottom of her chest all the way down to her feet. The Vorms stopped wrapping her and she was completely helpless in front of so many lustful gazes. The Vorms tended to have preferences when it came to girls, having a preference towards those who was suited to being damsels in distress. Weiss wouldn’t be swallowed up just yet, the Vorms want to play with their catch first. Weiss was now a trophy of the Vorms as was about to experience the feeling of utter powerlessness.

First off, one of the Vorms shot webbing against her meager right breast and attached the other end against the wall. One of the Vorms slithered around the webbing on her breast to come closer to her, moving in a way that made sure to make the strand bounce up and down, tugging on her meager chest. Another Vorm crawled up against her body, wrapping its tail against her left breast and tweaking the tip upon reaching it. Weiss never felt more violated in her entire life. The two Vorms at her chest grabbed at her dress and tore it from the middle, exposing her chest for all the Vorms to see. She wanted to cover her face in shame; she looked away in embarrassment as the Vorms cheered on upon seeing her bare breasts. Tears began forming in her eyes as she waited for what horrors the Vorms had in store for her. Meanwhile, the one of the giant pink arms was drooling behind her, waiting for the Vorms to finish playing with their spoils of war…


Took quite a while to get the inside of the Queen Vorm's arm to look right. At least, I think it looks right? XD

Anyways, this is Weiss's version of the Vorm Peril. Couldn't think of a good background so I just made what I think would look like inside the Queen Vorm. Then again, if you guys want a brighter background like the previous two, I can always just redo the layer.

Weiss just has that damsel in distress vibe to her. Blake seems more on the submissive side while Weiss is more princessy.

Not really sure when I'll be able to draw more, or even what to draw. I'll usually just draw whatever I feel like drawing. I don't take commissions at the moment, but you can leave suggestions. If I like the idea, I might work on it.

Blake Belladonna: Vorm Peril
Blake is the third victim.

She walked down the hallway to their room tired after returning from a mission. Practically dragging her feet across the floor, she couldn't wait to get inside to let all the tension in her body melt away. Sweat made her clothes uncomfortably stick to her skin. Her body barely keeping her posture straight while walking. Once inside she planned to take a refreshing shower and immediately plop onto her bed.

Upon reaching the door, she noticed that there wasn't any light coming from under the door to their room.

"They're already be asleep huh?"

She opened the door and pitch darkness greeted her. The immediate contrast from the light in the hallway made it impossible to see inside. She could hear faint sounds and assumed they were her friends' shifting and turning in their beds.

'Better not wake them up.'

She closed the door behind her and proceeded inside without opening the light. She put her weapons away and proceeded to get her pajamas.

Before she could reach her change of clothes, she felt a weird sensation at the bottom of her feet. She stepped on something sticky and adhesive. Disgusted, she quickly tried to remove her foot from the substance. The adhesive was strong. She could only move her foot a couple of inches off the ground at most.

It was then when she felt strands beginning to stick to her body. Her left arm was caught alongside her body while her right was seized by another strand.


The adhesive hit her mouth, forcefully keeping it shut. She could see quick movements of shadows in multiple directions. She tries to struggle free but the substance was too sticky and strong for her to forcefully break. In fact, she was already completely helpless the moment she stepped onto the adhesive.

The movements stopped moments after. She was scared. Things began to crawl up her legs, slithering and coiling around her supple thighs. She began breathing faster and heavier.

Suddenly the lights were switched on. She had to brace at the sudden bright light just as she was adjusting to the darkness. As she slowly began to adjust her vision, she saw dozens of black worms across having one huge eye each. They had pink arms that they use to crawl to help in their movement. One of them switched on the light.

The room was covered in sticky webbing. Blake looked down at her body. She saw the Vorms secrete the adhesive from the mouths of their arms, continuously wrapping her up. Other Vorms are wrapping around her body, feeling and groping her all over. Horror filled her eyes as she saw two giant pink worms spit out Ruby's and Yang's pajamas and underwear from their mouths, covered in mucus.

Both pink monstrosities began creeping up to Blake. She instinctively tried to move away, but the webbing is keeping her in place.
One of them began wrapping around her already bound legs and began shooting more webs onto her. As if she wasn't stuck enough. The other hung above her, opening its mouth as if to horrify her even more.

The inside was covered in slimy mucus. Bumps covered the inner walls and began moving in sync with the mouth itself, signifying the independence of each bump.

What fate awaits her inside the creature? Will she be digested? Or is there another meaning in expelling the clothes of its victims?


Wow, nearly half a year, I'm a really fast worker aren't I? XD
I have excuses but no valid reasons why it took this long to make. Very sorry about that. I have begun the sketch for Weiss's version, but I'd suggest not believing me when I say "soon".

I really like the scene in volume 5 where Blake was bound in webs by the spider faunus. She really has a submissive vibe to her and I can't pinpoint why.

I tried exploring and experimenting with the background artwork. Hopefully it doesn't ruin the picture? I'm gonna need your input on this, guys... and you ARE "guys" XD
Blake Belladonna: Vorm Peril coming within this week.

Been nearly half a year since Ruby and Yang's version. Very sorry about that. I've also begun the sketch of Weiss's Vorm peril.

I am planning on trying out new things and exploring for the background of my art. Hopefully it doesn't ruin Blake's version. XD

Hi! Would you introduce yourself?

-Hello, my name is Jan. Creator was too lazy to think of a surname for me.

I heard that you know person called (_Kein_). Is this correct?

-Yes. Why? What about him?

How well you know him/her? I mean, do you share your secrets or something? Or are you just random mates? Tell us about your relationship.

-*blushes* W-Well let’s just say that he’s letting me live in his house. He knows all of my secrets but it feels like I only know very few of his.

That's nice. Would you like some coffee or tea?
-Nope, I’m good.

Let's start "what if…" part.
What would he/she do if he/she heard about this interview?

-I don’t really know since you haven’t asked that many questions yet.

If he/she was an animal, what he/she would be?

-I can’t really pick one. But more on the feline category.

I can imagine… What cake would he/she be?

-A blackberry cake I guess?

If he/she became an idol, how much fans would he/she have?

-He already is. He has millions of fans.

Would it have been better if you hadn't ever met?

-No. He made my life more exciting and fun!

What if he/she found you with his/her lover?

-Pulease, that’ll never happen!

How would he/she react if you would say "Would you marry me" down on your kneels?

-Based on his personality, I think he would just laugh at me. *looks down*

Imagine him/her to catwalk. What will happen?

-All the girls would get nosebleeds, definitely.

Now questions about your feelings and thoughts towards him/her.
What did you think when you saw him/her first time? What was your first impression of him/her? 

-I thought he was a nice and friendly guy.

What are the best features in him/her?

-For me, his eyes.

What are the nastiest features?

-His attitude is sometimes unbearable.

What do you think, would he/she kill?

-He has already killed countless people. I think he would even kill me if I’m not careful.

If would, then why?

-He finds it amusing and says that it’s a good way to prevent overpopulation.

Could you see him/her in marriage with someone?

-Unfortunately no. But it would be a dream come true if he would propose to m- Wait! What did I just say?!?!

Is he/she tsundere or yandere? Why?

-Neither, he doesn’t want to love anyone.

Seme or uke? Tell us why.

-He can be both(based on experience ¬////¬). But mostly seme.

Hero or villain? And again, why?

-It depends on whether everything is too peaceful or too chaotic. He is mostly villainous since it’s peaceful most of the time without him plotting something.

"No pain, no gain." Would he/she say that?

-I can imagine him saying that.

Now is time to reveal all (_Kein_)'s secrets. 
Tell us does our victim have any terribly humiliating moments.

-Newp, the chances of that happening are lower than 0.0000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000001%

That's interesting… Have you ever discover him/her from embarrassing situations?

-No. But he has discovered me in those.

Everyone has some weakness. Which are chinks in his/her armour?

-I don’t think he has any weakness.

Has he/she ever been broken-hearted?

-As I said earlier, he doesn’t want to fall in love(sadly).

What makes him/her extremely happy?

-When it’s Saturday and he has his way with me in his dungeon.

What he/she would never say publicly but has told to you about it?

-His alter egos.

Before this ends…
Should we tell him/her about this interview?

-I don’t mind… Wait NO PLEASE DON’T!!!

Should we show this to him/her?



-I don’t think it’s a good idea cuz he might punish me in the dungeon if he finds out!

Kein: *Whispers* I already know…


Thank you for interview. Could you tag someone before you leave?

Kein:  Sorry, she can’t right now. She’s too busy tasting my whip.

Blank meme:…


Jan Dayrit
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