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Streaks by Blackrabbit-98 Streaks :iconblackrabbit-98:Blackrabbit-98 4 2 Streaks: wip by Blackrabbit-98 Streaks: wip :iconblackrabbit-98:Blackrabbit-98 1 0
The Wicked's Prayer
So it is written in the book of Woe
That the day will fall prey to the Night
And we will follow without fear nor fight
For the Torn One gives, The Torn One takes
Within our heart He stirs, He wakes
He is the Withered, the angel with the shredded wings
Charred feathers His Seething only brings
Love our Hatred's avatar
Walk beside our Dahlemar
For one day his face shall show
So it is written in the book of Woe
:iconblackrabbit-98:Blackrabbit-98 1 0
Aelathane - Final Concept by Blackrabbit-98 Aelathane - Final Concept :iconblackrabbit-98:Blackrabbit-98 7 4
Army of One and Only One
Spoken from the heart.
Not a day goes by that I regret leaving the Army.
It saddens me deeply that I did so little in the time I had. I was a terrible mechanic and I always felt I was a terrible soldier.
And maybe this is depression talking, but I don't even deserve that much.
I spent 6 months in Iraq while I have buddies that finished that 06-07 tour and still had to go back again and again...
Every day I wake up from dreams of a better day, a day where I got over my illness and was welcome back. False times of spending in Iraq doing something meaningful. I wake up knowing it was a dream and I try to go back to sleep to recapture this dream, illusion, delusion.
I hate being acknowledged as a veteran. i hate going to the VA. I feel ashamed. I mentally shy away from other veterans, especially OIF vets. I dont belong with that crowd. Its like high school all over again.
I try to wear an army hat or shout hooah, or thank a vet for their service, but my stomach churns in pain reminding me
:iconblackrabbit-98:Blackrabbit-98 0 0
The Nail God by Blackrabbit-98 The Nail God :iconblackrabbit-98:Blackrabbit-98 18 3 The Wicked Must be Punished. by Blackrabbit-98 The Wicked Must be Punished. :iconblackrabbit-98:Blackrabbit-98 4 2 Concept: Scouting Mechanized Carrier (Smoke) by Blackrabbit-98 Concept: Scouting Mechanized Carrier (Smoke) :iconblackrabbit-98:Blackrabbit-98 4 2
Old Pirate Rhyme
Life on the sea can make a man frown,
It knocks you back, forth, and all around,
The Cap’n makes a fuss, sun rise to sun down,
O’ what I’d give to hear me Maggie’s soft sound,
Me Maggie’s a beauty,
She isn’t a brute,
She’ll love ya for free,
So kick off your boots,
Me heart is a lock and she has the key,
So Maggie, me love, please wait for me!
Long days, no breaks, me life’s a mess,
Father’s winds blow, wrackin’ me much stress,
I can’t take another day, me soul must confess,
I long for me Maggie and her skin to caress,
Me Maggie’s a beauty,
She isn’t a brute,
She’ll love ya for free,
So kick off your boots,
Me heart is a lock and she has the key,
So Maggie, me love, please wait for me!
:iconblackrabbit-98:Blackrabbit-98 6 0
Blood and Bounty Concept: The Collector by Blackrabbit-98 Blood and Bounty Concept: The Collector :iconblackrabbit-98:Blackrabbit-98 2 3 ARO Tykes #3 - Nerds by Blackrabbit-98 ARO Tykes #3 - Nerds :iconblackrabbit-98:Blackrabbit-98 1 3 Symbiotic Depression by Blackrabbit-98 Symbiotic Depression :iconblackrabbit-98:Blackrabbit-98 4 2
Without a Sound Mind
Congested without a cold
Driving without a steering wheel
Walking without legs
Not a home run
:iconblackrabbit-98:Blackrabbit-98 0 0
Facets of a Decent
My mouse is broken
It double clicks for every one click
For everyone else, it works just fine
My mouse is Michigan J. Frog
I’m in a constant state of will I or won’t I exist
My world is in a box
I’ll never know the outcome
I am Schrodinger’s Cat
The thoughts are always rapping on my mind
Burrowing in my head to make a home
Luckily he only comes out when I’m depressed
He is Woody Woodpecker
Inset woodpecker noise here
:iconblackrabbit-98:Blackrabbit-98 0 0
Make Them Remember You: Inktober Day 8 by Blackrabbit-98 Make Them Remember You: Inktober Day 8 :iconblackrabbit-98:Blackrabbit-98 4 3 For the Dark Lady: Inktober Day 7 by Blackrabbit-98 For the Dark Lady: Inktober Day 7 :iconblackrabbit-98:Blackrabbit-98 0 0
My manifested thoughts.

Random Favourites

aint no grave can hold my body down by TheFearMaster aint no grave can hold my body down :iconthefearmaster:TheFearMaster 133 14
A Warning Sign - Release
My second book, A Warning Sign, is now available.

Please note: this is, in essence, a story compilation. Rough versions of all stories are currently available for free on deviantart, so while I would obviously appreciate anyone who buys the book, know that the stories are still online (albeit in early versions). A Warning Sign contains the following items:
Salem Part 1- Which has been completely rewritten from dA
Sleep Cycles - Mostly the same as on dA
Hunters- Retyped and rewrote dialogue for clarity. Art is the same.
Overlooked Trilogy- Largely rewritten
:iconchaoscomposer:ChaosComposer 2 1
PEAR PRIME by ZDEADFALLOUTXx PEAR PRIME :iconzdeadfalloutxx:ZDEADFALLOUTXx 19 13 if it aint broke by vashperado if it aint broke :iconvashperado:vashperado 1,180 30 Assassin Automation Of Venice by TheFearMaster Assassin Automation Of Venice :iconthefearmaster:TheFearMaster 40 3 mouse armor by drachenmagier mouse armor :icondrachenmagier:drachenmagier 1,256 162 LC Sketchbook 1/3 by ChaosComposer LC Sketchbook 1/3 :iconchaoscomposer:ChaosComposer 3 2 Miguel-Unaril and Tulio-Sarion by Feffervesce Miguel-Unaril and Tulio-Sarion :iconfeffervesce:Feffervesce 8 8 Warrior of Sand by AlexeiKazansky Warrior of Sand :iconalexeikazansky:AlexeiKazansky 19 0 Gathering of Freaks by Ex-Shadow Gathering of Freaks :iconex-shadow:Ex-Shadow 645 143 Knight Artorias by TheFearMaster Knight Artorias :iconthefearmaster:TheFearMaster 168 10 Lust by SeasideDreamer Lust :iconseasidedreamer:SeasideDreamer 1,269 132
Barnaby and the Stew
My name is Barnaby and I tell a tale of warning.
A tale of danger and of death that happened one fair morning
I am a traveler you see, who deals in pelts and fur
And this tale tells of the man I met at Long Whisper
I was strolling through the woods one day, I smelled a sav'ry smell
A pot of boiling stew no doubt, my nose could surely tell
For I had sampled fine cuisine from men and elves alike
My stomach had a hunger then for food of any type
I walked up to a shanty-tent, set up beside the road
There sat a bearded shopkeep, his many years they showed
“Hello, my friend, how do you do?” I said, with morning cheer.
He simply looked upon me and bade me to draw near.
“I say, that's a fine stew you have.” I said with hopeful glee
“Would you by slightest, faintest chance, agree to share with me?”
The shopkeep turned to me and said, with voice so deep and rough
“I have here much of boar and deer, but stew not quite enough.”
I happily did acquiesc
:iconalexeikazansky:AlexeiKazansky 1 0
Ignis Raake by Nightsi Ignis Raake :iconnightsi:Nightsi 10 7 Krovin the Black Rabbit by AlexeiKazansky Krovin the Black Rabbit :iconalexeikazansky:AlexeiKazansky 6 2 Carol by m0queur Carol :iconm0queur:m0queur 185 23


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United States
I grew up in New England. I fell in love with fantasy through old TSR books, Dungeon and Dragons, and Willow. That love has stuck with me throughout my life, even when I was serving in Iraq as a US soldier. In the army I was the huge nerd that ran the tabletops every weekend morning.

Since I've been discharged, I've been struggling with deep depression that has only been kept at bay for my love to write. I used poetry as a mean of therapy and my novel as a tool to show myself that there's alway something over the horizon to fight for.

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Mon Jun 10, 2019, 12:11 AM
Im done uploading to deviant art. after my OCT finishes up, ill be more or less done here too.

started DA September 23rd 2006 and despite having actually non furry/ non fetish/ non anime art, i barely could scratch 90k views...under 100k views with over a DECADE of work.

Ill continue to check my inbox, but im done with this site

come find my newest work on instagram:…



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