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Evolution of Zelda removed! well yes. I just received the message informing me that: "After review by the DeviantArt moderation team, the material was found to be in violation of the DeviantArt Terms of Service and/or Etiquette Policy. The team member who deleted your deviation also added the following note: Based on our staff review it has been determined that the character(s) depicted in this deviation in a nude, erotic or sexually compromising fashion is classified as being under the age of 18 in their original context." short sad story: I haven't played 'Zelda Breath of the Wild' but when I did the drawing I went to check. Zelda is 117 years old. I thought "well she looks more than 18". so why this message? I searched more thoroughly and from what I understand (again, I haven't played the game) Zelda is imprisoned when she was 17 and freed 100 years later. so I guess the criticism is that she's still a 17 year old girl but moved a century into the future? I do not know. I
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My interview

1 min read
Hi guys! Today I share with you the interview that :iconRob66: gave me. Thank you very much for the opportunity and apologize if there were any problems with communications. However, I am very honored to be among his interviews.
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Happy new year!

1 min read
Hello everyone. Sorry for my very long absence. many wrote to me worried thinking I was dead (and with this bad period it was not so impossible). I'm fine! alive and healthy. The problem with my absence was work. Unfortunately for my work there may be times when I will not be too present, the last few nights I have not slept to finish everything. Moreover, in this period I have left behind a mountain of commissions to be finished that I will try to recover slowly in the coming months. I apologize to all my clients and all followers I will try to catch up. : D In the meantime, Merry Christmas (even if late) and Happy New Year!
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Plz make a boa hancock evolution

Just do it. I post it on my patreon a pair of days ago.

Oh shoot , I can't do Patreon as I got my online banking information stolen twice this year, what a shame .I hope that masterpiece is uploaded here soon enough.Anyway keep up the good work !!

had a evolution zelda disappeared