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This was stolen from my gallery and taken credit for by someone else.Beware. <da:thumb id="502480670">
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I remember when a friend told me with great enthusiasm that he was glad to see a copy of my novel in a bookstore in a certain foreign country, and picked up a copy both so he could support my work as a writer, and to let me know how far around the world my books were being sold. I thanked him, but didn't mention that the book in question wasn't legally for sale in that country, so it was likely a pirate copy.

That said, I would like to "borrow" the photo of your unpainted Tomb of Dracula model, to post on a closed FB group that is currently running a "100 Days of Dracula" thread, identifying a different artist each day who has illustrated a Dracula-related story or series in the comics/graphic novel universe. As I'll be submitting images by some of the TOD comic artists, and your sculptural work certainly complements the theme, I think it would be a nice addition of related work. 
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That's a drag, plagiarism and copyright infringement are rampant in the arts and enforcing international copyright violations is almost impossible. You're certainly welcome to use my tomb of Dracula statue in your group crediting my work. I appreciate the exposure and the consideration! I actually net Gene Colan at ANY comic Con before he passed and I sent him a copy of the statue, telling him how much his work influenced my own growing up. He was very gracious, such a cool guy. Still one of my favorite artists.
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Thanks! The Comic Book Historians is a closed group (too much spam and sniping otherwise), but I'll send you the link when the post is up. I'm on Day 5 of my 25 Days of Dracula, so it will be a few days yet.
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Is it wierd that I always react to this kind of post with apathetic shrug of shoulders and ocasionally thinking " Gee, I wish I had this kind of problems."
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Eh, I'm on that fence too. I don't really care, but sometimes it leads to problems like you getting associated with things you don't want. They use your work to make political propaganda, or disgusting novelty t-shirts, etc.
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You tell 'em Capin'. Bravissimo, nicely said... I hate plagiarism, in any shape, form or fashion... Now if something inspires you to do your OWN thing, that is different, but cut and paste? No.
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We all must remember that this bullshit happens everyday. Some do this out of ignorance and others do it, because their thieves. That may sound harsh but it's the truth. I've had this happen to me and the funny thing is I'm not a professional artist and I'm not on this site or any other to make money off my art. I do it because I love it and I have fun with it. It's an ongoing battle to fight these creeps and my hat's off to everyone who stands up to them. When art is stolen from one, it's stolen from everyone. Be informed and always stand up for yourselves. Remember this always, that were not alone and united we stand. Peace to everyone and DA love to my friend Jean. Hang in there brother, we have your back. TZ
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He shut down his account, so at least he won't be stealing anymore.
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SMH x3. Damn Shame. Originality just don't count with some folks.
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...according to wiki 'box art' is protected under copyright laws.…

The wiki page reads. "This is the cover art for Demons to Diamonds. The cover art copyright is believed to belong to Atari."
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Wow, what a scumbag!
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The guy is one person I never understand....

I'm sorry what happened.. some people don't care about who the Pictures/photos belongs :huggle:
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just had this same thing happen to me but to a slightly further degree, posted in my pictures. Good luck with everything.
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It really sucks if someone rips you off AND makes money off the theft. Sadly, I see quite a bit of that.
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me too man, we blasted them pretty publicly and im pretty sure they learned their lesson.
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Just the fact that he say I own the image.. Nobody own anything if they didn't created from scratch
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well done sir, take back what’s yours.  I can believe the nerve of this guy...
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this kinda crap makes me soooooo freaking pissed! trust me, i see it a few times every week. i report the heck outta gallery's all the time.
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:-/ IMHO, you should probably just chill out and let this one go. What he did is unquestionably wrong, but the reality of the internet is that people are going to steal your stuff. Getting mad over it just makes things worst for yourself…
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well in that case you wouldn't mind if your paycheck was given to someone else then
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Firstly, how old is that message? I must have written that last year sometime.

Secondly, you're taking this so far out of context that I'm not sure I should even be dignifying this with a response.

Thirdly, I don't have "paychecks" - I don't believe in cheques or the traditional banking system. You're making assumptions about someone over the internet who you've never met.

Fourthly, I've been robbed many, many times. This topic is something I can resonate with. My previous statement was derived from experience, is circumstantial, and I stand by it.

Fifthly, BLACKPLAGUE1348, himself, said he was over it.

I love how DeviantArt, all of the sudden, decides to take a community action against art theft. This has been happening since DA was created (before I joined some 8 years ago), yet now they decide to do something after everybody has since given up and evolved. It's just pathetic. Being out of touch with the community, and failing to deliver what's needed when needed, is a recurring theme for DA. DA will not succeed because of this. I hope they are acquired before they implode.
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I took action and I'm over it, but I'm not going to stand for this type of thing. I've seen too many people get royally screwed out of their work because they let it go with out comment. 
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