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Azelma for extended



Azelma isn't in the Les Miserables movie, and even she wants the extended version!

*edit* this piece was based on the line "For the wretched of the Earth / there is a flame that never dies" i was joking with my sister that she was only helping the Les Mis Extended cause because Eponine bullied her into it. But the point is, Azelma is a sickly girl who appears to be completely hollowed on the inside and lost all will of her own, but it's just a mask she assumes to survive the abuse she's put through. She's pretty messed up from her father's violence and the hunger, poverty, and scarcity she's endured, more so than Eponine, because she's the favorite (let's remind ourselves who had to punch the window and get her hand all cut up) and dressed more warmly (at least Ponine has an old gown that she wears like a coat). Interestingly, it was only after Eponine died that Azelma was displayed as an intelligent human being, and dressed somewhat nicely.

Gimp 2.6, completely freehand, no reference used.
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Azelma joins the crusade then?? 8D very cute good to see a book character being drawn =D