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Nibel Library

Cloud's Kalm Flashback: Sephiroth studying in the old mansion

>>> This is part of :iconloonybob: super secret project "Final Fantasy VII Moments", you can look at it here:…

I cant believe he managed to get it done in just a few months, I think there are over 200 FF7 fanarts specially made for this. Totally crazy.

painted in photoshop.

Other 3 pictures I made for this:
Dragon Rolls
Happy Fun Super Date Gondola
Proud Clod
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Poor Sephiroth :( , I feel so bad for what happened. This drawing is magnificent tho you got all the small details down I love it so much

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>>> Thanks, Yeah I had fun drawing this one :D

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This is one of my favorite moments in the game. I was going to try and draw it, but Thank you for doing such a good job.
Now I don't have to draw all those books... @_@
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>> Thanks.
Same here, this is why I choose this scene for this FF7 tribute project.
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He was once a hero... Until he had mommy issues...
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>>> I would be the same if I knew Hojo is my dad. lol
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fair enough, that guy is a Jerk on steroids
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Just as I thought... Sephiroth is really a yandere!!! sephirothsmugplz  Shion laugh (higurashi) 
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i have suspicion that book contains yaoi fics about zack with cloud, and with cloud/s pregnancy
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Honestly, who wouldn't want to destroy the planet after finding nsfw fanfics were written about them?

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>>> Project S = Yaoi fics written by Hojo. lol
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ye - thats why yaoi fics are so creepy
blackorb00's avatar
>>> Creepy? Now Im interested in reading one..
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That moment when you just gotta say "Reality sucks, delusions FTW!"
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Omd the details on the books, its amazing :squee:
I need to go play this again :dance:
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>>> Thanks :)
I cant wait to see the FF7 remake.
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My brother spotted several refs to the original game, advent children, Dirge of Cerberus, and crisis core.
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>>> Yup, I put references from all those :D
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I can't tell if he's laughing or crying, but it looks like he's laughing.
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When I read my parent's journals about myself, it's so funny because I was a stupid child.
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