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General level

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This level is for all those whose support are making the development of our projects possible.
First news about our projects in development, which be delivered to you in digital format.
Access to our creative process, where you can see the designs of the characters, creatures, etc.
Publication of an ebook, as I said before, when each volume is finished, with discounts for our subscribers.
Advantages of Discord (We still don't know which ones, it all depends on you)

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Dantalion Book Summoners

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This level is for those fans of The riddle fixer who want to see even more of the story.
• All the benefits of the general level.
• Requests from fans, where you can make personal requests and contribute ideas ...
• Access to extra content, where you will see scenes of the characters that don't appear in the volumes...
• We also plan to put merchandise at your disposal, be it T-shirts, caps, 3D figures all is possible with your help.

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