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  • Apr 27, 1988
  • Norway
  • Deviant for 14 years
  • He / Him
My Bio

Siderian/Feline | Northern Wild soul | Predator | Misanthropic | Transspecies | Scientist/biologist | Spiritual | Nerd | 5w4 | INTJ-A

Art: mostly digital– sometimes traditional (pens, watercolours, pencils) drawing. Since 2022 I also do 3D modelling and animation, but I'm still a noob. I have a (quad)fursuit and have made some sculptures. I do some non-serious photography and write some Siderian stories. I play the keyboard/piano and wish to play my dark music on a huge pipe organ once.

Who am I: I'm quite positive natured, cheerful, funny, curious, open minded and nerdy. I’m quite chill, friendly, and understanding but I'm very direct in discussions, which some people perceive as harsh. I have zero tolerance for human arrogance and cruelty, anthropocentrism and getting lectured, particularly about what I am. I don't follow the majority and ditch most things and ideas maintream. I deeply love Nature and am concerned and angry about what humanity does to Life on Mother Earth. My viewpoints are strange, controversial and 'edgy' in the eyes of most humans - go find out why. Did you cut yourself on my edge? Then you better leave my close proximity before it gets blunt.

Spirituality: I have an affinity for spiritual Satanism (and no, that is not just 'evil' reverse christianity) -and Shamanism. I deeply respect Lucifer and the Demons as spirits but I'm not a Satanist neither am I religious, nor am I affiliated with JoS . I worship no-one and only follow my very own principles. I believe in reincarnation and have some past-life memories. The Siderians (the big cats that you see in my gallery) are much more than 'characters' to me. I don't create them; they just come to me.

Languages: English, Norwegian, Dutch (native)

Education: BSc in biology, MSc Environmental biology (specialization in behavioural ecology). PhD in chronobiology.

Current occupation: researcher in evolutionary genomics.

Quotes/ideas that I generally go by:

  • "The code is more what you'd call "guidelines" than actual rules" - PotC. Especially true when some 'authority' makes up stupid rules that make no sense.

  • "What doesn't kill you makes you stronger". - not always true though.

  • "Mind your own business" - especially if someone else's beliefs, identity, behaviour or sexual preferences do not affect yours. Just let others be themselves for f*cks sake.

  • "Just keep swimming" - Finding Nemo

  • Respect Life! Particularly non-human life, as this is often objectified and shit upon.

Find me elsewhere

Email: note me first.

reignofsiderians.tumblr.com/ (Siderian stuff, WIPS and sketches)

felisglacialis.tumblr.com/ (Felines and the North)

https://www.furaffinity.net/user/felisglacialis/ (currently uploading my art there)

https://toyhou.se/Felisglacialis (planning to use this, but it's still empty)

Favourite Visual Artist
Too many
Favourite Movies
Balto, Lion King, Pirates of the Caribbean (particularly 2 and 3), Beauty & Beast (1991) , Disney in general, Watership down (1978)
Favourite TV Shows
Avatar the last airbender, Arcane, Wolf's Rain, Animals of Farthing Woods ,House of the Dragon
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Moonsorrow, Dimmu Borgir, Serj Tankian, MetallicA, Dark Funeral, Nightwish, James Horner, Hans Zimmer, Soundtrack, Metal, Classical music (P.Tchaikovski), Organ stuff
Favourite Books
Informative/scientific biology and art books. Stories from a non-human animal PoV. I'm generally not interested in human characters.
Favourite Games
WoW but that was a long time ago. I don't play video games.
Tools of the Trade
Wacom Tablet, Adobe Photosoup, Blender, pencils, ballpoints, watercolours
Other Interests
Martial arts, bushcraft and other outdoor activities


2022 FelisGlacialis smaler


And more good songs with a strong message by Serj Tankian

(lead vocalist of System of a Down)

(and voice reference for my siderian fellow named Torstein)


Peace be Revenged

Saving Us

Falling Stars

The Unthinking Majority


Honking Antelope

More of my favourite metal songs

Ruttolehto - by Moonsorrow

Gateways - by Dimmu Borgir

Perfection or Vanity - by Dimmu Borgir

And some of my other favourite classical pieces

Adagio for Strings- by Samuel Barber

Pyotr Tchaikovsky's 6th symphony - 4th movement

Marche slave (organ version)- Pyotr Tchaikovsky

Some of my favourite and very personal soundtracks

The Lion King orchestral suite - by Hans Zimmer

The Glacial Ice - by Steven Price

Heritage of the Wolf - by James Horner - goes with this scene

Some stuffs

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Hello! I am so moved by your art and artstyle, I just HAD to watch you :D

Thanks a lot! That's good to hear!

How are you and your spirit guides doing lately?

And thanks.

Are you still on here?

Yep, more or less. Just not so active anymore but still posting art once in a while ^^

Happy belated Birthday! :cake: Yesterday was my birthday too, actually.

Happy Birthday 🥳🥳🥳