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The Phoenix and The Ice Queen

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Inks (Yep found them and said wrong person oh boy)
Pencils by Scott Campbel

So Jean Grey and Emma Frost....Okay I have sated before a couple times in previous works I have never been really a fan of either of these characters. I don't know why but I just don't like them. Maybe it's because they are telepaths and I don't like the idea of those probing my mind with out my consent or something. Maybe because they would have been like the popular girls at school and I never got along with the popular girls at school who freaking knows.

So any way. Yes I colored it and yes I did color holding, I hope you guys like it and you tell me blah blah
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Real artists is Scott Campbell. :iconj-scott-campbell:
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I had a funny feeling he was the penciler but I can't find the pencils either....I hate when that happens