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Lord and Lady Deadpool

Thank you :icontonykordos: for letting me color this
Speed paint 
Song used in speed paint

So um to explain the I thought it would be funny I mean Lady Deadpool is called Lady Deadpool and I thought you know how at a royal function they go presenting lord and lady blah blah? Well that kind of effect.

Yep finally I do a Lady Deadpool, I mean I have done lots of Deadpool and the only reason is okay I will be 100% honest the only Lady Deadpool I have was a sexy pinup of her and it wasn't her scared up. I know she is scared up, I want her scared up, I like her and Deadpool that way. 


Any way. I hope you guys like it. If you look at the background I did some my own texturing trying to bring texture back into my work I miss doing it.

What do you guys think of Lord and Lady Deadpool?
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oh my god! it's dead pool, with BOOBS!
just when i thought he couldn't get any better.
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She is a real character from Marvel she is from an alternate universe. I think currently dead though not 100% sure on that.
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w-what? how could anyone of dead pool's likeness, alternate or not, possibly die?
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Uh I can't remember
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i guess i'll just have to get off my ass and look it up!
thank you good sir!.. or mam... or dog. never mind.
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