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Hope Summers

Thank you :iconjamiefayx: for letting me color this
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Hope Summers
The first mutant born after M-Day, Hope Summers is believed to either be the mutant messiah or the harbinger of death for humanity. She is an Omega-level power mimic, and possesses a connection to the Phoenix Force. For more information visit your local library or visit here…

I will be 100% honest I have a love hate relationship when it comes to Hope.

Let me explain before she was "born" I created a fan character that was some what similar to her with the power mimicry thing....I am not going to go boo hoo marvel stole my idea....the thing is....when I showed her around people who were comic book fans said and I quote "This character could never be a part of the comic book universe she is too powerful" or "Oh put your Mary Sue away" you know those kind of shitty things comic book fan boy elitists say.

Then Hope came along....then her power mimicry came about....those same people who told me My character was to powerful that a hero like this would never happened....were praising Hope. Saying how wonderful of a character she was and blah blah blah.

Due to the fans being the assholes they were to my character and loving Hope who in my young mind were practically the same person minus well hair eyes and what nots. I kinda got mad in my angst ridden youth saying to them "The only bloody reason you like her is cause she a summers" (let me point out young mind who was not thinking clear and believed that she was some kind of jean grey Scott summers child of the future kind of thing like a lot of people thought from what I heard).  

I will be honest I couldn't read up on Hope for a long time because of my misdirected hate that should have been to the ones who insulted my character and me a lot because I am a girl and "Girls don't read comics" (yea that mind set was still around back then and still around now and I want it poof gone).

So when ever Hope was mentioned or talking I would never be the most paying of attention.

Then I got older.... I got into a new group of comic fans they mentioned Hope....I told them I was not a fan and they asked why I explained my story. They told me my anger to her were misdirected should have been to those jerks and then suggested for me to read the article on her....(the one I linked to you to be honest) I kinda was like whatever and I read her and then I basically had 8th grade syndrome (were you want to go to your past self you hit fact I really never have that issue I will be honest). I was like "Why would I hate her so much she is interesting and she helped Rogue" (my fave x-woman). Then I had the light bulb moment going "Wait I should be mad at those fan boy assholes not her character"

Now I am not saying I am a huge fan of her no no no no I will say though I hate her less now than I did then....I like her she is interesting. Do I love her No do I hate her No she is okay.

Wow this is a long ass explanation on my feelings of this character.

See this is why I never did a piece on Hope because a combo of not liking her and I would have to write this long ass explanation on my feelings on this character that I know is way to long than it should be but I wont feel right unless I express my feelings on the character. 

Now to the long ass technical details....I promise guys it wont be to long.

I tried to color the uniform the best as I could to the comics....its hard if you think about it there are a lot of variations to her comics but I got close enough as I could. As for the back ground (yea gradients call me the gradient queen. I also added some smoke fogy stuff....oh be I used most of my brain power on the explanation of Hope okay :grump:
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Very nice work, love it. :thumbsup:
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I just colored but thanks 
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Well either way still a great job even if it was only the coloring, that looks great.
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You are welcome.
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Really great colours, looks awesome!
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I just colored but thank you
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I can empathize.  I've actually had stories lifted off of fanfiction sites appear in DC Comics publications, and had two character profiles lifted off a play by post RPG board appear verbatim in their "encyclopedia."
Blackmoonrose13's avatar
ah so curious when it comes to your stories did they say it could never happen due to their "rules" then later in comics publish something similar and those same jerks are praising that story.

But Yea that damn "Encyclopedia" it makes people feel depressed. Then something happens in the comics that breaks the rule and those spouters start with the praise and love....

Then you sit and wonder if it has anything to do with gender or that you haven't been in it as long or your collection isn't huge like theirs or you haven't been to the cons and all that jazz
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No, they actually stole works from several people, including myself.  Several of DC's writers, especially their chief writer, frequently lift works off of FF.Net and with the approval of DC's EIC, Dan Didio.

I don't know about the gender issue.  I do know that, from his con appearances and unlike his predecessor, is rather misogynistic and doesn't encourage submissions by women artists and writers.

They say they have women on staff, but the ones who aren't deceased or working for other publishers are mostly in editorial and, thanks to Didio, have very little in way of actual authority, which is why DC turns out the stuff they do.  And when a male writer or artist quits, he always blames his former editor, especially if the editor is a woman.
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