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DC Trinity

Inks by :iconj-skipper:
Inks Trinity - Inks
Pencils by :iconj-scott-campbell:

Speed paint
Song used

Ah The DC Trinity aka Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman (who needs a movie and some more love media wise please).

So I tried to stay accurate with the colors yes I did color holding. I like doing it. I know amateur and all that but I like doing it -3-

So I will admit I used a already colored version of this image for reference because I like references they are nice <da:thumb id="470089357"> so um that is it encase anyone wanted to see my inspiration. 

I hope you guys like this attempt and I hope you enjoy watching the speed paint and um yea. Tell me what you think and all that.
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 this is such an awesome picture! although I have to wonder why wonder woman would have such a sultry expression on her face when Batman and superman is doing their best to glare down at whoever were looking up at them? I mean, if the batman and superman is doing their best to look bad-ass and threatening, then wonder woman should match that intensity, to show that she's a part of the holy trinity for a very good reason. Not look like she's trying to seduce the viewer.
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I have no clue either I just color the art. 
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Cool, thanks for the colors! 
Also don't forget to credit Campbell.
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Ah I knew I forgot something thank you.

I hope you like the coloring by the way
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No problem.
Yeah, keep it up and you could get really good.
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ah the holy Trinity :)
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Yea don't do that joke in church though....I did....I got in trouble with the sunday school teacher....I was 10.
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