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Thank you :iconsereglaure: for letting me color this
Pencils by :iconmarcioabreu7:
Speed paint
Song used in speed paint…

Um for those who are watching the speed paint. Um I can explain the song. I had no clue about this character and so I didn't know what song to do. So I just opened my music player with my song had on shuffle and hit like 20 times and this was the song. So poof that is the song I used. If you have issue with that well sorry I had no clue what to do and none of my people who know things who could help me were not at my comand....

So um yea tried to get accurate with the few references I could find. I have no real honest clue what to say for this.

Um Enjoy and don't hurt yourself.
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This is my favorite character of all time! Marcio did this picture (and several others of Arwyn) at my request. I love to see how many people have colored this! And yours is really accurate to the character herself. If you still haven't read the series, you should, it's pretty epic. I pray Marvel (who owns it now) brings her back one day!
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Oh shucks Mine is accurate I just tried to find as many reference pictures I could. Which oddly for my go to reference place had very little. 

But thank you
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WOW! Someone read the series Sojourn besides me. Nice coloring
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I haven't read it....yet borrowing some from a friend of mine....if he remembers to....
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Awesome colors :) gentle and clean - good job
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Excellent! I love !
She is beautiful !
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I just colored but thanks 
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I've seen the video, it's a good work !
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hot lady is hot! great work!
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I just colored but thanks 
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np, and the colors still matter
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