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Arkham City Harley



Thank you :iconunderdogmike: for letting me color this
original lines
Speed paint 
Song used (also a bonus at the end)
And yes you will hear my ever annoying Harley Quinn with it.

Ah the Arkham City Harley I love this one (well minus original from batman the animated series) I mean here is the thing this design while yes very sexy this outfit works better as a outfit for villainy than that crap outfit they gave her in new 52.

Yes I am still not happy with it. I got into a conversation how they made her go down hill with a female fan who cosplayed as female Dante at Megacon I loved talking about it with some one face to face than just ranting on the internet....and here is an argument my friend used one in a real life talk. "Well Sex Sells". Yea he kinda focused on how I complained about the outfit and he assumed it was cause of the to much skin no no I will not rant on this debate I had I wont I wont. (chews napkin)

Any way Arkham City harley love the outfit design they did wish they used this in the comics. Although my one issue I had was the tattoos in the design were to much I mean one on her arm is nice the one on her um belly I think is to much....with the whole design in that area and I am doing it again.

Any way I hope you guys like it yes gradient and drop shadow....I am not great with back ground ideas okay and I am only a colorist you seen my back ground making attempts not that good okay. 

Yea enjoy.
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