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Mike at the Movies: Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom
For my next review, I will be taking a look at-wait, what day is it? 
*checks the calendar*
Holy shit, it's August already?! But I wasn't able to get anything out last month because of my thesis! Wow...I'm not sure I've ever had a month of pure silence on my page, and I deeply apologize for that, but if it's any consolation, this review is the first of a triple feature! That's right, remember those movies I mentioned I saw in a status update last week? Now that I've finished my thesis, I'll be able to get reviews of those movies out relatively quickly, and as for the binges, don't think I've forgotten about those! I just have different plans for them in the future. But speaking of forgetting things, let's start off this triple feature with the movie that, of the three, people have already forgotten exists.
Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom
Director: J.A. Bayona
Starring: Chris Pratt, Bryce Dallas Howard, Rafe Spall, Daniella Pineda, Isabella Sermon
Three years ago, the world w
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King of Jazz--Oswald (and Bing's) First Feature

For those of you following my Oswald the Lucky Rabbit marathon, this film is important to that narrative. He's only in the film for a split second, but this lost relic of the 1930's is an important testament to the idea of filmmaking, and a celebration of everything that made film great back then, and what the medium continues to represent.  King of Jazz is an underrated achievement in technology and a great tribute to one of the stars of the Jazz Age. And seeing all these famous and soon-to-be famous people in something great warms my heart. 
King of Jazz was a 1930 musical revue (a film comprised of sketches and vignettes) paying tribute to Paul Whiteman. Whiteman was one of the most prominent white jazz artists and an important bandleader for his time. While most jazz was about freestyle and allowing "freeform" musical arrangements, Whiteman emphasized composition and careful instrumentation with his music. Thus, the media d
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Here's another question, and I really hope we can get some good discussions going from this...

In your opinion, what's the most bizarre and nonsensical plot twist that you have ever seen?
You know that feeling when someone phrases something (usually about a piece of media) so perfectly, so dead on... that you wish you thought of it yourself?
Why do you think all my projects take so long?
You know, I've always had a bit of an issue with how AVGN episodes are so infrequent, while Rolfe/Nerd's competitor Doug Walker/The Nostalgia Critic puts out videos every week. But seeing how far from grace Doug has fallen (if he ever had it to begin with), I gotta say...

AVGN may have long hiatuses between episodes, but if that's the price for quality, so be it. I'd rather have well-produced reviews every few months than uninspired messes every week.
You ever notice that a lot of the characters that I dislike in cartoons are dickish, teenaged/preteen girls? (Star, Luan, Mimi, Ronnie Anne etc.) That's kinda weird. I didn't think I'd spend so much of my reviewing career criticising young girl characters. it's just something odd I stumbled upon when I looked over all my old reviews.

The good news is that I'll buck that trend with my next Canada Quest journal, which features a dickish teenaged girl that I think is a really good character.
So I was listening to the Shrek 2 Soundtrack, (Because I love that one Imogen Heap song that was in the credits and I kind of got on a roll from there) and when I got to that sad song that plays when Shrek is disheartened from reading his wife's diary, I remembered that scene, subsequently rewatched it and realized how fucking stupid that scene was.

Think about it, Shrek is reading his wife's diary (Which is a big no-no. Don't invade people's privacy) and thinks he's inadequate as a spouse because he doesn't live up to the princely and exaggerated standards that an extremely young girl had and has clearly gotten over it as a full-fledged adult.

As a matter of fact, this whole thing that Shrek was sad about was already resolved in the first movie! Shrek already didn't feel good enough for Fiona back when he was taking her to Farquaad's Castle in the first film and Fiona was already disappointed about Shrek not being Prince Charming in Shrek 1. The Diary scene is thoroughly crippled because they spent that previous movie with Fiona learning to appreciate Shrek for who he is, not who she wanted her rescuer to be as well as Shrek learning to appreciate himself. So in retrospect, that diary scene now just feels really contrived.

How contrived is it? Well, Shrek feeling like he's not good enough is kind of a moot struggle when you stop to think that the film started with a big, romantic blissful, honeymoon scene. If anything, Shrek 3 had a much better internal conflict for Shrek because him being afraid of fatherhood is much more believable, and has the added benefit of not being a hurdle that was already dealt with in the previous film like in 2.

But the Eels Song (Entitled "I need some Sleep.") that was playing during that scene? Pretty dang good, I must admit.
"Remy could absolutely beat Stuart Little in a fistfight."

-Countdown Bleck, 2018.

When you write a really good comment and you close the tab by accident before you can post it...

Nice! The first movie was actually really really fricking good, so I'm definitely excited to see what would come out of a Simpsons Sequel.
Not entirely sure about the Family Guy movie, but hey, The Simpsons Movie getting a sequel is very promising. The first one is one of my favorite films, so this will definitely be interesting.…
Kuhtoon's most recent commentary on That Kid Douglas highlights just how black-and-white his mentality can be.

At one point he states that "you either can take criticism or you can't..."

... no... just... no...

A lot of that depends on:
* The personas/attitudes of both the person receiving and giving criticism.
* What both individuals are going through at the time (e.g. a person under stress might not take harsh criticism as well as under normal circumstances) 
* How the criticism is delivered. 
* Whether the points are actually valid, or whether they're faulty, or worse, outright attacks or lies...

I'm sure there are other factors, but you get the idea!
Welcome, my friends so glorious and free, my name is Aston Levy, aka, the fabulous BlackMoonPaladin, the reviewing warrior of the night! And welcome to the first step on a new journey for this page!

As a lot of you are well aware by now because I've said it so many times, I hail from the glorious nation of Canada. I think it's fair to say that my childhood has been pretty different from yours in terms of an animation standpoint, what with exclusively Canadian programming being unique to say the least...

(This and many other ridiculous PSA's would air on my cartoon channels like 12 times a day back in my time.)

So, for this fresh review series, we'll explore the animated shows of my wacky Northern wonderland and put a bunch of them under the microscope. A lot of the shows that I'll tackle from this point forward have a lot of Nostalgic value for me, and were a large part of my cartoon-viewing experiences. My interests were shaped by some of these shows and it'll be interesting to see how many of them hold up from a critical standpoint. Conversely, I'll also be exploring some Canadian-crafted shows that I've never touched before as well, to see some new experiences free from the rose-colored tint of nostalgia, because after all... this is a quest, and I've got a ton of shows to explore and discover.

This review series has no set time limit and no set journal limit. It'll be an ever-expanding ongoing series that will grow and offer more and more reviews over time at its own pace. Not to worry, I'll still free up time here and there to talk about shows from other countries but for now, I just want a break from reviewing my usual suspects like Star vs., My Little Pony and The Loud House. (Although the Loud Sins series will still continue, I'm referring to discussing the show in the form of conventional reviews.)

So where do we start our glorious, country-wide journey? How about something simple? How about a show that I barely ever watched as a kid and hardly liked? What about a show that aired mostly around here and only a few select Canadians would know about or remember?

What about that girl that calls herself Mimi?

"Aston's got a review!"

What About Mimi (or Pourquoi Pas Mimi? en Francais) is a show that was first aired in late-2000 on that little channel called Teletoon that most people don't like anymore, and this is personally heartbreaking for me, because I was old enough to be around during Teletoon's heyday. Teletoon aired some good shit back when I was around 10 years old, (Which we will get to in abundance as this series progresses) and it was my main source of Cartoon Network shows when I was young. At the time, my Basic Cable providers didn't come with a genuine Cartoon Network Channel so a majority of CN's shows were broadcast in Canada on Teletoon, I watched so much Ben 10, Billy and Mandy and Codename Kids Next Door back on those days, I had some great times.

But that's a little off-topic. The show was created by Chris Bartleman and Blair Peters, both of them later going on to be Producers for a lot of shows, including the early seasons of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic and Littlest Pet Shop; The former even being the executive producer of the very first Equestria Girls movie. But What About Mimi is a special show to Peters and Bartleman, (Peters and Bartleman sounds like a pair of bumbling lawyers in some third-rate law firm...) it's their first, last and currently only original creation they made with their own two hands.

"But what is it about?" I hear you inquire! Well... it's about... Mimi...

Let's take a look at the theme song and see what we're in for, shall we?

Okay, as we can see, it starts with a girl in a rather butch ginger haircut getting into a fair bit of Skylarking, she's dancing on a line of "La's!" she's dancing on a flower, she randomly splits into two different bodies of herself and dances anyway, uncaring of the mysterious power behind the existence of her clone. She spins her skating friend around and throws him into the camera, (When I was like 7, I thought the guy was a girl, he had a very feminine face shape to my younger self...) she dances with her other friend, flowers fall, she engages in a run-by shoving and pushes this dude into an abyss as she runs on disintegrating flowers, she showboats her slick dance moves in front of this kid, whose face suggests that he's really not into this whole dancing thing but when she leaves, he gets into it and does a vigorous air-guitar, like a Tsundere would.

"I'm not dancing because you got me into it, I'm doing it because I felt like it, Baka!"

She gets bounced off a slimy, gelatinous floor by some pink-haired chick who I'm assuming is the bully character, she makes tornadoes out of her disco-dancing parents, and then... Oh my god, that running animation as she goes to the camera is awful! Holy shit, that looks more stunted than a hunchback with a limp.

Then her friends come out of lockers and Mimi does a dance that I can only describe as "Picking invisible things up and moving them slightly to her right." Then title card.

The song itself is actually really catchy and upbeat, the singer has this really smooth and soothing voice and the backgrounds evoke a sort of free-spirited, calm and easygoing 60's vibe, what with the psychedelic backgrounds and flowers ever-present throughout the song's first half. And the lyrics continuously paints Mimi as this girl who can "Make a scene!" and "Change the World if I want to!" Although it's kind of preachy about Mimi's abilities, the theme song holds up. I find it very charming, trippy and relaxing.

Theme song aside, What About Mimi is a slice-of-life comedy show about a young girl and her friends, classmates and family engaging in some good old-fashioned elementary school antics and sometimes wacky shenanigans also occur. It's a grounded and relatively straightforward affair.

And to introduce a new BlackMoonPaladin staple, on this review are the presence of links that take you to the episode I'm talking about itself because if anyone's interested in checking any of these out, it's right here for you! Click the longer links to to take a look and judge the episodes on your own merits!

You know, the funny thing is that I was gonna talk about a wide swath of the Mimi episodes I saw in preparation for this review but I have so much to say about the pilot episode in particular that I'm gonna chop it down to just one because this pilot was that noteworthy... in a terrible way. Fair warning, guys. This review's gonna be a rather thick one. So thick, that I actually had no room to put in my music links.

So let's take a psychedelic seat and strap ourselves in for the fever dream of errors known as...

The Great Campaign:… (Second Honeymoon aired first but this one's the actual pilot. The page says it's Second Honeymoon's page but it's actually the Great Campaign's, trust me on this.)

We kick off the series with a look at our elementary school our antics are gonna take place in, Starfish Bay Elementary. Where the Boy who got chucked into the screen, (named Russell) is doing a video recording, asking a few of his fellow classmates what they want to be when they grow up.

Mimi: "I want to be a missionary, like Mother Teresa, but with a husband."

Oh my God, please don't tell me I've accidentally wandered my way into a Christian program. I love my religion but my Christian brethren can make some of the most heinous animated schlock sometimes... 

The girl with ponytails, (Elaine) wants to be a veterinarian, and then they cut back to Mimi saying that she wants to "Be a poet living in a Garret, living off scraps of Baguette." I had to Google Search this three times because not only did I not know what a Garret is, (It's an attic.) but I also didn't know how to spell it to look it up because the pronunciation was rather vague on how it's spelt. The criticism here is that don't use misleading words that your all-child audience has to tediously look up to understand what the fuck you're talking about in your TV episode... Throwing my hands up, I use fancy words myself, but at least they're written in text so you can easily look them up.

Then this guy with no visible eyes (Whose name is Lodeman, ugh... that's a stupid name,) says that he wants to be a... Lounge Lizard? The hell is that? (One Google Search Later) Oh, he wants to make easy listening music, got it. Then he makes a bunch of crass armpit farts while he moves too close to the camera... and believe it or not, this rude gesture you see before you is actually foreshadowing to future events... And yes, there will be more Armpit flatulence in our future, I wish I was pulling an elaborate and bizarre prank on you but no, this is real.

Side note, I don't always like it when characters are designed with no visible eyes, it feels kind of off-putting to me, because here are all these other characters with perfectly good retinas, scleras and corneas in the center of their faces and then, BAM! You're looking at this unnatural eyeless creep that just feels jarring and out of place compared to everyone else... It's not just this particular instance that gets to me, it took me a while to warm up to Lucy Loud on a visual standpoint.

Then Mimi gets back on the camera and proclaims that she wants to... "Be a diplomat and negotiate World Peace because she sees herself as a good People Person."

Then the bully named "Sincerity" wants to be royalty... That's all she says, it's just "Royalty." Also... Sincerity?! That's got to be the most blatantly intentional ironic Bully name that I have ever heard, but I don't know if I want to call her that for this review though, it's a little thick in the syllables department. I'm sure if I flex my creative powers, I can come up with a hilarious nickname for her...

How about... Sin City? Yeah, that'll work!

The bully guy (Brock) wants to be a pro wrestler, he asserts his physical strength by picking up some schlub and swinging him by his undergarments like a cowboy with a lasso.

Then the guy who got swung around by his undies (Herbert) gets a turn at the camera and he says... "I want to be a police officer..." He says, with the seat of his underpants tightly snug across his face. I'll give the episode that, that gave me a good laugh when I saw that, so congratulations, you snuck a good joke in there!

We cut to the lockers with Mimi and Russell, where Mimi sees Sin City's portion of the video and calls her "So Unbelievable and So Arrogant!"

Didn't you see yourself as someone who wanted to negotiate World Peace earlier and that you were a good People Person, Mimi? I'm just saying, you did some more embellishing than Sin City did.

So as Mimi leaves, we see Russell fawning over Sin City with hearts in his eyes and... Oh My God... Please don't tell me that we're doing that trope where the character is madly in love with someone that they don't have a fucking prayer of getting together with? You know, the main reason why people hate characters like Clyde from the Loud House because we all know that it's never gonna go anywhere and only serves to waste our time with cringe-worthy and often pointless interactions?

Sin City shows up in real life and dumps all of her apparently heavy and large papers on top of Russell, as she leads him down the hallway, and as he fruitlessly tries to ask her to give some sort of sign where she is so he can follow her, he somehow gets separated from her and crashes into a bully, (Not Brock, the other bully, Buddy.) and gets shoved into a locker, which required Mimi to get him out.

As Mimi rightfully calls Russell out on his unhealthy love for Sin City, she discovers that Sin City is running for Class President! Oooooohh! I love stories like these! I know that the third party always wins but it's always fun to see what kind of mudslinging and petty power-seeking hijinx we'll get along the way!

And as the knowledge sinks in, Mimi has this fantasy sequence, these are present in every episode I saw of this show, and they're always facilitated by this really sickly and gross string sound that sounds like Wander playing a spooky song on his banjo.

Mimi imagines a dystopic future with a sickly toxic sky where Sin City's this faux-medieval dictator who throws people in the dungeon, with Mimi and all the other students as meager paupers wearing rags. I mean, to be fair, Sin City did want to be "Royalty" earlier... Mimi's fantasy kind of reflects that footage that she gagged at earlier, it's kind of neat in that regard. I don't think this fantasy sequence is bad, per se... it's just kind of... weak? It lasts for 20 seconds but it's pretty uneventful, (It only has three lines for one thing,) it's just Mimi complaining and Sin City subsequently throwing her in the dungeon. It doesn't really have any sort of punchline or joke to it, and it's too tame in subject matter and execution to really lend itself to being scary or frightening either. It fails to exaggerate enough in either direction and just comes across as really plain vanilla. Imagination sequences live or die based on their exaggeration, creativity and immersion and frankly, this only does the bare minimum for me.

I mean, for fuck's sake, I've seen Arthur clips do a better job exaggerating their fantasy sequences (Some of them in far less time) than the one from What About Mimi? They actually lean into the tone that they're going for. 

But it's scary enough for Mimi to spring into action, so she rubs her little hands together and says that "Mimi's got a plan!" And any avid viewers of this show, (If they still exist) will know that this is her catchphrase because she says it every single time she has an idea.. Her plan this time around is to ask Russell to run against Sin City, when Russell asks Mimi why she can't run, she says...

"I'm more of the backroom, organizational Genius type..." Didn't you say that you were a People Person earlier, Mimi? If you're as charismatic as you proclaimed, then you should run.

But Russell, being the hapless root-beer swilling couch potato that he is, ain't having this scheme; So Mimi asks Elaine, who was there in the room the whole time, and Elaine initially refuses... leaving Mimi in a bit of a lurch.

So tell me, Miriam. How will you get your best friend to risk her public image and take on Sin City in the elections?

Mimi: "You're right! What could you really accomplish? Aside from getting vegetarian specials in the caf, lobbying for animal rights, and saving humankind from eternal despair. Not to mention ticking Sin C(er)ity right off!"

So... she's gonna manipulate her and sweeten the deal by explaining to Elaine that she can use the system to further her apparent vegetarian, tree-hugging agenda... so that Mimi can further her own agenda of "Sin City doesn't get elected because I super duper hate her!" And the script knows that it's having her manipulating Elaine by throwing in these two lines that do nothing but sully Mimi's likability.

Elaine: "Don't think I don't know what you're doing!" (They admit that manipulating is what Mimi's doing.)

Mimi: "And it's working, isn't it?" (Flirty giggle.) (They admit that she knows she's manipulating her.)

And because Elaine really wants to stick her green thumbs down the school's windpipe, she's running in the election, even though she expressed that Mimi was buttering her up earlier and clearly didn't like it.

Elaine then stands in front of the school, saying that "She'll stand for vegetarian rights and that she's removing "Meatloaf Mondays" from the cafeteria and replacing them with "Tofu Tuesdays."

How dare you, Elaine? Meatloaf is delicious, especially if you top it with the right sauces.

Then Sin City shows up, in her silly, outlandish stage and starts doing a fabulous dance, surrounded by her backup dancers, and the dancing scene is actually glorious because the dancers make really stupid and spastically animated movements, making for some choice cheesy comedy. It doesn't help that the rhyme she uses to sell her campaign is pretty badly delivered and cringy, I'll spare you the rhyme itself but the crux of her promises includes... "Weekly field trips to the mall, a hangout room for sixth-grade students and more dances."

To be honest, Sin City's got my vote, I'm not supporting Elaine's obvious vegetarian agenda. I need my various meats in my school diet, thank you very much. #CarnivoreForLife (No offense intended to any real-life vegetarians, I respect your dietary beliefs, just not when they're forced upon people.) I mean, for fuck's sake, Sin City's giving the class a hangout room and weekly field trips to the mall! That's awesome!

And surprise, surprise, Elaine is dying on the polls. Try as she might, she and her agenda can't fight a certified hangout room. But Mimi's got another Zany Plan! Talk to me, Mimi! What else you got?!

Mimi: "A video campaign! And Russell's the best videographer in the school!"

So... basically what you're already doing... but on a video? That reminds me of that one Simpsons comic where Lisa's a substitute teacher and she gets the class to listen by recording herself teaching lessons.

But "Wuh-Oh!" Sin City was listening in on them and she gets to Russell first, and then Mimi and Russell have their cliched falling out that episodes like this tend to have, with Mimi getting mad at Russell for being Sin City's doormat even though she was literally about to ask him to do the exact same thing that Sin City asked him to do, and Russell obliviously defending his "Girl-that-he-will-never-get-a-chance-with-friend" by saying that "Sin C(er)ity likes me! And if you don't like it, you're not a real friend!"

You know, you can be a real friend and not like some of the people your friends associate with. After all, In-laws are a thing.

So the next day at school, we see Sin City's extremely unimpressive video where she rides her bike around and kisses exactly one baby. She also runs over Russell's Dog with her bike on camera and they hilariously kept it in the video anyway. I like to imagine that they tried like 30 takes to get that bike scene right and after fucking up so many times, they just ran the take that was the least shitty.

And because Russell is such a good little doormat, Sin City actually gives him a vigorous peck on the cheek, which leads Mimi to make a very brief imagination sequence where she imagines Russell as Sin City's Dog on a leash. Again, there is no punchline, it's just Russell running past in a dog-like stance for about 2 or 3 seconds, it's only the barest flicker of a joke. They have this idea but they don't flesh it out at all... Why not have him scratch himself with his leg? Why not have a cat wander by and Russell gives chase, making Sin City squeal as she gets yanked behind him? Why not make a joke about him eating out of the trash or have him get her papers with his teeth? Make him eat dog food! I don't know, some kind of payoff would be much appreciated! And it's not like the episode was too tightly paced to have a longer joke fantasy, this episode had an abundance of time to construct a longer and more memorable joke, but I'll save that for later.

Everyone eats it up because Sin City is actually really good at campaigning, leaving our hapless duo of Elaine and Mimi on their own to present their video.

I am now gonna attempt to use my innate, otherworldly sixth sense to give me phantasmagorical visions of what will be coming up next... But first I need the magic words...

"Dubitabam... Fraus... Innexa... Clienti... Praedicere... Scriptores... Otiosi!"

I see it... I see visions... I spy an incompetently made video, I see Mimi and Elaine being bad at videography... and I see the class laughing at them because their video is so shit.

Let's see how well my cosmic powers work!

Mimi can't shoot for shit and because she's bad at positioning the camera, she gets a lovely shot of Elaine's torso and only half of her face. Mimi also talks during what's supposed to be Elaine's video, like a real professional videographer would, and when she wonders what this button does, she mutes the entire thing and the whole class is listening to nothing for the rest of the video.

Then they laugh at them! Ha! Totally called it!

I don't actually have psychic powers... I didn't need them... No one need psychic powers to see that because this entire sequence was predictable as fuck.

But Mimi and Elaine aren't too jazzed by being laughed at...

Mimi: "We look like idiots!"

You are idiots! I mean, for fuck's sake, you didn't even play the footage back before you submitted it! That's just asking for trouble!

Mimi: "And all because Russell is a cheating, no-good traitor!" Her expression super chapped, vengeful fist shaking and all.

"Yeah! How dare he support Sin City's spiteful, underhanded campaign when he should be supporting MY spiteful, underhanded campaign!" Having Mimi be pretty hostile about Russell being a slave to something he obviously has very little self-control over doesn't really make me connect to her. She said that "Sin C(er)ity would drop him like a hot potato after the election," earlier back when they were having the falling out scene and now here she is talking shit about him for not giving her what she wants just like she said that Sin City would... So where's the moral high-ground in that? Mimi can't say that Sin City would stop respecting Russell after failing to be useful and then talk shit about him for failing to be useful to her! So why should I root for Mimi over Sin City if Mimi's gonna be just as spiteful and just as shallow?

Bonus, it's not like it's his fault that you look like idiots, Mimi and Elaine. That honor goes to the two of you for not being bright enough to double check your damn footage to see if it was actually usable or not.

Also, Elaine goes on and on about freeing the school hamster, but Whoops! Mimi forgot to hit Record on the camera... which was something she did earlier when she was filming the last video. Holy shit, Mimi! You had one job! You're the worst videographer ever!

But then Sin City hijacks their video session right when Mimi hits record and tells them to shoo, and you can see their camera on the right as Mimi makes a dejected face and she just leaves it in the room... Oh, wow... is the camera gonna record something scandalous?

Well, the camera will have plenty of time to record said scandal because Russell is running late for the shoot because he's practicing his shitty, cringe-worthy pick up lines because he loves Sin City soooooooo much. My favourite being... "Yo, Sin C(er)ity, grab a slice with me!" That's a totally killer pickup line you got there, Russell. Maybe the next time I encounter that woman with the cute smile who works at the library I'll whip it out and impress her with it...

Russell: "Wow! Really, you think my line is that good?"

Aston: "Pfft... No. Russell, I'm gonna be frank with you, that line is cringy and stupid and I totally lied when I said it was my favourite. You may be good at shooting girls on film but a line like that will get you nothing but shot down!" (Slips on shades) [link] (Walks away like a fucking boss.)

Russell: "Siiiiiiigh..." (Sits down dejectedly and puts his chin in his crossed arms.)

Coach Pacowski: "Hey, kid. If it makes you feel better, I thought it was a pretty good line." (Puts a comforting hand on Russell's shoulder.)

After Sin City does her best JFK impression, Russell tries to ask her out. I'll give him this over Clyde, at least he's using words. Too bad these words consist of pointless stuttering, then he does something that I fucking cannot stand in shows that have the guy that can't ask a girl out... Russell then lies and says that he wants to make a "Best of" compilation of Sin City's shots. I hate it when characters lie like this, because 1. It makes the conversation turn into a waste of time that accomplishes nothing. 2. It makes the conversation awkward because the lies are almost always stupid and terrible, and 3. It makes Russell look like a coward, and not an endearing one. If he was endearing, I'd be feeling sorry for him, which I am not, because that would require having likable traits, which Russell lacks, other than the trait of, I really really really really love Sin City, and Sin City is an ass that barely knows his name. (She calls him Rusty and Rupert.)

Mimi gets the camera back and then she and Elaine regroup at the AV Room, I guess. Where they find the footage that their camera caught. Namely, Sin City doesn't care about the issues, and that she's running for president because she "Just wants to get out of class once in a while." Which is the most hilariously lame jerk character motivation ever. Mimi, naturally, wants to weaponize this footage against her. Because that's what makes a good main character, someone who delights in smearing people, and you better believe she delights in it, I'll get back to that.

Elaine, however has honor and turns the idea down. However, they find footage of Sin City slagging Russell off, and to be fair, Mimi does express that Russell shouldn't see it, and then it turns out that Russell was there in the doorway the whole time... and upon learning that the girl of his dreams doesn't like him and thinks of him as a "Video Geek," he says nothing, barely reacts to it at all and just leaves. Like, C'mon, that's just lazy! They didn't have him emote?! They put so much screentime into how much he craves Sin City's affections, two entire scenes were wasted on him trying to ask her out, and the best reaction to losing her you can give me is him making a small frown and walking away?

Then Mimi goes to visit Russell at his place and he opens the door, scowls and is about to shut the door but partway through, he sighs and lets her in, seeing that snapping at her won't accomplish anything and that she was right about Sin City being a bad influence... and as I type this, I ask myself... What the fuck?! Why was this scene of him being mad at Mimi more expressive than the one where he literally discovers that his crush was using him?! I am still hung up on that, by the way. The fact that they can show emotion just makes the lack of emotion in the last scene less excusable.

So then Russell gets to work on Elaine's video, and Russell calls himself a "Video Geek" out of self-pity. This is the only moment of sadness that he shows concerning Sin City being a jag to him. I mean it, this is all we get. This one singular, solitary self-deprecating line and that's it. He never gets sad again and he never gets self-deprecating again. Which once again, begs the question... why put so much stock into him liking Sin City if we get such a miniscule emotional payoff when he learns its all for nothing?

That's like if they made a film about a rookie basketball player who trained for years upon years, who took on countless teams in his quest to reach the National Title, who suffered a cavalcade of failures, setbacks, rivalries, and personal issues to claw his way to the top of his country's B-Ball food chain... and after all that hard work and sacrifice, and after all of that hardship and effort... just gives a half-hearted "Yay..." upon receiving the trophy that he dreamt of holding in his fingers since he was but a small boy watching Michael Jordan dunk for the first time. I mean, how empty does that feel? You work hard and you pour your very soul into this and that's all the emotion you can muster? During a moment that's supposed to be triumphant? This very same analogy works in reverse too, Russell loved her for how long and that's all the sadness he feels?

So Mimi boosts the morale of Russell by giving him the good-old fashioned pep talk, saying that he has great video talents, and her motivational speech kinda tapers off into how important this tape is gonna be, citing that "It's about truth, It's about idealism, It's about Justice for All!"

But Russell isn't having it... until... Mimi: "But mainly, of course. It's about revenge!" And then he makes a "That sounds like a good idea" face of contemplation.

Wow, even when comforting her friend, Mimi has aspirations of screwing over Sin City on her brain... How very likable of her. Sadly this piece of information gets to him, so naturally we cut right to the next day, where we see Elaine's new video that everyone loves because the kids in this school are stupid enough to like her shit just because it's on a screen.

As Russell's last scene so predictably demonstrated, he ends their video with footage of Sin City being an asshole and showing the incriminating footage to the entire class... and I love how Elaine's exact reaction is to glare at Mimi as if she was the one who edited that shit... Mimi has so much animosity towards Sin City that Elaine naturally associates it with her. On one hand, I want to congratulate Russell for sticking it to her, but on the other hand, I want to deduct points for putting this footage into Elaine's video. Elaine wanted to play fair, and this footage would reflect rather badly upon her if this was an actual election. He should've called Sin City out face-to-face. It would've been stronger for him because we can see him directly conquer his abuser head on rather than sneakily adding incriminating footage into the video. (Sin City never learns that it was him who did this to her, she actually thinks it was Mimi.)

But the class hates what they saw and they're all really disappointed and angry with Sin City, even the teacher is rather upset at Sin City's greedy, evil ambitions to get out of class once in a while... AHA HA HA! I'm sorry, I can't take her evil seriously, that's such a tame evil motivation that I can't help but laugh a little.

And that's that, the story is over, we had a decent run, guys! Mimi was a bit of a vindictive little shit but at least Russell got over his horrible crush and evil has been vanquished. I think I can call it a day and give this episode a...

What? What do you mean the episode still has seven minutes left in the runtime?!! But Russell learned his lesson and Sin City was exposed as an asshole in front of the whole class! What else is there for the episode to do at this point? Alright, I guess the episode is still going. Let's see what it had to do to make it to that 22-minute goalpost.

So Sin City seeing red, approaches Mimi's desk and Mimi is so terrified that she has another fantasy. This time, they're in this weird place with a bunch of floating objects, and then Sin City breathes super hot fire at Mimi, and Mimi pulls a fire extinguisher out of nowhere and sprays her flames out... to be honest, this one at least had the punch line of Sin City screaming while covered in foam, I'll consider that one a step in the right direction.

Sin City is very nettled with what she thinks Mimi did, saying that "If you want to play dirty, we'll play dirty."

Hey, do you guys remember when I said earlier that Mimi delights in smearing people she doesn't like? Well...

Mimi: (While pulling out a bunch of notebooks.) "Sin C(er)ity and I have been (shudders) "Friends" for years! I have loads of incriminating stuff..."

Yep, when told that her rival will play dirty, she wastes no time in sinking to her level. Actually, now that I think about it, Mimi was for smearing Sin City first. Sin City's only doing it out of retaliatory purposes, so what does that say about Mimi? Who was willing to escalate the feud into public humiliation before the so-called "Villain" was going to? On a side note, you two were actually friends once upon a time?! For years?! What the fuck happened?! You know, judging from your vindictive and spiteful behaviour so far, Mimi, as well as your dickish attitude towards Russell earlier. It leads me to believe that Sin City wasn't entirely at fault for your relationship going south.

Elaine once again refuses to fight dirty and just walks away, and the next day, she starts getting slandered by Sin City, with shocking truths like "She got a C- in gym last year..." Oh no, she's not as physically fit as the other girls, that's so scathing...

But then Sin City drops a bombshell, "I know from a reliable source that she killed her own goldfish just last month!"

Holy shit, that took a rather dark turn... and Oh My God, Elaine actually runs away crying! Jesus! So she actually did kill her fish? Wow! So I guess that's one of the things they used to make that goalpost... Goldfish Murder...

A little while ago, I made the point that the scene where the students jeering Sin City should've been where the episode ended, and I stick by that because the existence of Russell's revenge scheme raises logistical and continuity based problems with the subsequent scene of Sin City slandering Elaine. First off, all of the students in the classroom know what Sin City did and surely, the whole school must know by now what she did, considering how an entire day has passed, so if they know that Sin City was just using them to get out of class once in a while and that she doesn't care about the issues, then why are they listening to her at all? Why are they giving her the time of day if they already know that she's a dishonest and untrustworthy candidate? And if they hated her at that scene and loved Elaine, why aren't they getting even madder at her for being even more distasteful and even more unprofessional in her campaign? I mean, she just made Elaine fucking weep! Why aren't they booing her or scorning her for being such a bitch when she just skewered someone that they respected? Instead they just gasp like it's the most shocking thing they've ever heard. Other episodes usually fix this by having the mudslinging happening BEFORE the big shocking truth that destroys their campaigns, because at that point, they still have the respect and trust of the school, so they're more likely to believe the lies that are told about the opposition. Here, she's not credible anymore, and it only hurts the crowd by making it look like they're ignorant or uncaring of what Sin City did.

So let's get a little more context about what happened with Elaine's fish...

"My Dad cleaned the fish tank! He put Sparky into the toilet until he was done! But he forgot to tell me and I... flushed..."

I have a few questions about that... First off, why did your Dad put him in the fucking toilet? Why not put Sparky into a cup or something? I did some digging and I found out that Toilet water is actually chlorinated and that the fish's gills can get burned from even being placed in there, so why does Elaine feel responsible for what happened when it was all her dad's fault for placing him in that situation in the first place and neglecting to tell her what happened? Also, she said that she flushed the thing, so does that mean that she did her business on top of Sparky first before she flushed him to his death? And Sin City said that she learned of Sparky's death from a "reliable source." Who the fuck was that? Not even Mimi knew what happened! Was it her dad that told Sin City? If it was, why would he tell her anything if his daughter is clearly this crushed about it? If it wasn't him, then forget Sin City! Mimi and Co. should be worrying about this mysterious source of hers!

Long story short, Elaine's pissed now and she wants to sink to her bully's level and declares war. So much for honour and not playing that way.

So we finally get that mudslinging I was promised! Let's hear some juicy secrets that are way too late because no one should take Sin City seriously anymore.

Elaine: "When Sin C(er)ity was going steady with Sam Sharp... she kissed Joe Bellos on the lips."

Hold on, what?

"Going steady with Sam Sharp..."

Sam Bio #WhatAboutMimiIsLoudHouseCanon
Also #LesbianSamConfirmed

Two insults later, and three defaced posters later... (Yes, only three insults and three posters, that's all we get. Which is a shame, I love the mudslinging, that shit's usually fun.) We see Lodeman (Remember him?) and Buddy commenting on how Sin City and Elaine are... amateurs? Then we see Lodeman on a podium smack dab in the middle of the hall making armpit noises and everyone's just cheering him on. He's not saying shit, by the way. He's just making armpit noises... Does that ring a bell? Told you it was foreshadowing. According to Buddy, he's running for president... for some reason that's not explained once in the entire episode.

Mimi and Co. see that Lodeman is running for prez and they all laugh at him derisively, Mimi even making that snooty "As if anyone would vote for him!" spiel, she says, while a bunch of people are cheering for him... Why? Well, your guess is as good as mine.

It's at this point that the episode just has an entire scene devoted to nothing but Lodeman burping, they actually give 10 seconds of audio to nothing but belch noises... This just smacks of laziness and I do not care for such blatant lack of imagination.

And now we learn that Lodeman is actually winning the damn polls based off of armpit farts and belch noises?! What the fuck?! Yes, apparently the "Total Idiot Vote" (Which is what they call it) was so predominant that Lodeman is flattening both Mimi and Sin City by a large margin.

So Mimi has a fourth imagination sequence, another dystopic world where this time, everyone's a fucking moron like Lodeman and they're all his zombies, making armpit farts in unison while all of Mimi's friends become unhygienic schlubs, and I'll hand it to them, this one at least does a better job of being intimidating than that last one... The intentionally distorted proportions to objects and backgrounds give it a much creepier atmosphere than the last one. But does it mean I like it? No... The audio sucks because if I'm not hearing annoying chanting, I'm hearing annoying armpit farts.

So Mimi now believes that Lodeman is a threat, what will she do now?

Mimi: "Sin C(er)ity is ruthless, calculating and self-centered but at least she has a brain."

Image result for Sweetie Belle confused

What the fuck kind of logic is that?! So because she's not stupid, that automatically makes her better than Lodeman? You know those three traits you mentioned earlier? That ruthlessness, calculation and self-centering is exactly the reason why Sin City shouldn't be president! Yes, she has a brain... So fucking what? I'd rather have a harmless moron in charge than a vile, manipulative snake like Sin City! Mimi, you are literally establishing that Sin City is both evil and smart, (or at the very least, smarter than Lodeman) and now you're actually considering her a more fitting leader than the guy with no evil intentions at all? Mimi... listen to me very carefully... You saw her make your friend cry! And you expect me to believe that it would be better for Sin City to take the reins? Did someone slip you something, Mimi?

And so she decides to actually team up with Sin City to take on Lodeman... and as I type this, I have to ask you, Miriam... if you want to team up with someone then why not team up with Lodeman and stamp Sin City to the pavement once and for all? It'd be a lot easier and more practical to have him on your team than Sin City.

But Sin City doesn't believe Mimi's pleas, (Geez, did she not notice the cheering earlier?) until a literal fucking conga line shows up, with everyone playing music in stupid outfits while Lodeman armpit farts and what the hell is going on?! Why is this just getting more and more shitty and lazy with every second? I just feel like I'm watching the story shrivel up and die right before my eyes! This does convince Sin City that Lodeman is a threat and Four hours of in-universe negotiating later, Mimi and Sin City have teamed up.

So now we're at a... treehouse? As we follow... Herbert? The guy who got his undies wedged in his face? The fuck is this? Why are we following him now? What about Mimi? (Insert Family Guy reference here.)

So Herbert follows Brock's voice that he hears up into the bully's treehouse and when he pokes his haggard head inside, what does he spy but Brock... and he's playing with his dolls... at a tea party... We're literally cutting into the story for a tea party? Are you actually serious? Herbert, the flames of revenge simmering in his heart, takes incriminating pictures of Brock's tea party, shouts like an idiot about being free, then swings on what I think is a laundry line, then proceeds to faceplant against the wall of the house. They don't show what happens after that, it ends like that. We never see this subplot again, it came and went, like a whisper on the wind.

Does Brock catch up to him and beat those pictures out of him? Does Herbert show everyone the tea party photos and embarrass Brock? Does he blackmail Brock? God, I sure hope he doesn't... that wouldn't be very policeman-like, Herbert.

An actual minute was wasted on this scene, it has nothing to do with anything and could've been written out completely and nothing of value would've been lost. I've already felt pretty insulted about the fact that they actually went with nothing but belch noises for one scene but now here they are with this actual throwaway section, which in my eyes, just gives the worst of appearances. It gives off the impression that the well of ideas ran dry and that the script is just running off fumes at this point. The fact that they had to shoehorn in this completely unnecessary and unrelated subplot about Brock's dolls just feels like a complete cop out. And let me tell you a very simple something that you can do to fix the situation with this episode's pacing...

Ahem... Expand on some of your shit!

This is a consistent problem that the episode has, so many things in this episode were glanced over. Like, you would not believe how many times I thought that something would get explored in more depth but they just leave a lot of potentially interesting things hanging. Like for example, Elaine crying over her fish? That sounds like it would be something interesting to look deeper into, but no. All we get is hearing that it died, an explanation and then they immediately cut to Elaine declaring war. The entire section dedicated to Elaine's fish only lasted 30 seconds, shorter than the subplot... and like the subplot, it gets dropped and it never comes back again. Russell's sadness is similar, he gets dumped and they completely gloss over the impact from it. In fact, after the video is shown, he barely does anything else nor does the sadness come back for the entire episode. Mimi's animosity towards Sin City? Also poorly explained, keep in mind, she was flapping her spiteful lips before we were shown Sin City being a twat to Russell. They say that she has a history with her but it goes nowhere. And do you know how long it took for them to be cornered by Lodeman after he haphazardly joined the race? 45 seconds! And the mudslinging scenes with Sin City and Elaine after Elaine "Declared war?" Less than that! It barely escalated at all and was swiftly tossed out the window just like the other scenes that barely went anywhere!

Why do you think that there's so much for me to talk about? And why do you think that this review has been going on as long as it has so far? I'm not doing this because I want it to be long, I'm doing this because there's just so many damn scenes in this episode that I have to talk about, there are quite a few scenes that don't stop to let themselves breathe and pan out and so many scenes end as quickly as they start! And the ones that endure are the ones that don't accomplish anything and fail to serve the story at all, like that stupid subplot...

Over my long course as a cartoon reviewer, I have been no stranger to scenes that drag and do nothing but waste time, but here we get the complete opposite extreme, scenes that go on way too fast and don't flesh themselves out, so instead of wasting time, they don't take up enough screentime so the script has to add a bunch of shit to make a 22-minute timeslot. So let me give you some advice to anyone caught in that position... There is nothing wrong with cutting some scenes that just don't work so that other scenes can be fleshed out. Nothing wrong with that at all... If a part of the story can't go anywhere, then cut that part clean off and never look back.

Off the top of my head, here are a few things that the episode could've done to make itself better.

-Foreshadow Elaine's dead fish.
-Have Elaine actually have a sad scene, have a nice flashback with the fish.
-Tell Mimi's backstory with Sin City and show me what she did to make her so mad, and show a younger Mimi feeling hurt and betrayed.
-Make those imagination scenes better and longer.
-Show Russell's impact at being dumped.
-Have Russell/Elaine be torn on whether or not to get revenge on Sin City.
-End it with Russell standing up for himself against her, put the fish scene before that moment.
-Have more mudslinging and don't be afraid to escalate that shit because that makes for some great comedy.

And here are some things we can get the fuck rid of.

-Lodeman's everything.
-Herbert's stupid fucking subplot.
-Mimi teaming up with Sin City, just defeat her.
-Cut the camera scene at the beginning down a smidge. That scene is too bloated.
-Cut Mimi's speech and give me an actual heartfelt cheering up scene with Russell.
-Cut the asking out scene, the bathroom scene establishes his shyness well enough without it.
-And let's cut the 17 times that Mimi unnecessarily says she hates Sin City. I got it the first time.

So let's get to the ending, we're at the home-stretch, let's do this! Sin City and Elaine announce their team up and this somehow makes them beat Lodeman even though people were cheering for him the entire time. So for once, the third party didn't win... Lodeman doesn't give much reaction to this at all and just mutters once. Sin City hams it up on the camera and they show a picture of Elaine getting shoved to the sidelines on the newspaper.

Elaine: "They spelled my name wrong."

But they spelled it "Elaine!" That's how I've been spelling it the entire review! That's how Wikipedia spelled it as well, so how do you spell it? Ah, nevermind... I'm not having another Garret situation on Google. Sin City then shows up, and then mentions the board meeting tonight, teasingly mentioning that "Did I forget to mention it?" No, you mentioned it, if you forgot, you'd have said it after the fact.

Elaine and Mimi figured that Sin City wouldn't share power, which is what happens when you make running mates with a ruthless, self-centered and calculating individual. So they need another plan to stop her...

We have 30 seconds left in the episode. Surely, we can stick the landing and end it on a good foot, right?

Mimi pulls out a picture of a 5-year old Sin City hugging a stuffed Dinosaur, or maybe a guy in a dinosaur suit... apparently she wanted Mimi to "Destroy" the picture because it was that embarrassing for her.

Elaine: "You're suggesting Blackmail?"

Mimi: "Absolutely."

Elaine: "Well, what are we waiting for?"

So just to summarize this ending, after they laugh it up, they are going to approach Sin City, by either going to her house uninvited or maybe ambushing her at her locker or the bathroom, they're gonna show her the picture of her cuddling that massive stuffed dinosaur that she thought was destroyed by a vindictive ex-friend... and then the three of them are gonna threaten her and make demands... and manipulate her into doing their bidding throughout her entire term as Co-Class President... With the exception of the locations I mentioned, none of this is implied at all, actually... this is what they are gonna canonically do after the credits roll because that is what blackmail is... They literally state that they're gonna commit blackmail, and are even excited about it, as if what they're doing is actually an okay thing to do...

It's not an okay thing to do.

This isn't even getting into the fact that Mimi apparently had this incriminating picture of Sin City this entire time, if she was gonna blackmail her, (Which is not okay, but just for hypothetical's sake,) why not do this earlier? Why not blackmail her with this back when they were campaigning? You saw Sin City make your best friend cry and you were both willing and eager to use other incriminating pictures to fuck with her even before she was going to escalate, why did you hold off on that one? In fact, if you had that the whole time, why the fuck did you even need Elaine at all?

No, I mean it! What does Mimi need Elaine for?! If she was ruthless enough to resort to blackmail from the very start, she could've solved the conflict all by herself if she just went to Sin City's house, threatened her and told her that she was gonna show everyone the picture if she doesn't drop out of the race!

You know, Sin City was an asshole, No doubt about that... But... did she really deserve to be blackmailed? I do believe consequences are in order in this context but she did get humiliated in front of an entire classroom and her bra-stuffing nature has been revealed to everyone via Elaine's mudslinging. (Yes, this is actually something she does, she's 11!) It just feels like overkill! The fate for her is too terrible, it just ends up making me feel sorry for Sin City, she just wanted to get out of class, she doesn't deserve to be threatened like that! And even if she did deserve it, (Which no one does, blackmail isn't cool.) that doesn't necessarily make Mimi likeable, now does it? Not when she solves her fucking problems with blackmail and delights in it. She has a right to not like Sin City but that's just going way too far, It just makes her character look even worse, she's sinking to a depth even lower than Sin City did in the whole episode and comes out on top in the end! Where's the charm in that? I know it's maybe supposed to be a joke, but it just ends the thing on a really sad and dismal note. The ending is the part of the episode you'll probably remember the most and when I look back on this, I'll just remember the fact that they ended it on blackmail.

Oh my god, this episode was bad. Like, this started out mediocre but just went on a shameful downward spiral that only got worse and worse, it's like seeing a painting that gets uglier and uglier the lower your eyes wander, with the lines and colors deteriorating in visual quality until it's nothing but a splotchy mess. The characters were flat, some scenes were half-baked, some scenes dragged and others were fucking useless... And every time I thought the episode hit its nadir, it broke the floor and opened up a whole new fresh folly, right until the bitter end, so for that, I'll give this episode a 1.0/10.  I thought that maybe I'd appreciate the show more as an adult, but sadly, this show got worse for me as a grown man. And don't worry, I saw a bunch of other episodes of this show, none of them were fun and the other ones I've seen didn't do that much better.

But let's end on a positive note, the show does have one good thing going for it... It had a good voice cast! Sin City was played by Carly McKillip of Cardcaptors fame, if that last name sounds familiar, it's because she's the big sister of Britt McKillip, who played Cadance in MLP. Russell's VA was also in Cardcaptors actually... Brock was played by Tony Sampson, who played Eddy in Ed, Edd and Eddy, and Double D's VA, Sam Vincent played Mimi's brother, the one that got shoved in the theme song, if they had Matt Hill, we'd have the full trinity of Eds.

The Ed Vets don't end there, Peter Kelamis, the voice of Rolf, played both Herbert and Lodeman, and Buddy was played by Andrew Francis, who would later go on to play Shining Armor alongside Britt McKillip. Considering how both Carly and Andrew were kids at the time of Mimi, it's entirely possible that Britt and Andrew met and became friends at that time, reuniting 12 years later to play Cadance and Shining. As for Mimi herself? She was played by Chiara (Pronounced as Kiara) Zanni, who was another future MLP character, she'd later go on to play Daring Do. And I would hear her Daring voice the entire episode...

I really thought this show would be a simple endeavour, but I guess not. It somehow turned into the largest journal I'll ever make. I had to cut a bunch of hilarious pictures for this. I'll do better next time, Goodbye.

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