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Ragnarok- The lonely one


Basic Info

Name: Ragnarok


Derived From: Norse Mythology


Meaning: the final destruction of the world in the conflict between the Aesir and the powers of Hel led by Loki. — called also Twilight of the Gods.


Origin: Norse


Common Nicknames: Rag, Rock, Nephew, Donc - Amara


Gender: Male


Age: Adult


Physical health: 75%- has some breathing problems from the ash as well as deteriorated muscle condition. 50% vision. 


Mental health: 80 %- has some anxiety and depression going on from the fire. Crickets could after all hurt Ragnarok. Suffers from Sudden rage Syndrome just like his aunt, father, and grandmother.


Scent: Perichor and dry wind


Pack Info


Birth Pack: Sombra 

Current Pack: Aryn


Current Rank: Beta

Starting Rank: Pup

Aspiring Rank: already there


Current Task: Warden

Previous Task: omega

Familial Relations



Heritage: Born in Sombra and is technically a heir of that pack, but is whole heartedly of Aryn.


[Mother] Nyx - Sombra Soldadio [Deceased]

[Father] Lycan - Beta Warden[deceased]


[brother] ???- due to Lycan kind of being a manwhore Ragnarok isn't sure if he has any more siblings

[sisters] Alma (soul)- omega, Maria- Gamma sacerdote, Solveta- omega, Kristen- beta Soldado, Mheera- delta medico, Rosa-delta guardia, Marye-baby, April- beta cazadora, Crystal-beta medico, Tulisa- baby, Reyna- omega medico, feliz- beta zorro, quinta-newborn


Godmother: ????

Godfather: ???


aunt: Amara- Beta aryn Ranger [alive]


Paternal Grandparents: Adam and Sarai- [Head Sicario and Princess of Sombra], Eadric and Aarwen (king and queen of highvalley)


Paternal Great Grandparents: Felix Nahbor and Dionela- [ EL Jefe and La Jefa of Sombra- deceased]


Paternal Cousins (1st removed): Wick- Xassa Nabu [alive]

                                                     Catalaya - Delta Aryn courser [alive]

Paternal Granduncles: Firetip - Bear Totem [alive], Rodwen- king of highvalley [deceased], Lorence, Elwyn

Paternal Grandaunts: Fia, Niveah, Elysa


Cousins twice removed: alpine, aspen, vera, gwendolyn, thorn, sveta, Nike, ava, Vladimir, klaus, lapis, naava, quilo, avalon, vysariel, vonnaruil


*ok look thats as far as i can get in Highvalley yo!


Mate: Riga-  Gamma Courser [deceased]


Children: Leviathan - Gamma Warden [alive]

Jaeger- Delta Ranger [alive]

Cybele- Delta Vicar [alive]

Minerva- pup [missing]




Aesthetics and Physique

Predicted Weight: 110 lbs

Predicted Height: 36’’



| Build: Built like a tank, Ragnarok has muscles all over his body now, lean with a healthy thin covering of fat covering his ribs and hips. His scars are no longer aching and he is growing into the body he was designed to have. Super fluffy.

| Gait: smooth. He moves with a purpose but it isn't cat like. More like a wolverine.

| Fur: thick and silky. Fluffs out a lot during the winter months.


| Defining features:

Missing eye

Right upper canine peaks out

Short tail


| Eyes:

Harvest moon orange, large, expressive.


| Scars: 

-three on shoulder from his uncles in sombra

-missing tail from uncles in sombra

Three scars on face from uncles in sombra

-missing right eye from Ghislaine of Vektren

-holes in ears from uncles in sombra

-lip scar from his sister Alma for rough housing

- three new scars on face from raphael- will heal to small thin lines in the future but for now are open and raw.


| Aura:

Tired. He is just a tired wolf.


| Voice:

Stiles- look his voice is just stiles. Straight up. Stiles (dylan o'brien)




Personality Type: Defender (ISFJ)

Alignment: Legit right in the middle of lawful good and tempered good

Main Theme:the soundtrack

[Fast Talking| smooth | sneaky | loud | klutzy | powerful| courages/brave| guarded| self conscious| respectful| shy|

Some traits have been more affected than others by recent events of the Blood War.


  • fast talking - rag has issues with white lies. During his youth he learned lying could save him from a beating. He is working on it but it is hard to break the habit.

  • Smooth- very crafty at finding loopholes needed to achieve a goal.

  • sneaky- to steal food water and anything else he would have needed to survive he had to be sneaky. He was very good at it too till he lost his tail. 

  • loud- since he is in a safe place now Rag is a loud boy. He wants to be noticed and he always wants to be near someone.

  • Klutz- being a mess is rag's game. He trips over paws, his head too big. He is a walking disaster but he smiles so wide he lights up your day with it. He knows laughter and smiles don't bring pain and thus will be a klutz to keep everyone happy. 

  • Powerful- his body mass promises some power in his life. He will know how to use it and he won't make the same mistakes his family does.

  • Courageous/brave: no one knows how he became so brave but Rag would stand in defense of any pup or young wolf before his uncles. It took a lot of courage to be himself, to stand before his tormentors and keep getting back up again. 

  • Guarded: through trial and errors in his life, rag does reserve the right to ignore any friendly advances. He feels like he had to place the walls up to feel better and to protect himself from being hurt again. 

  • self conscious - Ragnarok is very self conscious. The older wolves teased him with his scars and his looks. He knows he doesn't look appealing and always wonders if anybody can truly love him for his looks. 

  • Respectful- everything has an order and Ragnarok respects that order. It was after all beaten into him by his uncle. One such beating caused his lip scar. 

  • shy: Rag is super shy. Being a runt and then his family being turned upside down caused the young wolf to hide and cower more than normal. Thus causing his shyness. 

    • This trait is slowly disappearing- rag isn't going to wait around now. Forget everything else, if he needs to speak up, he will bellow like the loudest mountain slide to tell everyone.


Romantic Information


Orientation : Bisexual

Rag is a bisexual wolf (like looks at a male and thinks hes handsome and would give it a go) but leans in preference to females.

Gender: Male

: Pronouns : 

[He, Him, he-wolf, ect.]

Status: taken

Mate: Riga

Virginity: non-Virgin

Taken by: Riga

History: married to Riga




Turn On's

Strong females


Has a soft side and can be vunerable



Turn Offs

No brains.

Weak constitution




  ~ Attraction

  ~ Crush

  ~ Intimate

  ~ Regrets


Current Attractions: 



Previous Attractions: 

Aivar- who knew right?

Riga- his one and only even now






Rag eats super fast, making sure no one steals his food. 


He loves nighttime cuz normally he could sneak out and be safe in the dark.


He loves to rock climb.


He also loves swimming.


Rag was runty but his mother had giantism and was the only she wolf that could best his father. 


Rag was the first born son to Lycan.





Mama (Nyx):You brought me into this world and I want nothing more than to make you proud from up in those stars. I love you mama.

Papa (lycan): We had a horrible relationship. I firmly believe if you would have just stayed we could have made it. Maybe that was a childish dream, now though, I look up at the stars and I hope you're a happy dad. I miss you and I wish I could have made it better for you. 


Jj (jaeger): I wish you could see yourself the way I see you. That you are loved and that i would do anything for you. Don’t lose your way son.

Minnie (Minerva): Where did you go? What happened? I wasn't the best dad, but dammit Minnie- come home!

Cc (Cybele): you're so smart and beautiful. I will protect you with everything I have. You’re so much like your mother. It hurts sometimes.


Auntie (Amara): Thank you for giving me a chance, for rescuing me. I will do everything in my power to make sure that you are happy now. You deserve that at least.


Tzuri (pawpaw): thank you for always being there in my darkest hours.


Eden: i love you. Thank you for holding me through the night and for being so forgiving, for being proud of me. You don’t know how much i need that. I love you as my second mom and i thank you for taking me into your family.


Kane: thank you- for everything.


Barin- you’re my brother and i am so thankful that you are here.


Catalaya: my little cousin- im protective of her because she makes auntie happy.

Wick: ok look you little shit….


Raghlaar: You helped trained me, you made sure i felt right in. thank you.


Aivar: I regret maybe not making friends, but maybe thats because i feel like we were just never gonna be friends. You made that clear since i showed up. Be safe wherever you are.


Uncle Firetip: Tell me more about my grandfather?


Cricket: You healed me, became my lord. You will always be my friend. Wherever you rest now brother, i love you. Dont forget that. I forgive you.


Athena: I miss you so much. YOu were the closes to my grandmother. I cant thank you enough.



Pre- Group History

Ragnarok was born on a fateful night. It was the night his father was framed for his grandfather's murder. The following days, his mother lost her milk supply due to the stress, watching her son's father go through a trail and finally being banished by the council. 


Rag would never know his father and he always believed that his dad abandoned them in their time of need. He grew to hate him and always lived to please his mother.


His grandmother Sarai however and his great grandmother Dionela worked very hard to help him in his early days. With no milk and being a runt, he had to have extra herbs and milk supply via a wet nurse. 


He survived the first year of his life before it turned really upside down. His uncles took the pack over, killing anyone that opposed them. That included his mother. Nyx died trying to get Ragnarok out of the hell that was being thrust upon him. 


She didn't make it.


Instead Rag was thrown in a cave system with his half sisters and cousins where they had to fight for their food and water. Any back talk was systematically punished. Rag learned the hard way. Holes in his ears, his tail half torn off, scars on his face before he gave up. 


In his darkest hour a savior came. His aunt Amara, someone he only heard stories of came to rescue them. She tried so hard but she succeeded in only saving him. 


Now he's in the domain, at his aunt's side safe and sound.

Group History

+0 slipping thru the cracks- the intro

+1 reception- well damn avi!

+1 healing touch- crickets cant hurt ragnarok

+1 uss screech- bonding with riga

+1 the last night- you dun messed up lycan

+1 bear and cub- barin and rag bond

+1 flowers- giving riga a gift

+1 thanksgiving- amara and rag mse

+1 ragception- rag meet rag

+1 family time- uncle firetip is the bomb

+1 fish out of water- riga and rag date

+1 battle scars- omg he sings

+1 honoring the father- kane and rag man

+1getting away wiht murder- rag does something stupid

+1 pray for me- saying bye to auntie

+1 Cold date- date night

+1rouge problem- man shit happens after auntie leaves

+1 rouge problem- 2222

+1 how to defend- ok the lord is scary lets say that now

+1 boars and pearls- wow rag making friends

+1 meeting new faces- making friends again

+1 oops- telling uncle before auntie

+1 rumors that suffocate- wow he agrees with his dad hell froze over

+1 parkour!

+1 bloody teeth- rag goes a little crazy

+1 crash and burn

+1 lullaby

+1 dusk patrol- the buds together

+1 traditions- someone slap some reins on auntie

+1holding court- aw yess weddings and baby

+1 mad shadows

+1 presents in the snow

+1 power behind words

+1 look this is a lot


Misc art:

+1 Album

+2 Saying

+0 out of water [art]

+0 ship that

+0 crash and burn

+0 lullaby

Thanks Sychynte for letting me use the bio!

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