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Lycan- the wolf from shadows

5/17/19: retired today. Died from battle. Retired with 12 bones.

1/22/19- my bad boy is going to Aryn. I apologize in advance to Athena WynBird

Name: Lycan
Alias: Ly-ly (baby amara), General sombra (sombra pack), jerk face (his younger brothers) darling (elder sister and mother) flufferbutters (father)
Age: 5 years- adult
Gender: male
Height: 36"
Weight:  123 pounds
Build: Lycan is built like a tank. Hair is of medium length with plenty of feathering. Shoulders and chest are broad. Tail is long and fluffy. Well sprung rib cage to ensure good running quality. Long back. Thick neck. His paws are huge and webbed but his ears are small and torn from battle.

Territory:  NPC- Sombra Pack. Currently: Vale
Family: (NPC*)
Father: Adamn*- high valley
mother: Sarai*- Sombra
eldest sister: Aria*- la muerta
younger brothers: Zachariah* and Donnavan*- new El Jefe and Assesino Sombra
youngest sister: Amara- in domain

Lycan also has a slough of bastard children back in Sombra.

Rodwen- uncle
Sveta: cousin
Vladimir: cousin
Nike: cousin
Klaus: cousin
(Half of high valley in one shape or another)

BloodClass: Highblood

Rank:  was a war general for the Sombra pack, (Assesino Sombra)
Currently: Gamma Highland Guard


1. Short-tempered: being born to take the title General at a young age has struck the even tempered wolf into a ticking time bomb. When he gives an order to a subordinate and it is ignored he will explode and assert dominance and then do the task his way anyways.
2. Cautious: Too many times he's seen young wolves cut down and his own grandfather nearly dead. He is cautious of every detail in a plan and will change the plan to better the outcome of lives saved.
3. Blunt: he will not mince words. Why sugar coat things when he can get to the point so much faster. His sister nearly died because he sugar coated something to the healers and he will never forget it.
4. Respectful: born and raised in a cultured family- his father from the highbloods of high valley- Lycan is very respectful to high ranked wolves and elders.
5. Tactical: This wolf knows how to plan. It was his gift from the gods according to his sister. He uses said gift to his advantage. Every move has a plan behind it. Political or otherwise.
6. Smart: though he looks dumb due to his ears and scars- Lycan is a smart SOB. Photographic memory helps him.
7. Picky- Lord is this wolf picky. Being at the head of the war hammer that was Sombra this wolf had the luxury of being picky and he enjoyed it. The choicest went to him and it spoiled his tastes. Slowly though he is being brought down to earth.
8. Family orientated- everything he was ever taught was based on family. Someday this big fluffy thing wants a family of his own. Till then he will gladly baby sit puppies or teach juveniles.
9. Calculating: could also be considered high and mighty. When making bargains he is very calculating, when hunting he weighs the risks. Everything is done with a purpose.
10. Bonus: a ball of fluff when it comes to puppies and ladies. The ultimate Casanova when he wants to be and the ultimate puppy pillow as well.

Pre-Group History:  Born as the oldest son to Princess Sarai "silvertounge" of the sombra pack in the south and her consort, Allen of high valley, he was destined for a high position. The religious hand of the pack , one of the trident heads, saw him and proclaimed that he will take the General's place as he grew. His grandfather, current King, made it so. Only the best tutors shall train his future general. Lycan excelled at his training but his father and grandfather saw a problem. He was soft. He showed mercy when he couldn't in battle. The duo made his coming of age ceremony a little more bloody then intended but it had to be done. They had caught a rouge wolf savaging one of the pack females and it was Lycan's duty to put him down. With tears in his eyes, the young wolf did so and passed his rite of riddles, speed, strength, and savagery. He became the general as the elder general stepped into retirement.

No sooner had he found his spot in the pack, he was tossed into war. A more savage pack convetted the rich fishing and hunting grounds of the Sombra and they attacked. With his grandfather's command he rallied the soldiers and defended the pack as his grandfather brought more soldiers and his father and mother defended the elders and pups.

The war raged on and on years standing as general and two litters born to his parents after him and his sister Aria. He did his duty well, wined and dined females (which his mother hated but let go knowing she had numerous grandchildren to dote on though they be bastards) and helped raised his young brothers and tiny Amara when his grandfather's health began to fail him.

Amara was named heir to her grandfather and Lycan was ecstatic. He was so blind in his own family he didn't see the hate his brothers had for him, his tiny sister and his elder sister. Amara left after the abuse though grudgingly, and Zachariah was named heir. Lycan thought nothing of it and then his world was turned upside down.

One evening he was told to attend his grandfather. Upon entering his den he was ambushed and knocked out cold with a branch to the face. He woke up to his mother screaming and his father roaring for the soldiers. He looked around and found his grandfather torn to shreds and he covered in blood.

His family was in shock though Lycan and Allen suspected there was foul play that included his brothers, for if Lycan was to die for his "crime" then Donnavan would take his place. Sarai temporarily took her sons place and was able to bargain her sons life in exchange for exile by the trident heads and council. Lycan left with his father's words that Amara had gone to the domain and he could find her.

He departed with his families' love (his brothers could never take that at least) and he is now on the hunt for his youngest sister.

Group History: 

+1 Lycan/Kotori
+1 art Dance if the trident
+1 Mavis/Lycan
+2 March MSE


He eats a ton of fish and enjoys hunting incredibly large prey.

He CAN NOT stand berries unless using them as war paint or a marker.

His ears are so small some make fun of him but he can hear just fine thank you very much.

He adores puppies.

He is Casanova....ladies please if you need anything from a charming man candy to a night of fun he is the one for you!

Misses his family daily but hates his brothers.
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