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Amara- Shadow Wolf

{ Basic Information }

Name: Amara

Nicknames/Aliases: Mamara By Daenarys and Dyana, Auntie by Ragnarok, Chopporita by Lycan, momma by cat

Age: Adult

Height: 34"

Weight: 100 lbs

Voice: Michelle Rodriguez from Avatar

Build: Amara is a lean creature. She has caught up on a good weight and she is muscled now again like she use to be.

Physical health: 90%- sports a large scar across her hips, tattered ear, a crooked nose, some broken molars, and walks with a slight limp in her rear legs. Lost her tail.

Mental health: 80%- after all that has happened to her it is a miracle that Amara is still sane. She has her bad days and she has her good days.

Sexuality: heterosexual (will someone just make her talk to Adrian for the love of god?!)

Themes: Lions</p>


{ Territory:Aryn


Great grandparents: svalta, Raelic : Miguel, Alma

Grandparents:Felix Nahbor, Dionela : eadric, aarwen

mother: Sarai

Father: Adamn

Brothers: Lycan, Donovan, Zachariah

Sisters: aria

Uncles: alyan, Rodwen Lorence, Elwyn,

Aunt's: Fia, Niveah, Elysa

Cousins: alpine, aspen, qiloVera, GwendolynthornNikesveta, AvaVladimirKlauslapisnaava

Nieces:  13 from Lycan, 2 from Aria

Nephews: Ragnarok , 5 from aria

God children: EliasBrielleAzhoyeldaenerys (adopted)

Bloodclass: highblood

{ Enemies: those that harm Aryn
{ Rank: beta
{ Task: Ranger

{ Personality }

diplomatic- Amara is a very diplomatic wolf. She strives to find a resolution within the bounds set for her without coming to a fight.

Smooth- very crafty at finding loopholes needed to achieve a goal.

Problem solver- she is as smart as whip and looks at problems from outside the box.

Blunt-Life has given Amara many trials and she is now a very blunt creature. Though very soft spoken with pups and those that deserve it, she is now a very blunt individual as she sees no reason to hide or sugar coat important information.

Knowledgeable- from studying the topography of the land to knowing the best way to find honey, if you want to know something ask Amara. She just studies so she can know more. She knows plants and healing techniques like the back of her paw (though it's because she is a klutz herself)

Courageous: as a scholar of many things, one of the things she was taught was to fight. And she has no problem fighting in defense of land, pack, or loved ones.

Guarded: through trail and errors in her journey to Aryn, Amara reserves the right to be stand offish with you. Nothing personal it's just that she isn't as forgiving as she use to be.

Patient- Amara has the patience of a saint. She can never repeat anything too much, pups can never annoy her and if you ask too many questions you would never know. Amara has a policy of its better for them to ask them for them to be ignorant. 

Respectful- everything has an order and Amara respects that order. Elders are respected in the highest regards next to the alphas and traditions are also in high regard. Nothing is ever disrespected in her presence.

hot tempered-Since the war has started and the kidnapping Amara's once long burning temper has now snapped. Blood has awakened it and the saying in sombra is that once its awoken only blood can quench it.


If we're gonna fear, we fear no evil


she hates the mornings. it's the bane of her existence.

Loves fish, salmon happens to be her favorite.

Blueberries are also a weakness of hers.

Home pack had a different sub language and will sling words from said language sometimes

{ Relationships }


.If we're gonna fly, we fly like eagles

{ Pre-Group History }

Amara was born as the youngest daughter of two distinguished wolves in the far southern land to the domain. Her mother was from royal blood in the Sombra pack and her father was from the domain High Valley pack in an effort to create an alliance. Though a marriage of politics the duo loved each other and had three litters. Their eldest litter was destined for greatness. A General and the divine currandera of the Sombra. The middle litter yielded two pups that caused too much trouble. The last produced Amara. When La Muerta saw her she proclaimed the pup was filled with greatness. So it should be.

The wolves in her pack relied on speed and cunning more then brute strength, though the later was just as prized. So Amara was taught to run and to think and fight. She soaked everything up like a sponge and in turn her favorite word was "why?"- why is the salmon running this way now? Why do the leaves change? Why doesn't the North star move?

It was always why. From puphood to juvenile she learned and then at the cusp of her young adulthood she was challenged. In her pack, the young ones must prove their worth to the pack. There was a long arduous obstacle course fraught with mind games and puzzles, even the neighboring wolf pack with their riddles joined in the ritual as they would attack the younger ones, forcing them to defend themselves if they got riddles wrong or right.

Amara was terrified yet in the face of her fears she challenged herself and won. Born to a blood right to take over the Sombra pack the prophecy of La Muerta came to fruitation. THough not everyone was happy with that. Her middle brothers saw fit to begin tormenting Amara in earnest. To the point that Amara was scared for her life. She begged to leave the pack, only gaining permission after her father caught her middle brothers beating her one day. With that fateful day Amara was granted permission and grudgingly the pack named Zachariah the new heir. With her new found freedom Amara went north.

She went looking for blood family but instead she found Aryn and in Aryn she found the family she always wanted.

{ Group History } 

buckle up this is a wild ride

{ Misc. Art }
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