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Depeche mode rose geometry tattoo

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An homage-tattoo, done in dots, with a bit of shading. 6 hours of needlework
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So beautiful <3
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Love it! :) Admiration!
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Well designed negative space.
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How do I get the 2d design for this!?
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You dont :). You can commision a unique design through my shop :)
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Ogm... very good!!!
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looks awesome like the flower as the negative great work
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it looks beautiful! i love roses!
Beautiful Flower Tattoo.
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awesome tattoo!!
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This is terribly cool! Haven't seen tattoos this cool in a while! :love:
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Wow, amazing AND beautiful.
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Hey can you send me a note and tell me where you are located? I am a fellow Tattoo artist and I have a piece I thaught up and I dont want to try doing it on myself because of the strange angles. You definately have beautiful work and definately know your geometry.the piece I need is sacred geometry so it is very hard to do. I wouldnt trust just anyone to do it. I think I only want you! Please let me know whats up.
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I'm going to go on the dark side and say, I'd skin this person and frame this on my wall.
Or in a less bloody way, have their arm sticking through a hole and look like its mounted.
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My secretary has had the same thoughts, she just told me. I'm happy you like it so much :)
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That is gorgeous.
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oooh my god that's awesome.
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