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Meet Kawena's Illustrator, KotaVa

If you enjoyed reading Kawena, be sure to check out KotaVa, winner of the grand prize in my 2017 Draw My OCs contest! She'll be making the cover, illustrations, and other cool artwork for the book series in Light Novel fashion - we thank you for your support! :wave:


Climactic Actions

Kawena Fanfic and Crossover Features!

A special feature just for all the wonderful deviants who write fanfics and crossovers using my characters, or who have them included as side characters in their own works! :w00t:

Phedra and So-Rin Investigate Christmas        Inside a recording studio, Fallon—a red-haired young avin with feathered, bright colored wings and tail—thoroughly cleaned and tested her equipment to make sure everything is ready before the show began. Her amethyst-colored eyes peered through the camera lens as the hosts of the show walk onto the set. Fallon grinned with excitement. She just knew this holiday special would be a huge success, and is happy to be apart of it.
        The two avians stood before the camera, talking softly to one another while the crew busied about getting everything ready for the show. The hosts were both abnormally tall, dwarfing all the human-sized tools and furniture on set. Phedra's a female turkey bird-lady with an abnormally muscular build. While the male, So-Rin, had long blue hair tied back in a braid that wafts down below his waist. His features were more feminine, giving him an androgynous appearance.
Avins in the Alchemy Lab“So!” a commanding and intimidating female voice bellowed. “You thought you could just come into MY home and take MY things? Do none of you even realize who I am?” Putting her hands on her hips, the woman focused her burning glare on the three small children trapped within a bronze bird cage sitting atop a table. When the only answer she got was three confused looks, the woman grit her sharp teeth. “I am the Dragon Queen. The Goddess of the Gales.” The woman fluttered her hands near her large curved horns that glimmered with light, before moving them down to the large red reptilian tail, as wide as both of her legs and twice as long, which had burning red scales. “Entire cities cower when I approach. The bravest of knights lose their minds upon seeing my true, magnificent form.”
The three avin children, human-like beings possessing bird wings, all stared up at the Dragon Queen with very different expressions on their faces. The center chi
The Strange Party - Elemental/Kawena Crossover! Quill and Felix stand on the balcony of the airship Tequila Sunrise.  
The airship is run by the relatively new Atomic Tangerine clan from North America.  It is decorated in cheerful colors and lots of fancy carvings on light-colored tropical woods, along with a strong preference for trompe l’oeil paintings on the plain aluminum panels that make up much of the relatively modern craft.  
Quill supposes it’s meant to be edgy and avant-garde, like their name, but it seems a lot like a typical Mexican restaurant to her.  
Quill is feeling much better now.  A few weeks in Clan Tuscan’s hospital did a fantastic job getting her back under her wings again after the duel, and though she’ll have to be on light duty for a while, it’ll be good to be back with her family again.   She has stories to tell after the deathmatch and her service with Nahoko.  And Felix surely has some interesting tales as well.  
They watch as the towe
Fighting the GreenQuill finishes up the color on Felix’s primaries, looking over to him sprawled on the bed, one wing half open to show off his feathers.  
“And I think this portrait is done,” she says, looking at the camera.  “And I have an important announcement to all my viewers.  This is going to be the last episode of Painting With Quill for a while.  Felix and I will be returning to our clan in a few days.”
She walks over to Felix, who sits up on the bed, putting his wing around her.  
“If you’ve been wondering about the rumors, I’m happy to announce that they are true!  We are expecting an egg shortly, and of course we’ll be going back to Wolkenheim and Aubergine House on maternity leave for quite a while taking care of our hatchling!  But I’d also like to introduce Phedra.  She’ll be taking care of things here while I’m gone.  
Phedra walks on camera and says, “Hi!
Kawena FanfictionA much anticipated night for Fallon and Sorin had hardly gone as either wanted. After attempting many acts found in the private collection of Zilpha the only destination for the couple was the emergency room. Sorin was wheeled in on his back while Fallon limped in with a swollen back and bruised eyes.
The doctor looked at the two avid arrivals, “Alright let’s see what have we here? I this a case of domestic violence, how did you get two black eyes, young lady?” The doctor asked waving over a police officer unsure what caused such injuries.
“I tried to eat his lower parts, but then he grew. The first try poked out my eye and decided to try again. That failed too, so he changed positions but then he fell and my wings hurt,” Fallon replied as the doctor put her on a stretcher.
“Virgins and porn what a way to start the night,” the doctor sighed sending the officer away turning his attention to Sorin. “Alright, and what is wrong with you young

Also in the Visual Novel Wars of Fire and Darkness V2.0 by Goddess-of-Gales

Kawena Fanarts Feature ♥

A special feature just for all the wonderful deviants who draw/write my characters! :w00t:

this art late. YEET! by silverheart-nine So-Rin and Sally by Gogomechy CG.:On the seventh day of Christmas...:. by bleuberry109 Sunflower Bffs ! by evanskii

Mature Content

So-Rin's Bathtime - Part Two by Goddess-of-Gales
chibi girls by silverheart-nine Commission~ Quill by Wildchild090 fiiiiight by fakeSidney birdbrain by fakeSidney Kawena meets Elemental by Gogomechy So-Rin and Wyra - Commission by Goddess-of-Gales Com: Fallon and So-Rin by MichelleKoilover

Mature Content

So-Rin's Bathtime by Goddess-of-Gales
Gift for BlackMana^^ by Ayako-Chan-owo Wyra for Blackmanaburning by Goddess-of-Gales Kannak for Blackmanaburning by Goddess-of-Gales:thumb736542565: Fallon by Samarkana Fallon by nyxhysteria13 1st Poll Idea! by Virmont89 R: Fallon by Illyanna-Tohka Blackmanaburning's Zilpha by Goddess-of-Gales Fallon (2018) by LAN0RA Fallon - Holiday Picture by Goddess-of-Gales Fallon and So-Rin Commission by HalfBloodA7 Falling by Vivacia18

Draw My OCs Contest Winners Feature!

11 Winners of my 2017 OC Drawing Contest - find them in Skylight Stories Kawena Volume 1!
It's tough being so small by SUOMAR BlackManaBurning's OC Contest - Fallon by Erydrin Fallon and So-Rin Contest Entry by Phauxal Contest - Fallon by rawritsHuroki So-rin by Dilly-Dali Contest entry | So-Rin by AngelLinx3 Blackmanaburning Entry by seiyuuheart Teacher's Feather by alchemyfarie Gliding by xLillyLOL Fallon by Polux-McLion Fallon - BlackManaBurning's OC Contest by KotaVa

Thanks so much to everyone else who participated!! :wave:

So-Rin by AquariusBatt Fallon (contest entry) by animelover7032 You're lost little bird by Keiler-art [CE] Soaring by Seraphi91 So-Rin by Sparkling-Lilac Fallon - BlackManaBurning's OC Contest by WinterLifeAmerica So-Rin by Motemo Fallon by DuckDrew Fallon - BlackManaBurning's OC Contest by Sen-Draw So-Rin by Polux-McLion Fallon and So-Rin by Sparkling-Lilac Fallon by AquariusBatt Fallon in Flight by Katherine-Olenic Red feathers by JeySpade Fallon by Sparkling-Lilac So-Rin and a bird by SUOMAR Float stone garden by Greenhorngal Contest entry for BlackManaBurning by orchidkitty So-Rin and Fallon by naocyz How Dare You! by Greenhorngal So-Rin. by Violeaf-MnF So-rin by thormemeson BlackManaBurning's OC Contes [Fallon] by maycie1223 Oc-fallonwbelt by Dilly-Dali Fallon - BlackManaBurning's OC Contest by MusicalYandere Kawena- contest entry by sapphireknight13 Fallon Sky Gazing. (Contest entry.) by Pink--Reptile Angel's Heart - Fallon by Violeaf-MnF I Was Made For You by Vivacia18 Contest entry (So-Rin) by Dragon-Eternal Fallon - blackmanaburning's oc by nyxhysteria13 Fallon [BlackManaBurning Contest Entry] by xlordragon [RQ] BlackManaBurning by LunaLunestia:thumb709346038: Fallon - BlackManaBurning's OC Contest by Pencilscrack How can I help? by Greenhorngal Autumn sadness by LeoDiabuelo Competition Submission: Fallon by jamie-enby
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