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Meet Kawena's Illustrator, KotaVa

If you enjoyed reading Kawena, be sure to check out KotaVa, winner of the grand prize in my 2017 Draw My OCs contest! She'll be making the cover, illustrations, and other cool artwork for the book series in Light Novel fashion - we thank you for your support! :wave:

Kawena Fanfic and Crossover Features!

A special feature just for all the wonderful deviants who write fanfics and crossovers using my characters, or who have them included as side characters in their own works! :w00t:

The Strange Party - Elemental/Kawena Crossover! Quill and Felix stand on the balcony of the airship Tequila Sunrise.  
The airship is run by the relatively new Atomic Tangerine clan from North America.  It is decorated in cheerful colors and lots of fancy carvings on light-colored tropical woods, along with a strong preference for trompe l’oeil paintings on the plain aluminum panels that make up much of the relatively modern craft.  
Quill supposes it’s meant to be edgy and avant-garde, like their name, but it seems a lot like a typical Mexican restaurant to her.  
Quill is feeling much better now.  A few weeks in Clan Tuscan’s hospital did a fantastic job getting her back under her wings again after the duel, and though she’ll have to be on light duty for a while, it’ll be good to be back with her family again.   She has stories to tell after the deathmatch and her service with Nahoko.  And Felix surely has some interesting tales as well.  
They watch as the towe
Fighting the GreenQuill finishes up the color on Felix’s primaries, looking over to him sprawled on the bed, one wing half open to show off his feathers.  
“And I think this portrait is done,” she says, looking at the camera.  “And I have an important announcement to all my viewers.  This is going to be the last episode of Painting With Quill for a while.  Felix and I will be returning to our clan in a few days.”
She walks over to Felix, who sits up on the bed, putting his wing around her.  
“If you’ve been wondering about the rumors, I’m happy to announce that they are true!  We are expecting an egg shortly, and of course we’ll be going back to Wolkenheim and Aubergine House on maternity leave for quite a while taking care of our hatchling!  But I’d also like to introduce Phedra.  She’ll be taking care of things here while I’m gone.  
Phedra walks on camera and says, “Hi!
Kawena FanfictionA much anticipated night for Fallon and Sorin had hardly gone as either wanted. After attempting many acts found in the private collection of Zilpha the only destination for the couple was the emergency room. Sorin was wheeled in on his back while Fallon limped in with a swollen back and bruised eyes.
The doctor looked at the two avid arrivals, “Alright let’s see what have we here? I this a case of domestic violence, how did you get two black eyes, young lady?” The doctor asked waving over a police officer unsure what caused such injuries.
“I tried to eat his lower parts, but then he grew. The first try poked out my eye and decided to try again. That failed too, so he changed positions but then he fell and my wings hurt,” Fallon replied as the doctor put her on a stretcher.
“Virgins and porn what a way to start the night,” the doctor sighed sending the officer away turning his attention to Sorin. “Alright, and what is wrong with you young
Kawena Fanfiction 2Dr. Stone checked on her patient making sure Sorin was entirely under before beginning the surgery. She slowly cut his scrotum to access the twisted cord. As soon as fluid came out of the cut, the nurse began wiping it away as the doctor managed to reach the twisted cord. “Alright this looks like it might an easy fix,” Erin said slowly untangling the testicle.  
The anesthetist looked up at the doctor and asked, “Did he mistake you for a man?”
Erin not looking away from her work replied, “Yeah he did 3 C-cup and all he thought I was a man. Forceps and we can start stitching him up.”
The answer only raised more questions from the anesthetist, “Well how did he identify the little redhead as female? Does he have to see a vagina first hand?”
Zilpha waited in the recovery ward overlooking Fallon’s wings, “Hmm looks like you should have had him grab your shoulders and not the wings. There is a reason sweetie why we guide you th
Kawena Fanfiction 3“Thanks, Rana good to see you are so limber,” Zilpha said taking the dress from Rana’s foot.  She then marched Fallon away from the bathroom.
Rana crossed her leg across her waist asking Zilpha “Is that jealousy?”
Zilpha turned her head refusing to answer and maintaining her superior maturity to slam the door shut. Once the door closed, she began marching away from the bathroom with Fallon.  
“Why was she so big up there? Does she have a lot of kin to feed, and how could she stretch like that?” Fallon questioned as Zilpha firmly guided to the kitchen.
“She is a land-based animal they can get larger breasts. Now let’s not speak anything that comes out of that pair’s mouth. It is not proper discussion material for breakfast,” Zilpha said.
As Zilpha began making pancakes the collection of oven mitts held on her wall started shaking. The shaking stopped for a second and a slightly muffled shout from Mitch could be

Also in the Visual Novel Wars of Fire and Darkness V2.0 by Goddess-of-Gales

Kawena Fanarts Feature ♥

A special feature just for all the wonderful deviants who draw/write my characters! :w00t:

fiiiiight by fakeSidney birdbrain by fakeSidney Kawena meets Elemental by Gogomechy So-Rin and Wyra - Commission by Goddess-of-Gales Com: Fallon and So-Rin by MichelleKoilover

Mature Content

So-Rin's Bathtime by Goddess-of-Gales
Gift for BlackMana^^ by Ayako-Chan-owo Wyra for Blackmanaburning by Goddess-of-Gales Kannak for Blackmanaburning by Goddess-of-Gales Fallon {Request} by SugarMoonWitch Fallon by Samarkana Fallon by nyxhysteria13 1st Poll Idea! by Virmont89 R: Fallon by Illyanna-Tohka Blackmanaburning's Zilpha by Goddess-of-Gales Fallon (2018) by LAN0RA Fallon - Holiday Picture by Goddess-of-Gales Fallon and So-Rin Commission by HalfBloodA7 Falling by Vivacia18

Draw My OCs Contest Winners Feature!

11 Winners of my 2017 OC Drawing Contest - find them in Skylight Stories Kawena Volume 1!
It's tough being so small by SUOMAR BlackManaBurning's OC Contest - Fallon by Erydrin Fallon and So-Rin Contest Entry by Phauxal Contest - Fallon by rawritsHuroki So-rin by Dilly-Dali Contest entry | So-Rin by AngelLinx3 Blackmanaburning Entry by seiyuuheart Teacher's Feather by alchemyfarie Gliding by xLillyLOL Fallon by Polux-McLion Fallon - BlackManaBurning's OC Contest by KotaVa

Thanks so much to everyone else who participated!! :wave:

So-Rin by AquariusBatt Fallon (contest entry) by animelover7032 You're lost little bird by Keiler-art [CE] Soaring by Seraphi91 So-Rin by Sparkling-Lilac Fallon - BlackManaBurning's OC Contest by WinterLifeAmerica So-Rin by Motemo Fallon by DuckDrew Fallon - BlackManaBurning's OC Contest by Sen-Draw So-Rin by Polux-McLion Fallon and So-Rin by Sparkling-Lilac Fallon by AquariusBatt Fallon in Flight by Katherine-Olenic Red feathers by JeySpade Fallon by Sparkling-Lilac So-Rin and a bird by SUOMAR Float stone garden by Greenhorngal Contest entry for BlackManaBurning by orchidkitty So-Rin and Fallon by KyriE-studio How Dare You! by Greenhorngal So-Rin. by Violeaf-MnF So-rin by thormemeson BlackManaBurning's OC Contes [Fallon] by maycie1223 Oc-fallonwbelt by Dilly-Dali Fallon - BlackManaBurning's OC Contest by MusicalYandere Kawena- contest entry by sapphireknight13 Fallon Sky Gazing. (Contest entry.) by Pink--Reptile Angel's Heart - Fallon by Violeaf-MnF I Was Made For You by Vivacia18 Contest entry (So-Rin) by Dragon-Eternal Fallon - blackmanaburning's oc by nyxhysteria13 Fallon [BlackManaBurning Contest Entry] by xlordragon [RQ] BlackManaBurning by LunaLunestia FALLON- (BLACKMANABURNING CONTEST OC) by khayas Fallon - BlackManaBurning's OC Contest by Pencilscrack How can I help? by Greenhorngal Autumn sadness by LeoDiabuelo Competition Submission: Fallon by jamie-enby

4 DAYS LEFT! 100-Word Short Story Contest+Giveaway

Journal Entry: Tue Aug 7, 2018, 8:13 PM

It's finally almost that time of year again, my birthday! :party: This year I want to read some works by all the authors in the house! :la:

I ran a little poll asking if anyone would be interested in doing a little writing contest, and I got quite a few responses already saying people were interested, so let's go ahead and do this! :eager:

Deadline: August 19, 2018, 11:59 PM CST

First off, let's see what you'll be doing for the contest. 

Your challenge is as follows:

Write a 100 word story. In the story, you MUST somehow use the words:





*Capitalization optional, aren't I kind? :D

That gives you 4 words already down, and only 96 more to go! :dummy: With over 10 days to write your hearts out, that's less than 9.5 words per day... :strong: Just careful not to strain those fingers now, wouldn't want to hear anyone injured themselves for my birthday! :noes:

Additional Rules/Guidelines:

Bullet; White Maximum of 1 entry per person.
Bullet; White Entries must be in English.
Bullet; White Writing must be new and submitted after the contest begins.
Bullet; White Uploads must be Literature uploads. Please also link back to this journal in the description of your entry. Thanks :)
Bullet; White Provide a link to your submission in the comments below or send me a note to enter your submission into the contest.
Bullet; White Please do not submit hate writing! Writing deemed to be hateful will be disqualified from the contest.
Bullet; White Show me your most creative writing! This will be the #1 quality I'm looking for (although good grammar and punctuation is also greatly appreciated :thumbsup:) Let's see how unique the many entries can be!
Bullet; White Extra consideration will go to those entries which are true short stories (as in, stories which have their own beginning, middle, and ending).
Bullet; White The contest may be extended  (but no more than once) - please respect that.
Bullet; White Feel free to contact me at any time with any questions you may have :) (Smile) 


Now for the prizes. The Grand prize winner (as selected by me :bow:) will get their choice of ONE of the following:

Bullet; Black A manuscript/writing review with commentary, on up to 2,500 words (like my macro-edit service) Reading 
Bullet; Black A flash fiction request up to 1000 words (OCs only, and no NSFW/Mature requests please) :writer: 
Bullet; Black 1 month feature on top of my page!
Bullet; Black 1200 Points OR 3 months CORE
Bullet; Black $15 USD Amazon Gift Card
Bullet; Black Any glass charm up to a $20 value FREE, shipped anywhere in the world - I can also make custom charms of OCs, personal pictures, etc. ( find examples on my Etsy… )
If we get more than 15 entries, I'll add a "Deviant's Choice" prize and winner! That means it'll be your fellow readers and writers selecting a winner!
If we get more than 25 entries, I'll add a second place prize and winner!

If anyone is interested in donating a prize, feel free to either comment below or note me! :thumbsup:

Giveaway Raffle:

For those of you who aren't writers or without time to write, I would appreciate it if you would spread the word in your groups and journals with a link to this one! Just let me know via comment or note to get 1 entry into the raffle ~ 

As thanks, I'll put everyone into in a random generator and randomly choose 1 person to receive either a 1 month CORE/Premium Membership, OR 400 points, OR a charm up to a value of $15 from my Etsy store (including customized items)!

Be sure to also watch me and keep your eyes out for some polls which, if you post an answer, will net you some more sweet entries into the raffle! :highfive:

Should there be more than 20 participants in the raffle, I'll add another prize! :la:

Contest Entries:

Chin Up, Or the Crown SlipsThe air was so delicate this morning, the atmosphere like a china glass that would break so easily, reminding him of that time when he had dropped his mother’s favorite china dove. The sun stained the skies in beautiful streaks of yellow, and there was barely a whiff of wind flowing through the air.
Cody Maverick stood in front of his mother’s grave, his amber eyes hollow, wondering what had gone wrong. Then he glanced up at a man with piercing green eyes looking grimly down at him.
“Focus on the present young man. Chin up, or the crown slips.”
Happy BirthdayA small child walks slowly along the road. The strong wind blowing against her frail body. She continued walking, protecting the present that she’ll give to her mother. 
She smiles weakly, looking at the beautiful yellow sunflowers that she picked from the park. It was her mother’s favorite. Her mother used to bring her to their sunflower garden. The small girl smiled softly, seeing a dove flying above her. 
“Happy Birthday Mommy,” The small child cheered happily, kneeling down to put her present in front of her. ”I miss you.” She whispered quietly and peacefully slept beside her mother’s grave.
Birthday Birds
The Yellow Dove had flown on the wind. Gliding to her little spot on the old Oak tree she spotted two children, a Red headed girl and a scruffy haired boy. The Boy gave a girl a beautiful Present and as excitement on her face grew she smiled and kiss the Boy on the lips. “Thank you so much Mike. It’s the best gift I have ever received.” The Girl said. “you’re welcome Mara, I know how much you love birds, so I took a picture of that Yellow one that lives in the old Oak tree.” Happy Birthday, Dear.
A Wary VisitorReturning to my old neighborhood, I didn’t have high expectations. After all, it’s known for dismay, and unsafe gangs. As I crossed through an alley, I felt a bitter wind blow. I hoped that nothing would go amiss, but suddenly, I saw an ominous yellow light flash in front of me. I looked closer, and it turned out to be a thug with a silver-plated handgun! I quickly clung to one of the alley walls. Knowing that the thug was aiming for my head, I dove towards the ground and retreated. Why did this moment occur during my present life? AfterAhmed plays with his friends, on a bright, sunny day.  A single dove perches in an olive tree swaying gently in the wind, nervously watching the children run from a distance.  The fighting has moved elsewhere at present.  The children laugh as they run around, playing tag.  No one notices when a small foot disturbs a tiny metal bar poking out of the arid ground.  With a soft click, events are sent into motion, a percussion cap detonates.  A small, insignificant action, until the yellow flash, seconds later.  A dove flies in alarm, from a lifeless field now stained red. I WonderWhat is it that's so attractive about necromancy? What about it causes people to commit such horrible acts against their fellow man? Is it a feeling of absolute control? Commanding an army of loyal, undying minions does have a certain appeal to those who desire power. Even controlling something as small as a dove as it flaps it's rotting wings in the wind probably feels empowering. Maybe it's the act of corrupting something? Turning a corpse's flesh a sickly yellow and their blood an oozing black. Not that it matters in the end. This isn't a question for the present. The way back to freedom
       “You’re stronger than you think.”
       Paloma looked up from the edge of the cliff.
       “That’s easy for you to say.”
       Valkyra shrugged and gazed out over the cliffside, the dawning sky a dark yellow mixed with red.
       “Got you a present,” Val handed her a necklace. Paloma turned it over, inspecting the little silver dove.
       “He broke me,” she whispered.
       “I know,” Valkyra replied.
       Paloma clenched her fists, stepping over the edge.
        As Paloma plummeted her wings unfurled and caught the wind, sending her soaring upwards.
       “Welcome back,” Valkyra spread her own wings and joined her friend in the sky.
The coast of EastbourneDoves always seem to somehow make things yellow with the sky. Why I do not know, but the way they breeze in the wind. Feathers flopping in the present, the azure of the Eastbourne Pier alluring in the dusk of the British summer. As melting as it is in this bloody heatwave, yet 99p cornetto… you can’t beat it. If only those fucking seagulls hadn’t come and nicked it the bastards. But still, it isn’t about that. It’s about seeing bunny enjoying herself in the sand. Such brief happiness, the moon would soon run crimson with blood and much more. The Greatest Gift        Once I saved a faerie, from the clutches of a yellow troll. Graceful as a hovering dove, he gave a courtly bow.
        "I am a faerie knight," he said. "For my life, I present you with a wish."
        "I wish to be brave, wise, and kind," I replied.
        "Nonsense! Even someone small as I, sees that you already possess these things."
        "Then, I wish for your friendship."
        "A wise decision, indeed. Friendship is the greatest gift of all."
        The tiny faerie transformed into a mighty dragon, permitting me to climb his back. Together — on a wind of adventure — we flew.
Peace Be With YouYellow sun, blue water, yellow sun, blue water. William knew that he was in trouble. His plane was in a dead stick, tail spin. And yet at the present moment he had even worse problems. Even as his craft was busy falling out of the sky the Japanese were still throwing every piece of lead they could at him to make sure he didn’t survive the fall. He could feel the wind breaking into his canopy as bullet holes began to pepper the glass around him. A dove was the last thing he saw as he smacked into the water. Saviour In The SkyHe lay in the grass, eyes closed and extremely weak. What he thought was sunlight burned brightly through his eyelids, so he opened them.
There she was, floating far above him, glowing an ethereal yellow. A nonexistent wind blew her gorgeous hair about, obscuring her eyes. She frowned, as if making a hard, terrible decision. He was about to speak to her, parched as he was, when her large white wings spread out, as if to present themselves to him.
He smiled in gratitude, even as she bared her fangs with a piercing screech and dove for his very soul.

Raffle Participants:

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:iconjustarandomkorean: - 2
:iconlordwolx: - 1
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:iconyoshiofredemption: - 1

The Bird Queen Digest:

Writer | Freelance Editor | Artisan | Fangirl
Welcome to my profile! :wave:
I'm an otaku fangirl who loves stories so much I made the art of storytelling my profession! When I'm not writing, reading, or editing, I like to spend my time drawing, gardening, watching anime, and making all sorts of fandom-related crafts!
I love chatting with fellow creators and fans, so message me anytime!

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