the uselesness of the act

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Published: January 9, 2007
you taste the metal cold in your mouth
you wonder how and why you have it there
you think back to when it was so clear
now your logic clouded by emotions
you loaded your rounds and made ready
cocking back the hammer thinking your last thought
you think back to how you were hurt and lost and alone
you fear for the worst and all seems to be lost
you think about those your about to leave
they wonder why you did it and you almost get gratification
you think about the red masterpiece you are going to leave on the celing
how some one will scream when they find you
that some will never even care you are dead
you slowly pull the trigger holding your breath
you are about to do the real thing no turing back now
you pull the trigger back and then nothing but black no care no worry cause youve dont it....
you have done the dummest thing you could do, now you sit cold and truly alone truly hurt
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yaa theres a reason i dont let many in close, mainly cause im a good guy but i have a very bad darkside. I have come really close to this on more than one occasion. But its one thing my dad said that helped me live through this. Suicide is a long term solution to a short term problem. That and common sence and that every thing happens for a reason so smile and be happy guys be happy and forget the bad
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