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could a man like me really love
there is no way to really tell
all i can do is sit and wait
letting my eyes slowly swell

maybe i cant truly love a girl
maybe i was never meant to be
maybe its not that at all in fact
maybe a girl jsut cant truly love me

my heart might be a little to big
or it could be im not a good man
it could be im just really odd
or they dont like my life plan

today i am beginning to dought
if it is women that are the reason
its time i almost give it all up
time to let my heart die like the fall season

i hate haveing them reject my love
not knowing the pain it causes
seeing as how it will always happen
and i cant keep saying its there losses

oh well maybe it is jsut about time
i jsut give up this this thing called love
so ill just stop this little rhyme
and let my heart go like a dove
ok sometimes i have it and sometimes i dont. i think this is one of my worst poems but hey its what i feel. love sucks and i really dont think ican be loved,cuase to every one there is always someonebetter, at least thats how i feel or get the feeling of, meh, its reall time i purge all my fucking feelings, im a marine for gods sake im notsupposed tohave any and yet here i am bitching like a welll bitch. gah fuck my heart and everything in it
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Submitted on
March 17, 2007
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