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Published: January 20, 2007
i sit on the beach and wonder
who have i become and who i am
a small time ago i was but a youth and child
plaing yelling letting my whole imagination run wild
but at this point in my life
its starting to become a real strife
iv become a drone of the military and i dont complain
but my head its full and thinking is causing me pain
i do as im told i am what i need to be
but when ever i look in a mirror i dont see me
i see a stranger looking back in
and he almost scares me outa my skin
a year ago thats not who i was
a year ago i didnt get a buzz (cut)
hes cold hides his heart is kinda depressed
its at this pont i looked and confessed
iv grown into something very very scary
not even my frinds reconive me that kinda weary
no one can really love me its jsut hard to do
what iv become is a real cold hearted basterd to
again it hurts my head and whats left of my heart
to even get thinking on this so i wont even start
whats left of me wants to love but as i said no one can return
but i still scare myself at who is in the mirror who looks so stern
im still mosher now and forever but no one seems to think
i have scared away all i love and care for and i start to sink
i will leave it at this for now ill go no further, if u read this then than you for caring
this has actaully helped clear my feeling just stoping and sharing

thank you
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ill put it like this, these days i have not felt myself, and iv been really depressed bad, duno y, its odd if u ask me
i look in a mirrow and i see some one i like in the way of who i am, but i dont know what iv become or who im becoming its damn scary and by for im scaring everyone away from me, old frinds new one, some family every one, they jsut stopped talking to me, it sucks damn i am really damn depress but wow it helps to write this whit im not kidding, and hey i can rhyme some words yay, please for give my spelling errors and all that but thanks for listening i appreciate it

semper Fi
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