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my mind is racing with questions a many
is she still my one and only or am i denied
im getting passed up againg
but no matter ther truth is it cannot be
she chooses her X over a good man
she has told me truth that she can
confusions is what i feel tword this
can i still love her in all of it
can i hold the same feelings i did
does she still care for me in any way
the only way to tell taht im still feeling
is watching the tears go down my cheecks
my logic is true but my heart tells me differnt
by my normal plans i couldnt be with her
but my heart says do it you fool
but i dont think she feels the same way
and now i think shes hates me
why am i confued why did this happen
ok i dont know y im all emo right now. this was written for a certain person though. i dont know how to feel. from what im hearing and from what i think shes decicded,
i dont think im a choice. but by all of how i ususaly think witch is logically i should not want this girl. but damnit my heart says do it. But she cant love me can she.......i think its my fate. keep every one happy, make sure they are good and safe for someone else. leaving me in the dust
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March 10, 2007
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