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shes been a friend
through think and thin
been there for me
againg and again

shes kept me sane
when i was about to break
she keeps me with a smile
every time i shudder and quaked

i dont know how shes does it
or even the reason or rhyme
be she is always there for me
ever day every night and every time

she was a lost love
lost back in the past
but at leaste now i can say
i friendship will forever

i dont know how to thank her
but maybe this poem will convey
this hopefully shows that i am greatful
for ever time she has helped whatever day

Thanks shelly, you have helped a hell of alot, every time i was about to break you helped me stableize, thank you again, i owe you big
for a frined who helped me stay sane every time we talk, shit if it wasen for her i think id be gone and completly insane
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Submitted on
March 18, 2007
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