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i know i am not wanted
and i know this to be true
her heart causght in the past
it hurts me through and through

im gonna miss her and her love
but i know today it will be ok
i know she will look back
and she will probly say

wow what a great man
i wonder what might have been
i wonder if he would do
if him i chose to win

hed probly make me breakfast in bed
whisper sweet nothings into my ear
hold me tight when i felt tired
tell me hed always love me dear

be the first one i see every morning
allways be a kind gental man
keep his promises to me forever
and love me as much as he can

hed keep me warm on every winter night
titlting my head to give me a kiss
hed never miss a chance to say
hed love me every day then  his eyes would mist

he would always protect me
be there through thin and thick
he would always be there for me
even pieceing our house brick by brick

he would always be there for me to keep me happy
hed write poetry every valintine day
hed make sure there was a smile on my face
him to always make sure it would never fade away

but this might not happen ever at all
but its ok i knwo this true
but one day i might get that call
and then ill still be blue

but as of now i still know ill go on
continue to grow and love  as well
but as of now she has all my love
but she will pass it up to another thats jsut swell
This is for one in particualr. But also for anygirl thats ever been foolish enough to pass me up. heh ehh damn i dident know poetry helped me feel better
but ya there are many good men left on the planet, many like me, just some times women dont see it till its to late
LyraAlluse Featured By Owner Mar 21, 2007  Professional General Artist
I like it. ^_^
BlackMageDarkness Featured By Owner Mar 21, 2007
thank you very much, im glad someone likes it
LyraAlluse Featured By Owner Mar 22, 2007  Professional General Artist
NP ^_^
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March 13, 2007
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