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My body gone
It all worn a way
As i sit here
Wondering why it happened to day

It slowly became broken
Deteriorated all to hell
And all i can think as i sit here
Is Oh Shit, Oh Well

Then as I began to wonder
How the hell it had happened
The thoughts came rushing in
It all started when i became padded

I started young
Seventh grade  belive it was
Did due to my brother doing it
I wanted to be just like just because

Other sports soon came along
Soon i was in three
I cold not help but love it
I was in Heaven you see

Then this final year in sports you understand
The final year of my high school days
Although Happy, fun, and awsome those time were
My body gave in and began to laze

My knees, shoulders, and even my lower back
They all hurt like an indescribable hell
Swollen, bruised, and even beateb they all are
It felt like each one was being rung like a bell

Although at 18 it hurts to walk
I wonder back and think of every day
If i was asked if i would change it to avoid all the pain
I would spit on the ground and exclaime HEY!

I may not be able to move easily ever again
but let me tell you this
If you think I would ever give up the best times of my life
Then well my friend you have my ass to kiss

The friends i have found are well worth the pain
The knowledge I have gained is worth all the cost
Because you see, all that I am today
It is a direct result of what they did for me

Not exactly what i wanted but still good please enjoy
Yuffie1972 Featured By Owner Jan 18, 2005  Professional Traditional Artist
:O whao :O
BlackMageDarkness Featured By Owner Jan 18, 2005
ya kinda uploaded the same thing twice, ohwell
Yuffie1972 Featured By Owner Jan 18, 2005  Professional Traditional Artist
OOP's My comp stuttered :giggle:

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January 18, 2005
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