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It could have been grand
It could have been great
But as of right now
you choose some one else to date

Im hurt there is no dought
feels like my body is in pain
God damn hun i love you
And its a damn shame

I know this is what you want
This is what you deserve
But this hurts to even write
I hope this next realstionship you preserve

I jsut wish it was different
But i know it cannot
You have made up your mind
But my feeling will never be forgot

Im going  to love you
till the reaper takes my soul
Untill then i will hold little hope
Till we meet on the shoal

I know i cant change your mind
I already asked if you where sure
And you answered yes
And the hurt the most pure

You loved two men
and me being me
I will not interfere with your happiness
i will let you and him be

But this is the last chance
For me to make my fight
I dont know why im doing it
I hope you see my plight

Im not sure what your thinking
If you really love me that much
Though  know hes your best choice
Mainly cause we can never touch

All i can say
is at least wait till we meet
Let me show you i can wait
ill bow down to your feet

I may not be the best
the greatest the most grand
But i jsut want one shot
To prove i would make a good man

One sweet hug
may be a lil kiss
Just once we meet
Dont let this chance miss

I Do love you hun
Of this you can be sure
I may be hurt
But theres always a cure

Just please be happy
The best you can be
Wheter it is with nathen
Or weaher it is with me
Shit. Yes i know marines have hearts, whoda thunk it. But hell this is my best poem. Lil bit of pain i know. but he life Enjoy

Yuffie1972 Featured By Owner Mar 2, 2007  Professional Traditional Artist
sounds sad :(
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February 25, 2007
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