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Memoires of a Drunkard :iconblackmagedarkness:BlackMageDarkness 0 0
Devian Id by BlackMageDarkness Devian Id :iconblackmagedarkness:BlackMageDarkness 1 0
a friend till my end
shes been a friend
through think and thin
been there for me
againg and again
shes kept me sane
when i was about to break
she keeps me with a smile
every time i shudder and quaked
i dont know how shes does it
or even the reason or rhyme
be she is always there for me
ever day every night and every time
she was a lost love
lost back in the past
but at leaste now i can say
i friendship will forever
i dont know how to thank her
but maybe this poem will convey
this hopefully shows that i am greatful
for ever time she has helped whatever day
Thanks shelly, you have helped a hell of alot, every time i was about to break you helped me stableize, thank you again, i owe you big
:iconblackmagedarkness:BlackMageDarkness 0 0
should I???
could a man like me really love
there is no way to really tell
all i can do is sit and wait
letting my eyes slowly swell
maybe i cant truly love a girl
maybe i was never meant to be
maybe its not that at all in fact
maybe a girl jsut cant truly love me
my heart might be a little to big
or it could be im not a good man
it could be im just really odd
or they dont like my life plan
today i am beginning to dought
if it is women that are the reason
its time i almost give it all up
time to let my heart die like the fall season
i hate haveing them reject my love
not knowing the pain it causes
seeing as how it will always happen
and i cant keep saying its there losses
oh well maybe it is jsut about time
i jsut give up this this thing called love
so ill just stop this little rhyme
and let my heart go like a dove
:iconblackmagedarkness:BlackMageDarkness 0 0
Never know till you let go
i know i am not wanted
and i know this to be true
her heart causght in the past
it hurts me through and through
im gonna miss her and her love
but i know today it will be ok
i know she will look back
and she will probly say
wow what a great man
i wonder what might have been
i wonder if he would do
if him i chose to win
hed probly make me breakfast in bed
whisper sweet nothings into my ear
hold me tight when i felt tired
tell me hed always love me dear
be the first one i see every morning
allways be a kind gental man
keep his promises to me forever
and love me as much as he can
hed keep me warm on every winter night
titlting my head to give me a kiss
hed never miss a chance to say
hed love me every day then  his eyes would mist
he would always protect me
be there through thin and thick
he would always be there for me
even pieceing our house brick by brick
he would always be there for me to keep me happy
hed write poetry every valintine day
hed make sure there was a smile on my
:iconblackmagedarkness:BlackMageDarkness 2 3
hate hurt pain confusion
my mind is racing with questions a many
is she still my one and only or am i denied
im getting passed up againg
but no matter ther truth is it cannot be
she chooses her X over a good man
she has told me truth that she can
confusions is what i feel tword this
can i still love her in all of it
can i hold the same feelings i did
does she still care for me in any way
the only way to tell taht im still feeling
is watching the tears go down my cheecks
my logic is true but my heart tells me differnt
by my normal plans i couldnt be with her
but my heart says do it you fool
but i dont think she feels the same way
and now i think shes hates me
why am i confued why did this happen
:iconblackmagedarkness:BlackMageDarkness 1 0
It could have been grand
It could have been great
But as of right now
you choose some one else to date
Im hurt there is no dought
feels like my body is in pain
God damn hun i love you
And its a damn shame
I know this is what you want
This is what you deserve
But this hurts to even write
I hope this next realstionship you preserve
I jsut wish it was different
But i know it cannot
You have made up your mind
But my feeling will never be forgot
Im going  to love you
till the reaper takes my soul
Untill then i will hold little hope
Till we meet on the shoal
I know i cant change your mind
I already asked if you where sure
And you answered yes
And the hurt the most pure
You loved two men
and me being me
I will not interfere with your happiness
i will let you and him be
But this is the last chance
For me to make my fight
I dont know why im doing it
I hope you see my plight
Im not sure what your thinking
If you really love me that much
Though  know hes your best choice
:iconblackmagedarkness:BlackMageDarkness 1 1
identity chrisis
i sit on the beach and wonder
who have i become and who i am
a small time ago i was but a youth and child
plaing yelling letting my whole imagination run wild
but at this point in my life
its starting to become a real strife
iv become a drone of the military and i dont complain
but my head its full and thinking is causing me pain
i do as im told i am what i need to be
but when ever i look in a mirror i dont see me
i see a stranger looking back in
and he almost scares me outa my skin
a year ago thats not who i was
a year ago i didnt get a buzz (cut)
hes cold hides his heart is kinda depressed
its at this pont i looked and confessed
iv grown into something very very scary
not even my frinds reconive me that kinda weary
no one can really love me its jsut hard to do
what iv become is a real cold hearted basterd to
again it hurts my head and whats left of my heart
to even get thinking on this so i wont even start
whats left of me wants to love but as i said no one can return
but i still sca
:iconblackmagedarkness:BlackMageDarkness 1 0
tribute to a friend
This is for  a person i have never met
But hers somthing ill make a bet
I know her more that she may know
she knows me and has watched me grow
for many years we have talked alot
and all these conversations i have never forgot
she has a warm sweet tender loving smile
jsut to see her id run one million mile
iv heard her laugh and iv heard her sigh
hell i do belive at one point i heard her cry
she has always been around when i need a laugh
and when i has gone she remebered me when I left
she has helped me through some damn rough time
agiang to see her id comit some crime
i can only hope that i have helped her out
as much as she has made me talk things out
she one of the better people i know on the earth
i wont lie if u ask me she is solid gold worth
her heart as pure as a summers rain
able to make enven this wild beast tame
all i can say at this point is she is really amazing
and one day in life i hope to meet her and one day soon
To a great person and a greater friend
:iconblackmagedarkness:BlackMageDarkness 2 6
the uselesness of the act
you taste the metal cold in your mouth
you wonder how and why you have it there
you think back to when it was so clear
now your logic clouded by emotions
you loaded your rounds and made ready
cocking back the hammer thinking your last thought
you think back to how you were hurt and lost and alone
you fear for the worst and all seems to be lost
you think about those your about to leave
they wonder why you did it and you almost get gratification
you think about the red masterpiece you are going to leave on the celing
how some one will scream when they find you
that some will never even care you are dead
you slowly pull the trigger holding your breath
you are about to do the real thing no turing back now
you pull the trigger back and then nothing but black no care no worry cause youve dont it....
you have done the dummest thing you could do, now you sit cold and truly alone truly hurt
:iconblackmagedarkness:BlackMageDarkness 1 0
divine tribute
There was a kiss that was so diveine,
It truly made a mark in my time
i saw her for the first time that day,
and every thing went very well in a way
we ate we drank we sat and we huged
i was no happier than at that moment it felt like i was druged
my heart was afire with a undieing love
and i was flying higher than a turtle dove
Its that first kiss that i will always remeber
even while traveling to far off regions
even know i dream of this kiss
and she is truly amazing the girl i miss
every day i realize that one of the more happy days
was when she was in my arms
im know traveling the world abroad
and to this girl i will applaude
she has stolen something no one ever has
she has taken my heart
:iconblackmagedarkness:BlackMageDarkness 1 4
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Waiting by AngelsKnight70
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Waiting :iconangelsknight70:AngelsKnight70 11 5
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Fire Spirit :iconhitmann:HitmanN 1,600 227
:diabolic: by Taimotive :diabolic: :icontaimotive:Taimotive 260 93
Answers are given up
Answers lie beneath,
The cold winters breath.
Tears streak with warmth,
Cheeks red and chilled.
Chest heaves and shudders,
Racking violent sobs.
Racing heart confused,
Hurt with the abuse.
Honor my decision,
Giving up is what I decided.
Going over in my head,
Peril thoughts again.
Prepare for the answer,
Surprises at store.
Sensual touches of mine,
All belong to me.
:icondemonhorse70:DemonHorse70 1 0
Syna - Chapter One
A mirror lay in the middle of a wooden floor, the coloring protruding red as if it was cherry. Windows were open and sparse around the room, letting waning light show through with an elegant touch of dust. Walls bear of nothing but a fading red color of paint, the room seemed rather cluttered even with the floor being completely empty minus the mirror.
A soft sigh erupted as Karis moved into the room and circled the mirror clockwise, her gown flowing behind her in an inch train. Unlike the room, the train was black with red thread lining flowers and flames, it fading into a beautiful red that reminded you of a warming sunrise as it reached her waist.
Long silver hair flowed down to the center of her back, the paleness of her skin almost seeming tanned by the contrast. The dress' back opened at the shoulders and ended in a "V" at her lower back. The curves of her spine shown well on her, making her seem skin and bone. If you ran your hand to the side, you would feel the muscle that form
:icondemonhorse70:DemonHorse70 1 6
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Sorry for lack of everyhting here guys, been busy, right now im in kuwiat and everything is hectic as hell. We dont know what we are doing or when were going to leave but as soon as i get back i will post a few neat things. A few snap shots from around the world pretty much. But take care everyone and I hope to talk to you soon

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