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3.1m Kiriban Contest

September 11, 2009

The Ring Master by BlackMageAlodia Afro by orangeish Ashley by BlackMageAlodia
Outtakes by me.

Ashley by orangeish
Deviation: Ashley

Ash orangeish, Ara and me!

Sister Love!

TV5 Shoot - Front Act (Mike and Stanley)
September 16, 2009
Airing this Sunday, 6pm, September 27 at TV5 !
September 19, 2009

Ashley orangeish also got invited to model for Red Posion, the photographer of my feature in IQ Time Magazine a few months back [front cover]. This time I did Ashley's make-up since they couldn't find a make-up artist available for that shoot. This shoot was my first using the new brush set and cream + powder palette!

Practiced using the brush set just the night before the shoot!
(Un-edited photobooth pic. Green, Ocean Blue, Black, and light green eyeshadows were used)

I had this funny conversation with my lil sis when I was putting on make-up on her:

Me: *pulls out blade*
Ash: "What's that for?!?"
Me: Don't worry, Ash! I practiced last night!

The white dress was specially made for this shoot which was shouldered by our mom. She has always been supportive of our hobbies - cosplay, art, photography, etc.

Deviation Runaway Angel

Deviation Runaway Angel 2

I was only able to take a few outtake shots because I had to run to another event.

It was at Ate Pia's annual charity sports event done at the Alabang Club House field.

"Gabriel's Symphony" in loving memories of her son who passed away a few years ago. The proceeds will be donated to help handicapped children.

One of the children (A cleft lip child) who they were able to help with the fundraiser.

Sprint Race

Spectators. In other words, those who did't want to run. and that includes me! Just kidding! I was holding the camera!

The awarding.

Ren, Ariel, Pia and Nadine, Jimmy and Lino

This sprint race was just a little part of this event. There were marathons and swimming competitions happening at the same time.

:bulletblack: Gabriel's Symphony 2009 full album

:bulletblack: Gabriel's Symphony 2009 Videos by Lino Cayetano

Morrigan Shoot
September 5, 2009

Another shoot I pretty much got really excited for was our Morrigan + Rikku Shoot with Jay Tablante jaytablante whose works are definitely amazing. The shoot happened a few weeks ago at Pioneer Studios in Mandaluyong. Badge made my costume and a different person made huge bat wings which thankfully weren't attached onto my back. If they did, I'd definitely fall backwards due to it weight. Very ironic for a pair of wings which should be aiding me to fly. Just kidding!

Nonetheless, I really loved the whole set and how it was done which was very... I don't know the right term-- "professional" maybe? Meaning they weren't okay with "Just OK" but pretty much very particular about everything like the balance of lighting, how the make-up records on camera, etc. That's pretty much a great attitude for artists who want to improve in their own crafts. Just keep on improving! For example, as what one of my good illustrator friends, Kougen, told me: "If you can't improve on your style, improve on your speed". This can apply to different forms of art but can differ in variables. Oops, before I become preachy again, here are a few pics from the Morrigan Shoot.

A candid photo of me scratching (not picking) my nose! Hahaha!
(iPhone cell photo)

Mom, Ash and Badge weren't available during this time to help me with my costume but good thing that Raffy Tesoro was there to help out with everything! Unfortunately, I forgot who did my make up though. Sorry.. Gelo Lico was our art director for this shoot and his little sister Charisma cloudynoon was there to take out-takes. I was really flattered when I found out that Charisma was a fan of our cosplay works found here on DA. Thanks, Cha, for sharing with me the out-takes! Anyhow, the final photos aren't done yet so here are a few more photos during this set.

Me, Cha cloudynoon, Gelo, jaytablante, Raffy!

Me and siblings Cha cloudynoon & Gelo!

This is just an outtake taken by Cha cloudynoon! The head gear is missing...Aww..but yeah, look at those huge wings!

Thank you so much to jaytablante for making this possible as well as the costume and props gifts. I'll take care of them for future shoots. *loves the fiberglass Rikku blades*


Gaze by BlackMageAlodia Mikey and Mia by BlackMageAlodia Out on the tar plains by orangeish Out on the tar plains 2 by BlackMageAlodia The hand you hold by orangeish

Concept, Photo and Post-Processing: Ashley Gosiengfiao orangeish
Makeup: Alodia Gosiengfiao (me)
Models: Mia Marquez miawchy09 & Mike Rabat
Project Manager: Gab Aguila
Lighting Assistants: Miguel Rabat & Jobim Javier
Owner of Car: Gab Aguila

Random photos from the shoot:

Deviation: Snow Cat

Wallpaper Versions:</u>
:bulletpink: 1600 x 1200
:bulletpink: 1440 x 900
:bulletpink: 1024 x 600
:bulletpink: iPhone

The cat-lover BlackMageAlodia

The photographer orangeish.

All i can do is plug for now since I haven't touched the outtake photos from this set yet. I'm getting dizzy with all these documentation and outtakes. Hahaha! It's fun but I gotta rest for now. I'll be sure to include them in my next update!


Yay, I'm part of Kotobukiya's OTACOOL Book!! Photos by orangeish

Publishing in Japan
Just over a month to go before the book that Kotobukiya and I (Danny Choo) are
publishing hits the shelves. OTACOOL is a book featuring room
photos belonging to readers from all over the world.

(Read More...)

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