My Pretty-ful Blood Elf!
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Btw, to those insisting that I had a mature photoshoot
or whatsoever because they saw photos posted in some
forum: I never had one at all!! (And will never have~)
You, guys, actually are sooooo closed-minded
that even if I say that I didn't, you still insist
otherwise...>.>;; Bah~! These things piss me off!
And I want things cleared up!
So don't act happy and all because I had a change
of image from false edited pictures! Yes, thanks for telling
me about it, but tell me where it could be found.
I'm curious as to how good those edited photos are...

*continues playing World of Warcraft*

+Gift Art+
WIND_for_alodia by totmoartsstudio2
Full List here

+My Pretty-ful Blood Elf+

This is my pretty-ful Blood Elf Priestess! ^_^
FYI, it took me quite a while to pick this particular
set of features because there were so much
combinations that look really good too! But this one
won my heart! I gave her the lightest hair color which
was complemented with the darkest skintone. I also
made her wear big golden hooped earrings because I find
them purrr-dee!. Then chose the type of face that had dark
:heart: :heart:

After picking my character, I continued to play with this
amusing character creation system, haha!
So here are the other combinations I came up with!
(Look at the Character Name)


I was pretty surprised that the name "Alodia" was not taken
yet. As well as my nickname "Edjie"! Therefore I got them
both for myself. Mwahaha! (Edjie = for future use) Ahaha!

I'll be accompanying my lil sis to school today because it'll
be her first time to register in the university that I am in, AdMU.
(Of all the courses available, she chose to take up the same
course as mine, BFA: Information Design.. *_*)
Mah~ I hope we aren't late, I don't want to go back to school
tomorrow just because we didn't make it on time today. And then
back again on Friday because I have to register myself as well..
*__* (What a crazy week..I hate crowded places..)

+Mangaholix Thanksgiving Party+</strong>
(Finally, a photo of me with my normal/real hair,lol)
(Taken Yesterday..XD)
Fun fun!! We played pictionary!~ Girls VS. Boys!
Girl Power!!!

The 6th Toy Con is coming up! And I was surprised & honored
to be invited as the co-host of the Cosplay Competition</a>
along with Sir ronaldguanzon for both days of the said event.
Day 1 = Individual Cosplay; & Day 2 = Group Cosplay. ^_^
6th Philippine Toys, Hobbies and Collectibles Convention
June 16-17, 2007
Megatrade Hall 2-3,
SM Megamall
10:00 am to 9:00 pm
More info can be found here.
See you, guys, there!^_^

+New Dev+
Candy Girl by BlackMageAlodia


:iconblackmagealodia: / :iconalodia-stock:

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skullpion's avatar
I *think* I've seen them, doesn't look a thing like you though so probably not... Besides, we'll be there to lock you up even before you get the chance to. ^^
hokkabaz's avatar
male bloodelves r so gay...
but females...:worship:
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slumberdollProfessional Photographer
Some people are really close-minded indeed. They're LAME! Boo. They have nothing else to do so they pick on other people and make up stories about them. Oh well. :(

Hope you're doing fine. :D
wantedwaifus's avatar
wantedwaifusProfessional Digital Artist
Kazefuri's avatar
elves = :heart:
badradlad's avatar
Don't forget to use [link] or [link] if you get stuck :P (I prefer Wowhead)
kiksology's avatar
bagay pala sayo maiksing buhok :XD: ngayon ko lang nakit ung shoot thingy nyo.. nasa side :XD: haha :D
nekomiKasai's avatar
nekomiKasaiHobbyist General Artist
OMG~ ur new layout looks so... lime-ish! hehehe! :D i envy ur cosplay abilities.. i stil desperately wanna cosplay, kelan pa kya? hehehe~!
EmperorSlasher's avatar
EmperorSlasherHobbyist Traditional Artist
Looking Good =D ^^ A great Selection ^^
madhatterzwei's avatar
Blood Elves are the prettiest of the Hordes. We have the same hairstyle. <3 I forgot what server you're on, but since I just found your dA site I wanted to catch up with you on WOW and maybe get to know you there too because that would be super fun. :3
Sumoko's avatar
o.o Real black hair~!!! O: -ish in shock- XDD
Zelse555's avatar
Ooh... Lucky!
I tried it over at my friends house once and was instantly hooked. It's kinda' sad though 'cause my compy will never be able to run WoW.
Lukael-Art's avatar
Lukael-ArtProfessional Digital Artist
You have a ganguro girl :D
Sushiboy69's avatar
nice your elf looks like one of the pics you did but with bigger ears and green glowing eyes. wish I had internet out here I would play to, but FFXI is my game of choice. have fun and don't forget your RL. cuz you will get wraped up in WoW it happens to everyone lol.
genyaarikado's avatar
/dance! /dance! lol :XD:

The Cloud character looked like my Blood Elf Rogue in our "special server" lolz XD I recommend Enchanting and Tailoring for professions, but it's still up to you ^__^
vikifanatic's avatar
vikifanaticHobbyist Traditional Artist
I never really asked what the curriculum of BFA ID was when i filled up the entrance exam papers. I wonder what they talk about there...

Since DLSU and Ateneo are Rival Schools™, i wonder if we can all see each other on UAAP games... :plotting:
toki88's avatar
toki88Hobbyist Writer
:XD: Naku Edjie, addict ang tawag diyan.

Ateneo Cosplaying Club!!!

Hm..ABC, Ateneo Blue Cosplayers? Weh corny!!! >_____<
carauy's avatar
I saw both of you today... but I was too shy to say hi :p sowi~
aoitenshi14's avatar
Maybe nobody took the name Alodia and Edjie... Because they thought it was already taken? :D Oooh, Information Design. What do they do there?
slumberdoll's avatar
slumberdollProfessional Photographer
May shoot ulit pala tayo next Tuesday for MEG. Shai got me as the photographer agaaaain. Hopefully matuloy. :)
slumberdoll's avatar
slumberdollProfessional Photographer
Hahaha, sobrang unrelated sa journal entry mo, I know. :XD:
Gfx-Team's avatar
Great Work. :):):) Beautifully. :):):)

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wantedwaifusProfessional Digital Artist
Blood elves din gusto mo? Ako gusto ko sila kasi maganda mga female blood elves. :)
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