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*whew* What a journal title! Haha!

Pedicab Music Video Shoot</strong>

Me: Broken Bottle......................Ash:Vat of Water


Tricia: Broken Bottle...................Ash, Tricia & I: Flash

Last monday, we had a shoot for Pedicab's, a popular local
band here in the Philippines, new Music Video. The song is
entitled "Ang Pusa Mo" which directly translated in English
means... "The Cat of Yours" / "Your Cat"... O.o;; Anyway,
we had so much fun breaking bottles and torturing the band
members. Their concept was kinda surreal-ish. So there
were green lights and red blood everywhere. We were
supposed to be cutesy girls who like doing mean things.
I was there with my lil sis Ashley,orangeish, and
Tricia, slumberdoll. They are included in the video too!

Photos Photos:

Ash, Tricia and I! <3
Photos by slumberdoll!

PS: The video will be out by May~ :D

Mangaholix Con:</strong>

Mangaholix Manga Mania II by mangaholix M3con08 Poster ver1 by mangaholix
Are you guys going to the Mangholix Con? I sure will...
along with a few of my friends. I was invited to judge
this year's cosplay competition. And after that, we'll
be selling new limited and signed-on-the-spot
(if you want) prints of our artworks and photos (11x17)
during that con. You guys can pre-order copies  as
soon as we post the catalog online. ^_^

PS: I'll be cosplaying as this particular character. I
won't say which character for now. To know~
See you guys there!~ *winks*

Iron Man</strong>

Oh god~ this movie is uber cool~ D: I want to draw
mechs now. But I don't have enough skill right now
to do so. *sad* This movie was very interesting
because it tackled Tony Stark(Iron Man)'s life from
how he began until how he crafted the armor. Lovely
computer gadgets~ *.*


More Photos of the place here

Last week, I had a meeting with Iggy/IncognitoGeek, a former
Tantra Online player, and the owners of eHome, Richie and
Marvin. We met at eHome, a new high-end computer shop. And a
really pretty one. The design and ambience of the place makes
me feel really comfy. There, I also got to try the game Crysis
for the very first time. You'd need a monster PC to run that game.
But their's was able to run it very smoothly. Impressive! I wanted
to play a bit longer but we had to go through with the meeting.
I just got a deal with them, eHome, and

PS: It was interesting how we'd occasionally  talk about
World of Warcraft. Apparently, my mom and lil sis didn't
understand our little conversation. I miss playing WoW! T_T
Gamers Rock! m/

FanArt of my Wewy Character</strong>
lizzardoodle & gichi917made a fan art of one of my WEWY
Character Entries, Cliq & Cazh. They're really cute! ^_^ Thanks, dearies! <3
Skull girl by lizzardoodle FanArt by lizzardoodle
WEWY Hero: Cliq by BlackMageAlodia Original Char design by me.

:thumb83835973: FanArt by gichi917
WEWY Hero: Cazh by BlackMageAlodia Original Char design by me.


Commission Me!</strong> - Closed! @.@
1)John Bamber - Orig Story - Trad Painting#1 = *received payment* = 0%
2)Nyan-nyan - Suiseiseki - KH Style Digital = 30%
3)Hilliard Farris - *received payment* = 100%
4)Nyan-nyan - *discussing*

Update: No slots left. D:

SquareEnix Contest</strong>
Finally, I'm done with my entries.
WEWY Hero: Cazh by BlackMageAlodia WEWY Hero: Phyr by BlackMageAlodia WEWY Hero: Cliq by BlackMageAlodia
I hope they stand a chance though.
I've seen lots of great entries. :p

*will update Art Gifts soon~*

+ Art Gifts Part I + Art Gifts Part II + Art Gifts Part III +

:bulletred:Gift for Alodia
by Mariyumi

Alodia Crissey Tricia by wolfgangraven
:bulletred:Alodia Crissey Tricia
by wolfgangraven

Rock on by ice-demon67
:bulletred:Rock on
by ice-demon67

river runs deep by rhiver
:bulletred:river runs deep
by rhiver

:bulletred:colored blackmage9 sketch
by ryjalon311

Sketch 3 by sweetieamy
:bulletred:Sketch 3
by sweetieamy

Sketch2 by sweetieamy
:bulletred:Sketch 2
by sweetieamy

Sketch 1 by sweetieamy
:bulletred:Sketch 1
by sweetieamy

Beautyqueen Alodia by DjBowR
:bulletred:Beautyqueen Alodia
by DjBowR

:bulletred:Cosplay Angel
by 13idiotbox

drawing chance by eepyaj07
:bulletred:drawing chance
by eepyaj07

:bulletred:Its the Edj
by TeardropTC

I answered the riddle by ClairBear06
:bulletred:I answered the riddle
by ClairBear06

D. Painted Oriental Passion by cortezmaronie
:bulletred:D. Painted Oriental Passion
by cortezmaronie

by black-dijana

Rock Her World by kakurenshin
:bulletred:Rock Her World
by kakurenshin

:bulletred:Hana by blackmage9
by Xsakoda-octoberX

Do you see the real them by Phagos
:bulletred:Do you see the real them
by Phagos

The Setting Sun drawing by ice-diamond
:bulletred:The Setting Sun Drawing
by ice-diamond

:bulletred:Alodia's Styles
by Tristam-Alvein

blackmage9 v2 by vincikun
:bulletred:blackmage9 v2
by vincikun

Vj Edjie by pjsacred9
:bulletred:VJ Edjie
by pjsacred9

Rock n Roll by quev
:bulletred:Rock n Roll
by quev

Alodia as Shall drawing by watchmeh
:bulletred:Alodia ad Shall drawing
by watchmeh

Rock Star WIP by cortezmaronie
:bulletred:Rock Star WIP
by cortezmaronie

:bulletred:Alodia Gosiengfiao STARE
by Tristam-Alvein

Caricatures: Claymores by GrendelRoach
:bulletred:Caricatures: Claymores
by GrendelRoach

:bulletred:Urban Girls Thinking of You
by kamuixtv99

:bulletred:Love on Wheels Album Single
by kamuixtv99

Alodia: The Dreamer by mohico
:bulletred:Alodia: The Dreamer
by mohico

beautiful girl.. by ShiKiGaMeBoI
:bulletred:beautiful girl..
by ShiKiGaMeBoI

beautiful girl 3 by ShiKiGaMeBoI
:bulletred:beautiful girl 3
by ShiKiGaMeBoI

beautiful girl 2 by ShiKiGaMeBoI
:bulletred:beautiful girl 2
by ShiKiGaMeBoI

by ShiKiGaMeBoI

:bulletred:She Cosplays
by UzumakiAbi

:bulletred:Loli vintage
by Khazem

2 by carbalhax
by carbalhax

happy sweets with rem by eepyaj07
:bulletred:happy sweets with rem
by eepyaj07

:bulletred:Fatal Frame 3: Reidjie
by kamuixtv99

ebony of rouge for alodia by tofubackup
:bulletred:Ebony of Rouge for Alodia
by tofubackup

:bulletred:Alodia and Cat
by Tristam-Alvein

:bulletred:Kawaii Girls
by pjsacred9

Stare by Phadme
by Phadme

blackmage9 by vincikun
by vincikun

cuteness in event by viewtifulhenshin
:bulletred:Cuteness in Event
by viewtifulhenshin

Kawaii girls by viewtifulhenshin
:bulletred:Kawaii Girls
by viewtifulhenshin

:bulletred:Deviantart Defense Force
by kamuixtv99

:bulletred:Vector Art Alodia
by saintchad

:bulletred:Mind of Alodia
by Tristam-Alvein

:bulletred:Shock Value CD
by Tristam-Alvein

:bulletred:Andy Warhol Inspired
by unfathomablyodd

:bulletred:Roy Lichtenstein Inspired
by :devunfathomablyodd

D pinoy artist i look up to... by TeardropTC
:bulletred:D pinoy artist i look up to...
by TeardropTC


+ Art Gifts Part I +
+ Art Gifts Part II +
+ Art Gifts Part III +


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Urban Angels by zone12

Caramel Dansen: Me and Crissey</a> by GTjiyeon


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