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Last week, I got a message from a marketing representative
from an online gaming company saying that ABS-CBN/Tantra
Online, one of the biggest online gaming co in the Phil, is
interested to feature a 2 full-page feature (photos+article;
2 months;2 pages per month)of me donning an in-game costume
which is to be featured in very popular magazine.
A meeting, then, was set to discuss further about the details such
as the costume - making sure that it isn't too daring/skimpy; the
honorarium (of course, haha); the schedule of the photoshoot -
stressing that if it could be held on a week-end so as not to interfere
with my studies & extra-curricular activities. But when my mom
asked what popular magazine it was, she got shocked.
"It's Maxim". Having no idea what type of magazine that was,
I just smiled. To those who are naive like me, lol, Maxim is an
adult mag that caters to men specifically just like FHM. Initially,
it was flattering because I was told that the ladies..uhh..the
women appearing in those mags are really voluptuos, sexy,
pretty and all. Then i wondered and asked my self, "Am I
really worthy? O.o;; " But, of course, we also took into
cosideration the exposure I'll be getting knowing the type of
magazine that I'll be getting featured in. So my mom and I
consulted my dad. "I'll call you later..'' I knew that meant a
"No". Though my mom and I are open-minded and a bit modern,
we as a family are generally conservative in many ways.
(like not wearing shorts and skimpy clothes to school,haha..XD)
Then, I remembered my parents telling me, "Take good care
of your name. A reputation once broken may possibly be
repaired but the world will always keep their eyes on the spot
where the crack was." So true!

To the people of ABS-CBN/Tantra, I am deeply honored
for the offer and I am looking forward to a possible and
feasible project in the future. ^_^


++My friend, Dianne Lopez, took their offer!
Good luck, Die! ^_^

++I won't be able to go to the Psi Com Convention on Sunday
due to school projects. We'll be having house guests, too,
arriving from the U.S. Anyway, best wishes to all the
cosplayers who'll be joining and to the spectators, as well!^^
Please don't hesistate to leave a comment/link here if
you'd like to share the photos you took of the event!
I'd be really grateful! ^_^

++Just met up with furioussilence a while ago after class.
She's really pretty!^_^ Thanks for commissioning me! :hug:
I'll work on your artwork asap!^_^

++HAPPPYY BIRTHDAYYYY, :devcrissey!!! ^_^
*glomps crissey*

+++We'll be having a photoshoot for Meg
Magazine tomorrow! m^.^m

+end of edit+

Have a KitKat Chocolate Bar!

What? You don't want it?

It's mine then! :D

Crissey, BlackMageAlodia(Me) and slumberdoll
(taken by Crissey using her Macbook Pro at the Fine Arts Lounge)
(no photoshopping, directly posted by Crissey *tears* )


On The Way to an Art Interview

(Ida and my sis, Ash)
SOSE Eastwood Photos


:iconblackmagealodia: / :iconalodia-stock:


gimmie a hug by deadrevolutionary
:bulletred:gimmie a hug
by deadrevolutionary

Fiery Alexiel by japok
:bulletred:Fiery Alexiel
by japok

A.Gosiengfiao II by spartworks
:bulletred:A.Gosiengfiao II
by spartworks

Alodia Lost by japok
:bulletred:Alodia Lost
by japok

Black Puffs of Serenity by Phagos
:bulletred:Black Puffs of Serenity
by Phagos

by Kurayamiko

Furnace by ardunt
by ardunt

:bulletred:miss A
by yeytofu

:bulletred:old miss A
by yeytofu

Full List here


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:iconsraffa: - Feb 28 2007
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tuksoil's avatar
baka lumuwa mata ko pag nakita kita sa personal :giggle:

ganda mo paren talaga!! ^__^
mikeabundo's avatar
Looks like this whole Maxim deal has piqued the curiosity of a popular gaming blogger.
iANAR's avatar
Congratulations BlackMage and good luck :)
BlackMageAlodia's avatar
Thank you! :D (i declined their offer though.. :D )
iANAR's avatar
Ouch the magazine is maxim. I think your to young for that :)
rosi-el's avatar
Awwww sayang... pero Maxim nga naman kasi. ><
AndySerrano's avatar
I am very happy for you.
im getting all mag's :)
slumberdoll's avatar
We must have a shoot with Die. :)
robotnicc's avatar
That's probably the most non violent sentence with "shoot" and "Die" I've ever heard. :rofl:

"Die" is such a cool nickname. :)
slumberdoll's avatar
Heehee. A lot of my Dianne friends from highschool have Di or Die as their nicknames. Cool, huh?
mikeabundo's avatar
Where's Dianne's blog? I wanna go congratulate her.
benjolt's avatar
:worship: ur a goddess! =)
djdx's avatar
Congrats ... also ... yeah, Maxim is not the best place to appear in, due in part to the fact that its management style is similar to that of Playboy, they will use any photos they feel are suitable from any photo shoot you appear in, the selections done without your choice ... so if you go to a photoshoot by Maxim or FHM ... the more skin the better ... in some cases all that sepparates these "men" magasines from "porn" magasines is a few pieces of cloth on the girl's body, that all together are about as big as a napkin ... tho ... any magasine you appear in ... ID BUY IT xD ... also ... i have a box of KitKat ... HA!!
mikeabundo's avatar
Congratulations to Dianne on bagging the Maxim shoot! I am so gonna buy that issue.
niumi's avatar
good thing that your parents disagree with the fhm thingy... uhh... that would be like... ughhh...

anyway, congrats on the on-line gaming thing.
Ra1Der's avatar
Very wise indeed.. we get maxim here in the UK, I dont really read it, although the girls who feature in there I dont think are bad for doing it, nor do I think it gives them a bad name. But it depends on what your outlook to the industry is :) either way I wouldnt think less of you!
deadrevolutionary's avatar
i have one very important question to ask you....

What type of kitkat is that?? just normal milk chocolate ? dark? coffie??
galingsadodongcow's avatar
maxim ... DO NOT WANT!!!1!!
Eferlein's avatar
Good decision. ^__^
genyaarikado's avatar
hmm...I guess it's a smart move to decline Maxim's offer for now, other great opportunities are waiting for you around the corner ^^ and besides, being featured in a adult-based mag isn't all that great, unlike SOME guy here who thinks that way all the time ><
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