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3m Kiriban Contest

The White Hat Charity event Aftermath

MOG TV Watch out for our episode next Friday (Sept 11) 11:30pm! :D

Dianne Sison, Me, and Sam YG!

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Kuja's Theme (07/29/09)
Me playing Final Fantasy 9 - Kuja's Theme on the piano. I learned this piece by listening to the song... (more)

More photos, new watermark (by orangeish)
I'm still trying to get the hang of my new camera, so here are more random pictures... (more)

The 501st Legion (06/28/09)
Last Sunday, the Power Plant Mall was filled with troopers. This was part of the 3-day event... (more)

A Day in Manila 1 (07/29/09)
Ok yes, I admit, I've been really inspired by Danny's photostories about spending a day/week in Tokyo... (more)

A Day in Manila 2 (08/04/09)
Home sweet home. This is our house. It was built 1994. We moved in when I was 8... (more)

Cosplay Fusion Aftermath (06/27/09)
Whew!!! The event was a blast!! I am so happy how well it did despite it being CC's first cosplay event... (more)

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